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Published: Thursday, April 14 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

It should be noted:

AK did NOT ask for the big money,

The jazz offered it to him.

Then sloan ruined AK's career by playing him out of position, taking him from all star to bench player.

Lehi, UT

AK47 is a fantastic basketball player and I hope the Jazz make every effort to bring him back. They are so much better when Andrei's on the floor. He was desperately missed as the Jazz struggled down the stretch.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Andrei Kirilenko, never did anything to embarrass the Jazz, its fans or the community here in Utah. Whether you like him or not as a basketball player he was good to have in our community, you never heard anything bad about him (outside the fun comment his wife made). I dont blame him for the money the jazz threw at him, who wouldnt take it. If he is here in a jazz uniform I will be excited, but if he moves on I will watch him play when I can, just like I do with D-Will, and did with Karl Malone.

The Jazz regardless will be fun to watch next year, and this summer will be fun to see what they do, outside of any work stoppage.

Salt Lake City, UT

"AK did NOT ask for the big money,

The jazz offered it to him.

Then sloan ruined AK's career by playing him out of position, taking him from all star to bench player."

Truer words were never spoken, and then on top of everything else they wouldn't trade him when he still had value. But that's all water under the bridge now. The question is what to offer him.

He's 30, and an old 30 to due being the equivalent of a straight from HS kid in his Euro days. He's going to give you about 25-30mpg 60-65 games max. But he's still effective when healthy and used properly, his numbers have been fairly stable the past four seasons all things considered.

I wish we could get rid of Raja and give AK those final two years at 3mil/yr, seems about right. Who knows what the new CBA will be or what kind of offers he'll get. Like him back at the right price and with managed minutes, but absolutely not at anything expensive or long-term.

Whatever his flaws, we'd've ALL signed that contract.

Monty Montana
Billings, MT

AK is why I watch the Jazz. Derron was too into himself! AK is letting it be known that he is willing to take a cut in pay to stay! I would sooner see him then CJ any day.

Provo, UT

I hope we bring back AK. I think he's worth closer to 6-7M per year but if we can get him to sign for 3M all the better! 3M/year in Utah will go a lot farther than $6M/year in Brooklyn.

All things considered, AK will be one of the only players on the team that knows our offense and is willing to actually run it (Milsap being the other). He's also still one of our better defenders and was starting to extend his range to the 3. Lets resign him and give the fans someone we know and can root for.

Idaho Falls, ID

AK has been wonderful for our team from the beginning, and I hope he stays. I agree with most of you when you say that his is probably somewhere between 3-8 million. His only real down side is that he has played a lot of minutes in his career and is getting more injury prone. I think he should come off the bench and give us 20-25 minutes per game. That would make him less likely to get injured, and he would be a great leader for the second unit.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love AK, but it might be time for him to go. I'm not sure he fits in with this new Jazz team since he is an injury prone vet a few years past his prime. He probably gives the Jazz a better shot at making the playoffs next year than anyone they could pick up in free agency or in the draft, but his playing time could hamper the progression of a younger player.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Jazz bring back AK if he's willing to play for $5 million a year or less and come off the bench. But his days as a starter playing 30 min a game are over; he is just too injury prone to count on as a starter.

I really believe that Milsap can handle starting at the 3, especially if he can spend an entire summer preparing for it. And who knows what will happen in the draft.

Burley, ID

The combination of having Millsap and AK split the 3 position would be good for the Jazz.

Against teams where the Jazz need AK's length and agility then play him, if instead they're playing a team where Millsap is the better match up, give him most of the minutes.

Having them share the position would allow also AK and Millsap to play less minutes and not get as worn down by the long, grinding season.

At 5 million the Jazz should keep AK, however, the Nets owner Korhorov might throw so much money at him that he simply can't refuse the offer. If it's anywhere close, AK stays. If it's a ridiculous offer he will likely have to take it and go. After all, this is probably going to be the last contract he's going to get to play in the NBA. 3 years from now he's probably out of the league.

Ogden, Utah

Send Miles and Bell packing and keep AK around for 2-3 more years. He gives more effort than both Miles and Bell combined. He also fits perfectly with the new additions. Name another 6'10" player who can run the floor like AK. He is not the best but a far cry better than Francesco, Miles, Bell, etc.

Ivins, Utah

I'm not a salary expert but I believe there is a minimum salary that any NBA team would have to pay a 10 year veteran like AK. I'm only guessing that it is more than $3 million a year and if so the Jazz hands will be tied a little bit at least on what they will have to pay to bring him back. Of course this will all be subject to the new CBA agreement too.

West Jordan, UT

I hope Andre stays, for the right price. He can still fill a stat sheet and provide skills the Jazz need but with his injuries they cannot justify the big bucks.

Whatever happens Andre, best wishes and thanks for some great memories!

Fort Collins, CO

AK is my favorite player because he's a good person and hard worker on the court. He is also frustrating. I think the big contract was a mistake but I selfishly would like to see him back here at a corrected salary. Andrei thank you for being "real" and for your influence on our community. I'd love to see him back but if he wears a different uniform I will cheer for him there and hope he gets to stay AK47.

Houston, TX

The Jazz win when AK is healthy and playing well. Depending on the new CBA he is going to command Harpring money in the 6-7 mill range.

Being Russian he may have more value to the Nets as he will create Russian viewers for the Nets and help develop the "international team" that the Nets want, a true media world team.

If the lock out is long playing in Europe makes sense for a year.

If AK leaves the Jazz have lost ALL of their high WP48 players and replaced them with lower WP48 players. That is a formula for losing. Boozer and DWill consistently had the highest WP48s followed by AK and then Millsap.

Lately AJ and Hayward have improved their games and WP48s but they are not as consistently efficient as Boozer and AK. Harris is not DWill.

The WP48s represent talent and also how well members mesh/play their roles.

Until the Jazz get the team WP48 up to about 150 (total) they will not contend. 2 more draft picks will help but take time to develop.

The team has talent but is not a well oiled machine. Several players have to improve joint play.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

AK has shown that he is able to adjust to a new role. Therefore, he could remain the starter or go to the bench--whatever the Jazz will need in the next few years. The Jazz will hopefully draft the small forward of the future in this year's draft, but even if they do, in order to stay competitive they need to have an experienced player at that position. I would love to see AK finish his career with the Jazz. Without his contributions, even though he did not live up to expectations entirely, the Jazz would have been a very mediocre team the past 6-7 years, rather than a good playoff team. I'm not sure that AK deserves to have his jersey retired with the Jazz, but he is very close to it. Wouldn't it be great to have the coolest Jazz jersy ever--AK47--hanging in the rafters. I say the Jazz should keep its Russian assault weapon until he retires.

Orem, UT

WP48??? Pardon my ignorance, but am I the only one who doesn't know what this means?

South Weber, UT

I too hope that the Jazz organization will do all that they can for AK47 and keep him around for the remaining years he chooses to play. I concur that could be a big difference on the second unit, giving a rest to the players on the front line, plus he can bring the ball up on fast breaks, reads the floor well, is a good passer and defender on the perimeter. I just LOVE the way he blocks shots from the blindside. Hopefully the Jazz brass can work it out with him so that he can remain in a Jazz uniform. He is a character and so entertaining to watch it would be a pity not to see him pull rabbits out of his hat while on floor. I'll never forget him losing a tooth , throwing it on the sidelines, and continuing play. Now that's entertainment !

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Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

AK has been loyal to the Jazz, the Jazz need to let him finish his career in Salt Lake.

Ivins, UT

AK stays and continues to give us help. He can work our system and help the rookeis who are showing up well. Yea...give us a clue. What is this WP stuff?


@ OldCougar

WP 48 is some stat that Bugoff has cooked up. He quotes it in almost every post. No one knows what it meas, but Bugoff swears its the most important thing in basketball.

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