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Published: Thursday, June 2 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Marsh Valley Mom
Downey, Idaho

They created 2 new stakes in SE Idaho too. Now my children have to drive over 30 miles to go to church in the YSA ward. One of their friends lives in the next ward south of us, so add another 20 miles. Our home ward is 1/2 mile away. Their stake center is almost 40 miles away. With the cost of gas, this is crazy. I know they want the singles to get married, but I don't think there are that many more girls in the two branches they combined (from 2 different stakes).

As to singles of any age, I never felt comfortable being "singled" out as being unmarried. My home ward was very supportive and I served in every organization. I was friends with everyone, married and single. I think single adults of every age need to work at feeling comfortable with their status. I never felt like I was being lectured to get married. It is, after all, a main tenet of the church. I was 31 when I got married.

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

In the end this will workout for the Best. Change takes awhile. But I do kind of agree with CJ.

In my Stake in Hawaii for awhile we diden't have Singles, before that we had a Singles Twig.

Now we have a Triveing Singles Branch and Singles Family Home Evening, RM's and Adults for leadership. She comes to Church with US then goes to Singles and then Relief Society. The Singles Groups meet and have partys often. They go to Zippys after Insituate and Singles Events. Her Brother does the same thing but is Not as Active. My Daughter being a part of that has in part kept her busy and active. She is getting ready for her Mission.

Her best friend is on his Mission Downunder. He will be back in June I think but it may have only been a year so I need to check. We hear from him Now and Again. So how it works out we don't know and if she has a chance to get Married before she goes, then I would perfer that.

This has been all her and Not Her Mom or me.

Layton, UT

@SLMG you'd be surprised at how many relief society lessons/activities are about mothering, being good spouses, and homemaking; and if they aren't, are brought back to those topics. I am really dreading RS if I have to retire from a singles ward and go to a home ward.

Anyway, I hope these changes work out and are good. I look forward to meeting new people because of the changes. I don't know if it was "revelation" ; my take is they felt YSAs have too many options for ward hopping with the student wards and YSA wards whose boundries overlap. The easiest way was to get rid of student wards to force YSAs to go where they should. Where you live is where you go to church, period. I wonder how YSAs are going to take it. Should be interesting,to say the least.

Cedar Hills, UT

To the person from Ohio reguarding your precious daughter finding a man with a degree from BYU: I don't have a formal "degree" from a University but with my business ventures, I really don't have to work another day in my life. I tell my daughter finding a hard working guy with honesty and a testimony of Jesus Christ and you can't go wrong, degree or no degree. I just hope you are not serious with your comments as many members of the church do not have a degree, especially out of our country.

Salt Lake valley, UT

Here is some history. My wife and I attended student wards at USAC/USU just a few years after the student wards were created. As far as I know, only single students attended those wards. Married students had their own wards. Non-students went to their family wards.

Later, the Brethren felt Single Adults needed their own wards, and the YSA wards were created. The Brethren decided to keep the student SA separate from the non-student SA, and to keep singles separate from marrieds. SA range in age from 18 to 99+, and the Brethren felt the younger SA should be separated from the older SA. They choose age 31 as the separation point between young and adult SA. Of course, not everyone likes that age for the change. I think that there will always be people complaining about the change-age, regardless of what that age is.

With the changes being made in the near future, the student and non-students and married people will no longer be separated. The SA will be able to choose if they want to attend a SA ward or a family ward. The separation age is still 31.

Salt Lake valley, UT

An important decision we members must make is if we believe the Brethren are inspired in making the changes about YSA wards. Here is how I feel about the matter.

I don't believe the church leaders are inspired in EVERYTHING they do. If they were, they would be robots, automatically doing what the Lord told them. I believe the Lord expects us to use our own wisdom, and then to ask Him if we made correct decisions. Through faith, I've chosen to have Mormonism be my way of life, and I've chosen to follow the church leaders. Because of my faith, I trust the judgment of the leaders, and I follow them.

As a parent, I try to let my children make decisions about their life, realizing, of course, that some decisions should be made by parents. If my children make unwise decisions and in my judgement those decisions won't seriously hurt the children, I let the decisions stand so the kids can learn from that experience. So it is, I believe, with our church leaders. I don't believe they are inspired in all things. I believe they learn from their experience.

Salt Lake City, UT

A great change for these adult members.

They face so many negative stories and reports about marriage and families.

Certainly appreciative when the Deseret News includes positive information about the families of people.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The only reason I sent her to BYU is to find a husband with a college degree. "

So what is her tuition if not for an education... a dowry?

It's What I think
Denton, TX

What I'm hear is a lot of people feeling left out and out of place. That's very sad because church is the one place we should feel welcome. Perhaps that why we often don't; because we have such high expectations?

At any rate, I have served in several Relief Society presidencies and I can tell you that the number one complaint is not feeling like they are a part of the "group". People feel that way for many reasons. Single, unhappily-married, childless, wayward spouse/child, working, non-working, rich, poor, etc. I have found that the reason we feel left out is almost always irrelevent to the solution. I have never seen anyone feel left out who reached out to others, smiled, participated, attended regularly, etc. Everyone is sitting there waiting for others to come to them and each is feeling bad about the other's lack of outreach. Wards are so much better when there is diversity and unity.

That said, I do believe though that there is a unique need for YSA wards due to age, maturity, and social needs.

David P.
Livermore, CA

The "31" number is fairly recent.

It used to be 27. That's because of Brigham Young's famous statement
that any man over 27 and not married is "a Menace to Society".
Steve Young even mentioned that phrase of "his" gr-grandfather on a
"60 Minutes" program.

Be grateful they added 4 more years to the number in recent years.

Personally, all the emphasis on Age is artificial, especially in light of
the fact that everyone's number is always getting bigger, the concept of
"eternal perspective", and the belief that 1,000 years of man IS only one day to the Lord.

Jesus loves us no matter what our age. People should be able to go where
they feel most accepted and respected. Age groupings with "hard" defining boundaries are not really good for all. There should be some flexability.

The goal of Church should be to give a Positive Spiritual experience to those who attend. This way they will come back. Hard rules are for criminals and people who are out of line. Hard rules are Not for the Good and those who want to mix with Good people who love and worship the Lord.

Clearfield, UT

Latter Day Saints of all people should be examples of love, charity, and service to others regardless of marital status. I am LDS, divorced and currently single. I know the struggles singles face in the church. I have seen many LDS singles serve faithfully and well in various church calling in single and family wards. I have served in my 40-50s in Elders quorum and Sunday School presidencies. I have witnessed members with emotional problems and disabilities serve faithfully in the church. I attend a single adult ward in SLC. There is love and acceptance there. If there is one issue that I struggle with it is to many LDS are to quick to judge and slow to forgive. We don't know the burdens other carry. I am offended when we label others as socially awkward or misfits. What is the worth of souls to Heavenly Father.

Maple Valley, WA

To me, this arbitrary age limit of 31 and the lack of priority given to unmarried over 31 to give them opportunity to find a spouse,has lead me to honestly believe (or atleast doubt) that "the brethren" are inspired prophets, if anything I've taken it as a sign of the opposite. Which is rather disappointing.

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