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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

If you could get Miles and AK for the same amount of money and had to choose which one would you pick?
I think that is what the front office is going to do.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, the Jazz just freed about $17 million in salary cap space.

AK's contract is history!!!!! This was the single biggest obstacle to the Jazz winning a championship.

Its gone!!!! Let's throw some sort of party.

Houston, TX

If the Jazz can get AK for less than 6 Mill they are going to take him. They will probably keep CJ at 3.7. I expect AK to get more than a 6 Mill offer as he tends to win games for the Jazz when he is healthy.

The draft will tell a lot about the future of the Jazz. They actually need a consistent shooting SG (Hayward and CJ are good at times). They need a PG who shoots a decent percentage and who can also run the team. Harris and Watson are weak on shooting percentage.

They may need an SF if AK does not return. Millsap is really a 4. Evans should be a 3 but needs a lot of work. Hayward/CJ are better at the 2.

Some combo of (not in particular order)Kanter, Burkes, Knight, Jimmer or one of the SFs could be interesting. I am not sold on Kanter's knees. Burkes has promise. I think both Knight and Jimmer will make good/decent PGs. I am not sure which SFs are actually in the draft who would be good for Utah.

Quality depth is a major issue for Utah.

Murray, UT

I've always wondered if there's a Jazz conspiracy where they trade Deron for Devin, Favors, and the draft picks knowing he was in a contract year. Then Deron would not sign with Nets and come back to Utah. Probably not...but its always been in the back of my mind.

Tokyo, Japan


it pops in my head too...Deron hasn't signed an extension yet...

Miamisburg, OH

Having been a loyal Jazz fan for 30+ years, I have yet to see anyone say what is really holding the Jazz back. It's the fans. Now, Mr. Deseret News monitor, before you delete this, I mean the size of the fan base, not the loyalty and the fervor of the Utah fans. Think about it: When was the last time a small market team won the NBA championship? The 1979 SuperSonics. Now the NBA allows the big market teams to outbid the small market teams, and if that doesn't work they always have control of the officials. (Remember the Jazz were whistled for fouls at a 2-1 ratio when they played the Bulls in the finals)

navotas, philippines

@anonigma.. lol. i liked that

Layton, UT

Yeah that would be so awesome if DWIll did come back to Utah after his contract ran out but then no one would ever deal with Utah again.

Summerville, SC

Kanter is fine, he has not played all year. Also for the sf out there u could go with Jones from KY. I would love to see the jazz get the 1st and 12th pick with the 1st pick I would take williams out of AZ and with the 12th pick or higher depending on how the lottery goes would love knight out of KY

Roosevelt, UT

AK has been really injury prone the lat 2 years of his contract and his bones are not getting younger. When he drives inside a teenager can steal the ball from him. The number of blocks he gets has dropped significantly as his overall health has deteriorated. Management needs to take a realistic look at him before signing him again.

Mr eye dee ten tee if you watch the NBA then you would note that the last time a smaller market team was the SPurs and they won it again and again, no matter how many fouls were called against them.

Matchups are key in the league. There have been mentions of Jimmer on the team and the team would have to trade many players to accomodate a Ferdette as Millsap cannot guard 1 player really well let alone 2. Jefferson is also still learning what defense is all about.

In the NBA whichever team drafts Jimmer will have to be a defensive giant as the parity is high and each team can take advantage of another team's weakness.

The Jazz should have cash to shop in a less costlier market come this fall.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

After six years...we know what cj can/can't do...maybe we should give someone else a try...

I am sure glad we have Haywood though!....He and Favors are two of the best young players in the league.

Ogden, UT


You know I've always thought that was a possability! D-will seemed to actually like it here in Utah, and now that they have some quality players, I could see him returning. A D-will and Harris backcourt would be phenomenal!


I'm hoping we get the 1st pick! That would be amazing! But considering the players we already have, I think O-conner would either pick Barnes or Irving with that pick. With our second pick I would love to see us grab either Knight, Walker or jones if they're available of course! I'm impartial about Jimmer, because I think he could hold his own, and he would be a dead eye from 3-point land. Would really like to see him and Hayward on the wings....it would spread the floor beautifully!

Also when does Ante Tomic make is way to the jazz? Is it this year or next year?

Ogden, UT

Also the AK vs Cj question....I honestly would take Cj over AK. Ak's defense is nowhere near where it was 5-6 years ago, when he was considered in the top tier of defenders and his shot is sporadic. Though Cj's shot is just as sporadic, it seems to be more streaky and consistent than AK's.

I think the jazz should give Cj 2-3 more years and if he doesn't develop any further than where he's at now, then let him go. He is still very young and hopefully has a higher ceiling still.

One more thing on AK....I think he's kind of a cancer for the team, kind of like Boozer was. I think D-will disliked AK a lot and it affected the team a bit. I think we should let AK walk this off-season. Its a shame really that the jazz didn't resign Matthews and just trade AK. Think of where they'd be now. Oh well... at least the future is bright, unlike some other teams.

Summerville, SC

Tomic comes over this year I think.

Syracuse, UT

Maybe we can get rid of Miles and AK now, I like AK but he is pretty much worthless now especially if his feelings are hurt and Miles "potential" is all he will be.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

I think the Jazz should consider Biyombo with their 12th pick. He looks like he could become a "Serge Ibaka" type of player. Even though the Jazz seem well-stocked in the frontcourt right now, you can never have too many athletic big men who can really play defense and also have decent offensive skills. As a bonus, the Jazz could leave him in Europe to develop for at least a year, if they need to take extra measures to get under the salary cap. He could make both Okur and Millsap expendable in a year or two, which would also help with the Jazz salary cap situation (by replacing an older, more expensive backup player with a younger, cheaper backup player). I don't see anyone else who might be available at the 12th spot who has as much real potential to be really good. However, his stock seems to be rising, and I hope he is still available at the 12th spot.

It would also be great if the Jazz could get lucky and move into one of the top three spots with their other pick, so they could have their choice of the potentially elite players.

South Weber, UT

Biyombo-- 7'7" wingspan.
Had a triple double with points, rebounds, and blocks.
I million Euro buyout clause.
Good attitude with a sweet outside shot, hard worker.
With a thin draft this year, I think, that he would be a great pick at 12. If there is a lockout he could still play a year in Spain.

Lehi, UT

My philosophy: It is broke, lets fix it! AK, PRICE, WATSON, ELSON, FESENKO, can all be replaced by anyone. These players are bench players and not the future or future starters. If one of these players could be consistent at hitting jump shots, maybe they get a chance to come back. I would bring AK back for Veteran minimum. I bring Fes back for the size factor,only if you know Memo is not coming back. Draft a combo guard, plenty to choose from. Jimmer, Walker, the kid from Butler ...Mack? The Jazz should be able to get some higher caliber guards to help this weak back court. I am looking forward to the draft. GO JAZZ!

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ vs AK.....Not a question you should ask me!!

The Jazz have a lot to think about in the off season. AK's salary is gone. They will not spend that money next year. The best bet is to trade Memo's expiring contract (10 million) for a guard.

Re-sign Fes and actally play him. Use the two draft picks to fill AK and Price's spots. I would get rid of Evan's too since he never plays.

And play some defense next year.

the boonies, mexico

Weak back court? And then you want to draft a couple rookies to change that? What kind of mentality is that? Harris & Hayward are just fine as the 1 & 2, don't be greedy and drop this instant gratification mentality that 15 to 40 year olds were born with and still have! Burks will work for us then get a couple veteran free agents to fill 1 or 2 other needs, and forget this rookie crap! Kevin I think will get what is needed with help of Ty & Horny. I want a defensive and big man coach next year also, so we will see where that goes.

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