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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

What a remarkable group of young men we've been priviledged to watch this year. Thanks for the memories and good luck in your future endeavors Jimmer, Jackson, Logan, and James!

Frisco, TX

I wondered where the extra scholorship for Hauns Brereton was coming from. Now I now. Thanks James and good luck!

Mcallen, TX

In my old age, I thought I'd out grow BYU sports. I remain addicted. This was a special team and I'm honored to be a BYU alumni.

Modesto, CA

Classy move by Anderson. Thanks Now Rose needs to do some thing with Martineau and Zylstra and maybe Rogers. These players should not be taking up space on Rose's bench. If you can't play them why have them sitting on your bench.

Springville, UT

Ainge got it, Jimmer gets it. Too bad Shawn didn't. Leaving early may have put some more money in his pocket, but he missed the experiences and college memories that will never, ever come. It's a valuable lesson.

Cougar Eat Ute
Cedar Hills, UT

James was a stud. He gave all he could all the time. Sure, he wasn't a Trent Plaisted or a Brandon Davies, but few are. He was a monster on defense and an all-around great guy.
Best of luck James! You'll be missed.

Iowa City, IA

Thanks James, congratulations on graduating early. You helped hold the team together this year. Thanks for your courage.


Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Based on James effort I think he left last year.

Kaysville, UT

Did every player get an award? Is this little league? Participation trophies for everybody! YAY!

West Jordan, UT

Thanks for all your hard work, James. You tried your best to fill the void in the middle and I think you did a great job. Good luck in the future.

Spanish Fork, UT

I believe James Anderson gave the best he had. From all of the comments by players during the year they believed that too. Giving our best is something rare. Congratulations to Anderson for being the person he's become.

One snarky note... the list of awards made me smile. Looked like the modern day Little League team philosophy. Everyone gets an award. MVP for Punctuality.

Holladay, UT

Did you watch more than 2 games this year? Do you know how to play basketball? Yes Martineau is not good enough, but Rogers? The dude is a 6-8 two guard who drains the 3 and can drive at will. He was brilliant out there his first year. He will start next year and he will be the leading scorer. Fact.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@ Esquire: Shawn Bradley couldn't afford when comes to injury/insurance and decided to start early in NBA. Yes, he should have come back for one or two more years after his mission. I don't recall if he has ever mentioned that he made a mistake but mostly it was the right thing to do he siad (or was I wrong?).

Good luck Jimmer, Jax, Dave Rice and James. It was a fun year. And, Thanks Danny Ainge for good advise.

Lehi, UT

James struggled this year on the offensive end but gave some good minutes on defense. Thanks for the effort you gave and thanks for realizing when to leave. Maybe we'll get a better player with that extra scholie. I wouldn't through Rogers under the bus, he'll have two good years left.

Boise, ID

I realize Anderson was not a star and his offense wasn't strong but I loved when he came in to play D. When he fouled, he fouled. His presence was important for BYU. Best of luck to James with his next step in life.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Interesting title for the article. Funny me. I had no idea Anderson was such a critcal part of the team! Team awards banquet w/ everything BYU accomplished, and Anderson gets top billing with the article?

Ephraim, UT

How's this for a change. Rather than a one and done or a four year player that never graduates we have a man that went to college on an athletic scholarship and used that scholarship to get an EDUCATION! Congratulations Cougars on a good year.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Uh oh, could there be a chink in the armor of BYU basketball? Just kidding. Congratulations on graduating!!

Orem, UT

Mormon Ute, that isn't a chink, it was a clank from one of Anderson's shots. It is good to see whan a young man knows his limitations and decides to get on with his life.

Draper, UT

Hey Nick and Brock,
Did you just see what James did?
BYU fan who wants to see the Cougars get to the Final Four in his lifetime.

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