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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Hayward did awesome! glad the jazz drafted him afterall, hope they are just as smart with the picks this year. NICE WIN UTAH! thanks for the effort, look forward to seeing you next year!

sandy, UT

CJ, it was nice having you. We now have a 2 who can score and play defense. If you would like, we have a nice position for you coming off the bench.

Tokyo, Japan

if Hayward can perform like this day in and day out...that would be awesome...

Sandy, UT

Hayward is legit.

Bountiful, ut

What if CJ can hit the weights through the summer, work on getting some consistency to his game, and get that killer look in his eyes that All-Stars have at crunch time? What if both CJ and Hayward showed up every game next year like Kobe does, like Hayward did tonight? Can you imagine how much fun it would be in the middle for Milsap, Big Al and DFav if the Jazz constantly had shooting threats hanging around the perimeter?

Or am I overreacting to the season-ending 2-game win streak?

Anxious for next year.

Arlington, VA

@crj-- It's just not going to happen with CJ. That's what Jazz fans have been saying the last three off-seasons: What if CJ stopped eating cheeseburgers? What if CJ hit the weights? What if he finally realizes his potential? Unfortunately, I just don't think it's going to happen. But, I definitely agree that Hayward will be legit and I'm excited to see how his off-season work pays off-- he and favors both.

West Jordan, UT

As bad as the season was, at least this team showed some promise and got some nice wins at the end.

The draft and off-season will be interesting.

Only thing to do now is cheer for whoever is playing the Lakers in the playoffs.

Orange County, CA

The Jazz need real leadership - both in the locker room and in the floor. DWill was a strong personality, but apparently not a strong leader. His hard pass to Hayward when GH was out of position showed that he was just one example of a polarizing figure on the team (as great and as exciting as he was as an individual player).

No one on the roster now has that same strong personality. They're a bunch of nice guys, but someone needs to step out of the crowd and be the leader. Bell is the most senior guy on the team, but can he be the catalyst to help the players become a cohesive team? Millsap is the strong silent type, which is great for a supporting role but he won't be the leader. Jefferson? It probably isn't fair to judge him based on this year.

I'd like to see them fill the vacant coaching seat with Karl Malone. He can help toughen up the troops while the entire staff tries to teach some leadership skills to a couple of guys and basketball fundamentals to all of them, which will lead to consistent play.

Salt Lake City, UT

How about the Kid. Hayward was Ballin today. Sad to see the season end, especially with the rooks showing promise, along with the rest of the team.

Come back stronger and better next season so we can make a run for the playoffs.

Salt Lake City, Ut

I know that the Jazz are in for a few down years, but future looks pretty okay. For starters before they got Deron the team was a bunch of make shift players and an injured Carlos Boozer. Now they have a nice starting point, with some picks, Two of last years top 10 picks in Hayward and Favors. Not to mention a few large contracts coming off the books in the next few years. I think they,ll be fine.

Fun game to watch tonight. Gordon has really seemed to come into his own towards the end of this season. Love how hard he works. Favors as well.

Hopefully the Jazz have a nice draft. Looking forward to next year, (pending lockout of course) But either way


Captain L
Provo, UT

Love Haywards game, he is fun to watch, he plays smart and controlled. His shots are within the system and he doesn't jack up shots just to be shooting.
CJ could learn from Hayward. Hayward also plays good D, passes well and rebounds well, he's going to be a fine player for many years.
Favors has alot of work to do but he has alot of potential, hope he puts in the work necessary to get stronger and improve his skills.
Wish some how Malone could start working with Favors.
The draft should be interesting and fun and even free agency should be interesting with the Jazz having some money to work with. AK's contract coming off the books opens up possibilities.

Temecula, CA

The Jazz need to pick up a guard with their first draft choice or move up some with their second one. If they go big with the first pick, the three or four best guards will be gone by the time the Jazz pick next. I think their front line is coming together. Would like to see a Kevin McHale-type power forward work with Favors and Fes. Jefferson has some of the moves McHale had, but McHale did more. Malone couldn't dunk like McHale, Favors and Fes can, unless he got a good head of steam going on the fast break he would get stuffed and/or maybe get foul shots. Some of the people Hayward played against recently were not first stringers, but some were, and he is sure looking good and shooting great. Enjoy your off season, Jazzmen!

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Real Salt Lake!
That's 2 teams from Denver that got whooped last night.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jazz fans rejoice. Kirilenko's contract is FINALLY OVER!!!!!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Hayward has responded rather well since the dodge ball game with D Will. His defensive talents alone will keep in this league for years to come. Not to mention his shooting and point guard skills. He can obviously play. I believe that KOC did a good job also on the D Will trade with Favors as a real big with awesome athetisism. Devin Harris is very talented as well if he can become more familiar with the guys and become more of a distributor. The future looks brite to me. Oh and the draft picks. The Jersey pick, if we can't get Williams or Barnes, use it in a trade for a good 3. With our own pick snag Jimmer to spread the floor and open up the middle. Go Jazz!

Salt Lake City, UT

The thing that gets me most excited about next year was the defensive play of Favors, Hayward and AJ this year. Favors can be a defensive star in this league, he is the mythical "shot blocking big man" Jazz fans have been hoping for since Eaton retired.

Hayward has the height, athleticism, and desire to be a legit defensive presence also. AJ was a horrible defender in Minnesota, but he showed serious improvement with the Jazz and I think by next year he might actually be good at it. 1.8 blocks per game this year is a good start.

Defense is what killed the Jazz over the last 6 years but we finally have the pieces in place to turn it around.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

The future is very bright for the Jazz.
Haywood and Favors are legit NBA starters...big time players.
I can hardly beleive that we we these two young studs.
Gordon reminds me a little bit of Reggie Miller...he is not as pure of a shooter but he is awesome off the dribble. He is very good at dring to the hole...he can dish or finish. He rebounds and defends. He has the tools to become an (almost) all-star calibre player. Favors will be one the best big men in the the league. It freaks me out that we have him. It is almost like getting Akeem, David Robinson or Tim Duncan...notice I said almost...But I
really think Favors will be marvelous.

These two cornerstones, along with Big Al and the Jazz should be great..with just a few key peices added.

I love Earl Watson & Jeremy Evans coming off the bench. Milsap can be a great Role player as well.

With th edraft picks..if used well...Jazz we be a major concern for 10+ years to come.

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Doctor J
Manti, UT

Haywood and Favors!

They are the best thing to happen for the Jazz since Stockton and Malone!

If you don't believe this...JUST WAIT and SEE for yourself!

Hugh G. Hater

To bad Hayward didn't get more playing time earlier in the year at the 2 spot.

Salt Lake City, UT

Regardless of all the ups and downs this season, I love the Jazz! Good luck in the off season!

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