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Published: Tuesday, April 12 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Ah, Doug, what a comfort that you've been wrong before.


Women's Coast Conference
Salt Lake, UT

No matter what anyone may say, we all know BYU went independent because Utah joined the Pac-12.

Aurora, CO

You start the article by quoting Jessie-J? that says it all right now

Houston, TX

Blah Blah Nonsense. Nobody watched BYU play the other sports because they could never find them on TV.

BYU has moved beyond the little, sparse Intermountain region. It is all about coverage.

BYU basketball may be better than ever because they can now recruit the best players in the church from all over the world. A lot of talent played close to home (NOT UTAH) because of better coverage. AND they will get some great non members because of the national and international coverage.

The MTN was a ball and chain that held BYU down. Sorry to burst the bubble of all the Intermountain Homers but BYU is now national.

Losing WY and the rest of the MTN is big step forward and not to be lamented.

If you have to have a conference the WCC is good enough. What counts in most of the minor sports is being able to compete nationally. Track, basketball, baseball and volleyball benefit greatly from the exposure.

There is no injustice at all to the minor sports. They now have a much bigger stage and people will actually watch them internationally.

It will pay off big time in better players and scheduling.

Blanding, UT

Hey Doug. You are foolish!!

La Verkin, UT

Sorry, I'm not ready to sell my Cougar stock. I still think 9-10 wins per football season is possible and an occasional undefeated season can happen. With the strength of schedule they are creating and the actual ability for people around the country to watch them, they may yet recreate a 1984 scenario. Even if they don't, I love how BYU sports in general is reflecting well on the school and the Church. I think they have every possibility of being in the NCAA basketball tourney on a regular basis and of being ranked high enough to return to the 16, 8 or even better final teams. I don't know yet if the glass is half empty or half full, but I like that, instead of having a 20 ounce glass (MWC), we can choose our own glass and fill it as full as we want. Half of a 64 ounce cup is still more than half a 20 ouncer.

American Fork, UT

Lame article. Doug we've heard this a thousand times before. Either give us something new or move on. Nobody viewing your articles anymore? Need to stir it up?

Tooele, UT

Finally someone is honest about BYUs move. It may work out in Football, relative to where they are now, but they will not come close to Utah's entry into the PAC. Basketball will now have to win the conference tourney to get an invite, see St. Mary's. Short term gain, long term loss for BYU.

Orem, UT

anyone with a brain, knows this is only till the Big XII comes calling.

sandy, UT

May I take the liberty of quoting Jessie J when I say that in two years the cougars will be singing "look who's laughing now" If the U and the Y would have sat around and waited for the BCS to acknowledge the MWC and the man behind the curtain (Craig T) both teams would have made a whopping one million dollars next year and 25% of the country could have seen their games. As far as selling out the other sports, I will bet that attendance at any home events will not suffer next season. (well, without Jimmer bball would have dropped no matter whom they played). Please Doug, how about doing us a favor and writing about how the U/Y men's baseball teams are doing, wait, no one would read that article, and they still play in the MWC.

Houston, TX

@ the SNUTE trolls like WCC

BYU was planning on independence and spending on infrastructure to make independence happen for years before Utah lucked into being the last option after CO for PAC expansion.

The Utes leaving for the PAC may have sped up the plan but it certainly did not create the plan. The plan was being put in place for years.

USC management is derelict for not going independent. They could generate up to $100 mill a year on their own. UCLA and CAL could do much better than sharing with WSU and Utah. Don't be surprised if more big time programs decide dragging a conference around is foolish.

South Jordan, UT

I think you are vastly overrating the appeal to the MWC schools. Gonzaga has a much better national presence in basketball than any MWC school. Playing two games a year against Gonzaga will be more noticeable around the nation than the entire MWC conference schedule has been, and more people will watch them nationally than all of BYU's "the mountain" games combined.

Nobody, outside of a few mountain west basketball nuts, gives any respect to New Mexico, or Colorado State, or Wyoming in any sport. New Mexico has a great basketball program, and "The Pit" is a tough place to play, but few outside of New Mexico really thinks of them as distinguishable from New Mexico State.

As for the minor sports.... yawn...

Provo, UT

This article is seven months too late, and I've heard these same, tired arguments seven thousand times.

Irvine, CA

Nope - So very wrong.

First: Sick and tired of holding up the bitter and vile fans of the SDSU and WYO. The truth is they have held us down for years. The MWC is way over rated by us and those in it. Better to get away from those angry people who need us way more than we need them

Second: It will be fun to have a new set of schools to play against - with a more mature fan base.

Third: It does bring track down, but really football v track - football is king and more people watch one game of FB than ten years worth of track.

Fourth: The move will make us a much better football team which in turn will bolster the whole schools reputation - rising tide floats all ships.

Finally - How long before the Big 12 comes a calling - this is a temporary state of affairs.

I for one love the new face of BYU. Independent and loving it - sometimes a divorce actually bring out the best in someone - especially when the old spouse was really lame. Bye MWC - I will only miss Air Force and TCU.

Spokane, WA

Horrific article.

Let's see. Where to start. How about the other sports?

Women's soccer. The only fear BYU has in Women's soccer, is, can they step up to the WCC level. BYU is Queen of Women's soccer in the MWC. The WCC has won 3 NC's in the last decade.

Baseball. Pepperdine won the NC in the 1990's. The WCC is annually a 2 or 3 bid league. The MWC has only gotten more than 1 once.

Track and Field. In Indoor track, BYU will compete in the MPSF, along with 4 Pac-10 schools. That's better than the punching bags the MWC offers up for the Cougars. In Outdoor T&F, BYU will be Independent. Not sure if you are familiar there Doug, but there are a MILLION invites in T&F. Sleep-walking through conference championship weekend did NOTHING for BYU each year. Independence is better than the MWC in T&F.

Basketball. With BYU, the WCC has a better RPI nearly every year over the last decade. The WCC+BYU=21 NCAA wins since 1999. The new MWC=9.

Women's BB, Gonzaga went to the elite 8.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Sorry but the mormon church already has plenty of money.

Money might be a big factor for a school like Utah but it really isn't an issue for BYU.

It is all about exposure.

I guess you'll get plenty of posts explaining that to you so I guess your article served its purpose.

Moss, Norway


This is a terribly one-dimensional argument. For one thing, it's common knowledge that entire athletic department rides on the football/basketball bus. BYU's bus just got a lot bigger, even if the seats are less comfortable.

Secondly, the ones ultimately responsible for this major transformation are the fans and the media. It's our dollars that feed the department, and as consumers, we have our preference of what sports we would like to see the most, namely football and basketball. If swimming and track and tennis and golf and volleyball had the same pull among the masses that football has, then there would never have been a need to go independent in the first place.

Finally, Olympic sports participants still compete on scholarship, and not necessarily to be seen by huge crowds. Where they compete is less important than being able to compete at all. I don't think they care so much about exposure, just about being able to compete and go to school.

Sorry, it's a flimsy argument in a slow sports season.

Treloar, MO

Doug - why did you omit mentioning the chess and debate teams and their futures?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What a member of the Salt Lake press takes a simple, but honest look behind the curtain in Provo? "It's impossible!!!"

Actually thanks Doug, no one needs a hatchet job on BYU's administrators and their decisions regarding independence, but after 8 months of the spinning loom that is Utah sports "journalism" any voice of reason is going to get accused of being a hatchet job.

Morgan, UT

Lets see....would I rather watch BYU play basketball on HD TV in the small gyms of the WCC or listen to them on the radio like I had to a lot of times this season.....? Exposure nationwide is great, but exposure in my living room is much more important to me.

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