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Published: Monday, April 11 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

I know that we throw around hype around each year that we will have a winning season. We are vastly improving and with Gary at the helm we will eventually have that winning season and when we get there it will certainly be sweet! GO AGGIES!!!

South Jordan, UT

Wow, do we ever need the defense to step up. With Turbin back I think we will be looking pretty good on offense if we can run the ball consistently. Things are looking good. So with the QB battle happening, what do you think Coach A will do if they are all pretty even? If you have a young QB who has the same ability as an older QB who do you go with? I think you start the younger and get more experience, i.e. Kellen Moore? I can't wait for April 23rd!
Go Aggies!

Ogden Aggie
Ogden, UT

It is good to hear that the defense had a good day. Especialy with Wagner, Gallager, Koskan, and Garner off the field. The offense should be fine if Turbin stays healthy. If the QB race stays even then I say start a young guy who can hand the ball off, gain some experience, and be very effective in years to come. Go State!!!

Salt Lake City, ut

Hope your guys have your best year yet. I will be cheering for the Aggies to do well!

Salt Lake City, UT

I would go with the Jr College kid. He has experience and maturity. Plus IMO he looks better.

Idaho Falls, ID

Just give us a winning record and a bowl game. Of course, if the football team and basketball team has a winning record I will have to start contributing to the alumni program again. Thought I was safe for years to come.

South Jordan, UT

@slcftball "Plus IMO he looks better?" Um, have you watched Kennedy in an interview? He is about the goofiest looking QB I have ever seen.

Anaheim, CA

Good to hear, especially considering how stacked we are at Running Back! Fall can not come soon enough!


I think Alex Hart looks as good as the others and has four years to be able to play, why not give it to the young kid while there is a strong running game to support him.

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