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Published: Monday, April 11 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Not entirely unexpected. The offense is always behind the defense in spring ball, our defense will be really good this year, our QB was out, our O-line was a patchwork.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now if I were a Troll on Utah articles I would say....
Wait, it's coming.
I am trying....huggggh
Gosh, Try as I might....
I just can't think like certain of our constantly negative friends.

Hope Utah can represent our state well in their new conference. They have a big new challenge they have to face and they don't need their neighbors bugging them about how they are doing. Now, back to the Cougar articles.

Springville, UT

Headline says it all. Ouch!

Looks like the PAC-10.2 will have some fun showing the Utes what big time football is like for a wannabe mid-major program.

Pickle Juice, The Key to a BCS
Murray, UT

I love the new PAC12 logo on the Ute's field!!

Rigby, Id

I'm scared spitless thinking of Jordan Wynn leading my Utes. Biggest mistake of Whits coaching career. A 155 lb high school QB as the Utes main man. What next?
Tiny Tim as the next dancing cheermom.


-Our defense is going to be solid this year. As mentioned, the front four are going to probably be the strength of the team. Still not sure who will start and get the reps, but there is a lot of talent back there and it will be fun to watch them. Good luck to opposing offensive lines!

-The offense needs to step up. But I am not worried one bit about it. I have a really good feeling about Wynn this year. He has already talked about the players only throwing sessions over the summer. The kid wants to win and I think you are going to see the best of Jordan Wynn this year.

-Hopefully, the offensive line can hold together! There are several NFL prospects on that line, so I am not concerned.

Highland, UT

Frankly big ben you should be concerned about that offense. It was awful yesterday and you are certainly exaggerating the talent on it. If utah wins at all next year it will be because of their defense.

I see the same look on Whittinghams face that he had after the Air Force game last year. I remember the post game interview with him vividly and you could just see that he knew it was all about to come crashing down. That is exactly how he looks when he talks about this offense.

It is going to be ugly.

West Jordan, UT

Love the Cougar trolls out this morning!!

PAC12 = BCS Conference....and the jealousy continues.

Jordan Wynn never was and never will be a spread QB. This offense suits him well. Just remember that Wynn took your best team in the last decade to overtime in his freshman season on the road...the same team that beat Oklahoma and had all those record breaking players (Hall, Unga, Pita..).

Utah will be ok once their QB gets back and can get throwing again. The best part about this upcoming season is that the PAC12 logo on the field means we have access to the Rose Bowl EVERY year!!! Can't wait for a championship game to be played at RES followed by a Rose Bowl appearance. Go Utes.

Ann Arbor, MI

Ute Dline is littered with NFL talent. looking at 4 or 5 players finding there way into the NFL.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Sounds like the back up Qbs don't have it mentally yet...I know it's a new system, but they have to get their heads around it. The number 2 will get a lot of reps this year. I'm afraid Shreve doesn't have the maturity to handle it...time will tell, but it's not a good sign in spring. Linemen on both sides are great. The D corp is outstanding. Got to get the offense tuned up...fingers crossed.



Why in heavens name is everyone so enamored with Wynn. It's the PAC 12 for crying out loud! It is not the MWC. Little QB's do not survive in the PAC. And on top of that, Wynn wont run. And if he does, there are some huge 230 to 240 lb. linebackers with blood in their eye, looking to crush him. And with the O line problems, life expectancy isn't very long. Robles and Shreve will be much more durable. They will have to be, with the O line problems arising. By the end of fall camp, we should see a major change in the depth chart for the QB's.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


That's pretty big talk from a fan of the team whose biggest win last season was over a UTEP team that also barely qualified for a bowl game. The way some of you BYU fans talk you would think your team won the conference last season or something. Do we need to replay some of those games to remind you?

Palo Alto, CA

"The defense dominated [Utah]... They tallied seven sacks, broke up six passes, had four interceptions, recovered a fumble and scored on a safety."

A sign of things to come.

The Utes are in big trouble pinning all of their hopes on a wounded QB who tanked in every big game last season.

Cedar Hills, UT


Hard to say if all of those 'trolls' really are Cougar fans or if a few of them are just worried about their Utes. Here is one Cougar fan who is pretty certain that the Ute defense will be the best unit in the state. Even if the offense takes a while to catch up (and who knows, it might be quick) that defense will keep the Utes in every game until they are on track. I see a great year coming out of S.L. this year. Here is one Cougar who would love to see the Utes represent BIG TIME in the PAC 12. Go Utes. Go Cougs.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Were you at the game? Thanks for supporting the Utes!

I do believe we won the Air Force game last year. Did BYU? Nope. So be careful looking back at last season. It certainly was more painful for the Cougars than the Utes.

Looking forward the new offense should be a good fit for Jordan Wynn. I'm excited to see how he does in the fall. We also have some good running backs who should be able to establish a solid running game early.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

If the defense is as good as it shows, I don't worry about the back up QB's struggling in spring ball. If the O line protects Wynn, you won't need a back up anyway. Wynn haters need to look at his stats before putting the kid down. He has performed at a PAC-10 level before, and can again. I don't expect utah to light up the scoreboard this year, but they don't have to if their defense can keep them in the game. Just glad to be in a decent conference and have the opportunity to complete with top teams week in and week out.

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

What game? Do you mean the controlled scrimmage where it has been widely reported that the utah offense was pretty offensive? Sacks, interceptions, fumbles, inability to even put a single drive together. That "game"?

I did watch BYU's scrimmage on Saturday along with 5000 or so other fans and that was a fine display of qb play, by multiple qb's. Nice play from the rb's. great looking wr's. Strong defense.

I am really looking forward to the 3rd week of September.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

"I don't worry about the back up QB's struggling in spring ball."

You should.

These two backup QBs are one hit on Wynn away from becoming Utah's starter.

Chow's West Coast Offense relies on precise reads and timing between QB and receivers. With Wynn not even able to throw until June, and even then, not able to throw at full velocity, the Utes are only going to have fall camp to fine tune that timing.

With only one tuneup game to get ready for road games at USC and BYU, a struggling offense is a huge concern. As good as Utah's defense is, they'll eventually wear down if they don't get any support from their offense.

Sandy, UT

Well, when a two year starter at QB has to sit out and two players that have never started a D1 game have to go up against a very good defense, this is what you get. The running backs looked good, give these quarterbacks more time to develop and some playing time this year and they'll get to where they need to be.

Spring ball is fun to watch, but it's never an accurate indicator of how good or bad a team is going to be in the fall. I think it's remarkable how far the team has come, considering they had to install a completely new offense this year. I'm excited to see the final product of spring ball this saturday at the Red-White game.


Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's defense, as always, is going to be solid, but the offense has a long ways to go to be ready for PAC 12 play. As injury prone as Wynn has been, it's a little scary to think of Robles or Shreve having to face the Trojans in the Colliseum.

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