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Published: Sunday, April 10 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

This kid oozes so much potential. I just hope Favors puts in the work. The skies the limit for him he just needs to keep working on it.

You can see glimpses of his Defensive instincts in the game with his blocking ability especially on help D. Im not worried too much about that its his offensive game. If Big Al can teach him his post moves Favors wil be an Allstar!

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Back to the bench Millsap. Or even better, you will be traded away this summer. This is a big man's game and you are too small to be a 4. It was nice having you but your time has come to hit the road. Please take Corbin with you!!

West Valley, UT

Agree with the article and the comment from CocoNutzz. The best move the Jazz have made in recent history was getting rid of Deron Williams. Great talent is good, but he was a cancer that has almost killed the Jazz.

American Fork, UT

Derrick Favors will become a superstar in this league in about five years when he is playing for the Lakers. Unfortunately, the Jazz are in a tough spot trying to get above-pay performance from scrappy undervalued players. The players they have overpaid have been devastating (AK in particular), so they are wisely gunshy about giving unproven guys big contracts. Sad reality of the NBA today.

Hugh G. Hater

Favors needs more minutes.
With two games left I guess it's unlikely Corbin will change that.

Holladay, UT

i was worried denver would get the new jersey trade as i can see favors will be really a good player and i think will stay here as he didn't like the nj trade talk when he got drafted. i think he will be stable here. also getting the draft picks is a great bonus. he is not cocky or mean and is such a nice person. he can be mean during the game and be a nice guy after. the new jersey draft pick will be fun as there is some good players in the top ten this year. hope no more drop out of the draft as to make it weaker. with the lockout i think the rookies will start out with lower pay. they should take it now.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

3 players who are rookies on this team have given myself more optimism I think than I have ever had about the future of this team than I have since they moved here from New Orleans! I used to go to the old Salt palace when Ricky Green and others were here and you could walk in on game night and practically get any seat you wanted in the arena that was half full, so I have seen many teams here in SLC. Favors, Hayward, and Evans have me cranked right now and I pray it's deserved. Go Jazz!

Salt Lake City, UT

Al is right. He could learn from the rookie to put some effort in to the defensive side of the game. Who will Favors learn from on this team to play with great intensity all the time?

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

PLEASE don't let Al teach Derrick his post moves! One black hole on the team is enough . . . .

The Jazz Truth
Draper, Utah

Miles: We need Millsap here. Not starting but on that second unit. It would be dumb to let him go unless we get a stellar shooting guard in a trade. Him and CJ if we keep him coming into that second unit and there can be some consistent scoring there if we have just an average center to help Sap and clog the middle. Watson will get them running and get them open looks and I like the Weaver kid too so I'm hoping we pick him up and let Price go. Fit in Evans at the 3 and that's a pretty decent second unit. I'm hoping Favors gets some significant minutes these last couple games so he can get some knowledge of what his pace will be next year getting those minutes.

Las Vegas, NM

We traded away our superstar, and got worse, even though 95% of our team is the same....Denver got rid of their cancer and they are much better...What gives?
I think it has more to do with our soft Utah Charmin, Utah Sour Notes, aka Utah Titanic players...

Jefferson just does not seem right...His shot stinks...he is so slow with his moves, and as the Timberwolves enunciated, he created a dead spot for the ball, and killed their offense. I know Big Al tries, but I am not impressed anymore.

Las Vegas, NM

One more thought, does anyone else think the players are intentionally tanking the team...

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Sokol

The answer to your question is INJURIES...You cant put everything on Corbin.

The Nuggets got back players who where already proven in the NBA. We got a PG (who got injured) and a rookie that is still trying to find his way. Not to mention the other two rookies who were already on the team. Corbin was dealt a bad card, let's evaluate him after a full season with the same core of guys... INJURY FREE

Summerville, SC

I see the Jazz going to bring in Malone to teach Favors and Big Al the game of a postman and then we had perry jones or enas Kantor and a alec burke to the mix via the draft.

Meridian, Idaho

Hey CJ,

Props to that post...for once I actually agree with you. Millsap needs to hit the bench, and not expect more then 15-20 minutes a game, or he needs to hit the road.

Las Vegas, NM

I can give him a year, but he should add a veteran coach like Del Harris or someone of that ilk.....I just think Malone would be a great assistant and a good guy to work with Favors...I almost think those two events should happen:
The Jazz drafting Jimmer and the Jazz using the Greatest Power Forward in NBA history Karl Malone to teach the young guys.

Murray, UT

I don't understand why you guys hate Milsap so much. I'm a Milsap fan. Very hard worker.

When he gets injured, he stays in the lineup unless he's REALLY injured.
He's having a career year, although that might have something to do with more minutes. He didn't even have an outside shot. Now, I think eh's very capable of being a 40% 3p shooter.
Milsap should be the persona of the team: Someone who's not afraid to work hard.

Sure, he's short, but if he puts more work into agility and defense, he can be an effective 3.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Anonigma: I don't hate Millsap. I love his hard work and dedication. But the reality is he is too small to defend in the NBA at his position, the 4.

IF the game was played on one side of the court, he would be a wonderful addition to the starting lineup. But as a starter, he plays zero defense and is a liability. As a bench player, he goes up against weaker 4's who are not as polished in the post and he can contain them and use his agressiveness to be a plus on the court.

So either come off the bench or be traded. He is not a starter. Nor should CJ be a starter with his laziness and poor shot selection. Those two would be good off the bench along with Hayward.

Start Favors and find a 2/3 player that can start next year and this team will be good.

Murray, UT

I think that Milsap has worked hard enough that you let him see if he can be a 3. Against smaller 4's, Milsap can be effective. It just depends on how the match-ups go to be honest. He can't do good at the 3 against Portland, but is great at it against the Lakers. It's a tough job to go from being a 4 to being a 3. Completely different outlook.

Jazz will go for the best player available. I don't see any glaring hole in the team that needs repair. I think they all just need to improve their defensive chemistry by working off season.

Bob Cratchet
Salt Lake City, UT

Favors is the long term future of the Jazz. They should send him to Louisiana to spend the summer with Karl Malone. Didn't Malone say he wanted to get involved with coaching? Here's his first project.

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