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Jimmer takes first step into business world with poster

Published: Friday, April 8 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

I'll buy one just to show my appreciate to Jimmer for giving us one of the most exciting seasons in BYU basketball history.

Thanks Jimmer!

Bountiful, UT

Jimmer has give so much to BYU and others. It's his turn. Good job.

Houston, TX

Jimmer is hot and does need to get as much as he can as fast as he can as the world will move on very quickly. However, that needs to be handled by professional marketers not Jimmer.

Jimmer needs to concentrate on doing the very best he can in the draft stats and in the tryouts. As his draft status improves his marketing will improve. He needs tryouts with lotto teams (more is better). He needs to move up the mock draft boards to keep the chatter going.

If he wants to go to NY them make them move up to get him. I think the CHA, GS, Utah, PHO and IND will have a strong interest in him. HOU might also. How he does in those workouts will determine if he goes in the lotto.

Jimmer has earned any penny he gets. He can afford to pay for a few poor kids to go on missions now.

Las Vegas, NV

Ordered the poster. Nice to be able to show support for Jimmer. It was a real pleasure watching him play this year!

Springville, UT

I want two! Line starts here!

Orem, UT

All of the hours of grueling practice, hard work and sacrifice on his part should count for something. BYU has already received huge amounts of money and publicity that will continue to flow in. BYU owes him a ton for what he has done for them. They have had use of his name, talents, and capitalized on him in every way possible which they have done in a professional and tasteful manner. But Jimmer owes them nothing.

Ogden, Utah

With an NBA lockout looming he better cash in now...or it may be too late.

...as for the poster, I don't like it.
I think most fans would want an action shot of Jimmer rather than a formal "tuxedo" look of going to the prom...but that's just my opinion.


Mother and Son choose the same picture, wow, now that's what I call journalism.

Saint George, UT

Thank you for the well written, informative article about Jimmer business.

South Jordan, UT

Amazing story! Thanks, for the article, Dick Harmon. And, thanks again to Jimmer for everything he has done for BYU and college basketball. This is a very proud time to be a BYU Cougar fan!

I want one of these posters. This is a true success story of a young man and his family who sacrificed and worked hard for years for the dream. It is now going to pay off big time for all of them. I also hope T.J. gets a piece of the action for his part in developing Jimmer into the person/player he has become.

Go Jimmer! Go Cougars!

Go Cougars!

Blue Sky
Midwest, US

Growing up is a family affair, and I am really happy for Jimmer and his family that they get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work over many years.

Highland, UT

I hope they make a bundle. Get it while you can Jimmer. I'm going to buy one of the signed special edition ones for my youngest son who is a huge Jimmer fan.

Riverton, UT

Chris B and Hedgehog both made presentations in an appeal to be Jimmer's agent...I don't think they are in the top six.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Amazing the sacrifices that must be made by the family to attend the games. It gives me better insight as to why so many players from less fortunate backgrounds have trouble with agents. It must be hard for families who want to watch their kids play.

Wouldn't be my design for a poster but if you can't put BYU or Nike on it anywhere that limits things quite a bit. Good luck Jimmer we are still cheering for you!

Salt Lake City, UT

It is a crazy world we live in. The comparisons between Jimmer and Ty is eye opening. So is the negotiations between Jimmer and the BYU Bookstore.

Great story about real life. It is a very short window, right now. But this is Jimmer's and his family's chance for the "American Dream".

We know that Jimmer will be drafted and that a GM will not be fired because of it. But we do not know how long he will play or how successful he will be. But know what, that's ok. This is his dream, and his 1.5 million per for 3 plus years. He has earned it. It is now time for him and his family to enjoy it.

springville, UT

secretly, hedgy and chrissy have both ordered theirs..

Spanish Fork, UT

Excellent article, Dick. In depth, well written and interesting peak into a world most will never know. Jimmer is very fortunate to have such a solid family to provide grounding. So many quick millionaires in sports only have possees and groupies and end up squandering all their money.

It's smart to get it while he's hot... with few exceptions sports fame is fleeting.

Idaho Falls, ID

Loads of fame and money. It changes your life. And all too often, it changes your character. Here's hoping that Jimmer is the exception and remains true to his upbringing and true to his standards. Congratulations Jimmer.

Omaha, NE

I hope he becomes more of a Steve Nash. That guy is so nice and does so much good in the community, and he is never the highlight of some NBA trash story like Kobe or Artest.

Syracuse, UT

I would like a poster of Jimmer shooting that wonderful half-court shot to end the half at the Utah game. Only I would like to put hedgehog's image on the ball.

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