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Published: Friday, April 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Holladay, UT

I can't believe how hard the Republicans pushed to shut down the government. Then they tried to use necessary military spending for our defense to manipulate the system to push the Tea Party agenda through Congress.

This is not good government and Ronald Reagan would not approve of the behavior by the Republicans today. What they're trying to do is wrong.

I say throw the bums out! Enough of the Tea Party Already!

Fresno, CA

That's a relief. My nephew just returned to Germany from Afghanistan. They were told that if the government shut down, they would still be expected to work, the chow hall would be closed AND they would not be paid. (Which makes it kind of hard to buy food). WHEW!

I like that they are cutting Billions out of the budget. They should try to do that every year.

Ogden, UT

We almost shut down the government over $37 billion dollars? That's what, about 1% of the total federal budget? Can you say "political posturing"?

Beaverton, OR

Crisis averted. For now.

$40 billion in cuts agreed upon and the tea partiers are now vowing to get rid of Boehner for 'compromising'.

I'm really looking forward to 2o years in the future when we look back on this long gone ridiculous caucus and can have a good laugh.

Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

Its not enough. Everyday that we run a deficit represents another day where it proves we have not cut enough.

Holladay, UT

@Patrick Henry

We may consider raising taxes in addition to cutting. Just a thought. If you're serious about fixing the debt, everything must be on the table.

Cedar Hills, UT

boring guy (spender)

How bout a novel idea ... quit the insane spending!

First the politicians spend more than we can afford, and then we here people like boringguy telling us we have an undertaxation problem. In the business thats called a 'set up'.

Holladay, UT


Okay, I'll listen, what spending would you cut? It's easy to get up here and say you're going to cut spending but I want specifics. Here. I'll give you your choice from some of the largest segments of the federal budget. You have to cut these in order to curtail the deficit in any meaningful way. What would you do?

1. Defense and homeland security (cutting this category would mean a smaller military and pay cuts to service members and military families)

2. Health care for Seniors (Medicare)

3. Retirement security for seniors (Social Security)

4. The Dept of Veterans Affairs (health care service for those who served the nation and payments to disabled veterans)


5. A combination of cutting these programs in addition to some tax increases.

Which would you cut and how much would you need to cut to balance the budget??

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

I know some that I work with in the Army were nervous about the getting 50% less for their next pay check. Those families are the ones who the press loves to exploit on TV to try to scare people. Some of us live debt free and the government shutting down would have made little impact other than us getting our pay at a later date. I hope the Federal Government learns to live within their means. It is a great way to live!

Prospect, KY

Shut down postponed, not avoided. Sorry kids, not if but when. We've run out of enough foreigners to buy our debt, now we're printing and buying it ourselves (get that, we're buying our own debt!!!). Seen what's happening to the price of silver, gold, food, oil, (just about everything)? The dollar is going down the tubes. If you think the fed. govt. is doing a good job of managing the dollar, keep holding their dollars in your savings accounts (every month they're buying less and less). If you don't think they're doing a good job, you might start looking for another option (commodities: gold, silver, oil, just about anything).

Beaverton, OR

Why are we only asking, how much spending needs to be cut? and not, "why arent some of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world skating by paying zero taxes?" and not, "why are the wealthiest Americans enjoying historically low tax rates during a historically high budget deficit?"

Are all you Obama haters going to vote for Trump in 2012?

The conversation in this country needs to change.

Burley, ID

They cut 38 Billion dollars.

The U.S. National debt is 14,260 billion versus the 38 billion they cut.

In truth, it's but a few drops taken out of a tsunami of debt which in the end is going to devastate the U.S. economy.

The U.S. National Debt increases by 4 billion dollars each day. That means they only cut the equivalent of 9 days worth of the debt.

(Statistics comes from the U.S. debt clock.)

Burley, ID

By focusing our attention on this battle over a paltry (by comparison) 38 billion dollars the Republicans, Democrats and the President have diverted our attention from the real problem ... our 14.26 Trillion Dollar National Debt.

That's $45,979.00 for each and everyone one of us.

And yet we continue to argue amongst ourselves, pitting Republican talking points against Democratic ones. It's time for us to all wake up and understand the real financial peril the government has put us in.

In the history of the World, no government has ever spent or owed so much money. In the end, it will collapse and when it does I hope we all remember how they suckered us into thinking they were really doing something about the debt.

Kearns, UT

Wait a minute, the republicans were right to shut down Obama who has by his own actions put this country in to bankruptcy. The Republicans had no choice but to put Obama on notice that the treasury is not a private bank account for his personal use.

The Obama administration and the Democrats are the guilty party and the tragedy of this nation. Obama had to be stopped, even if it meant to shutdown government.

Now I can't believe the news media is crediting Obama with this cost cutting budget that the republicans created and stood their ground to get approved. Obama is the criminal here, not our congressmen. You democrat welfare freeloaders should be ashamed to call yourselves americans, you are pathetic and part of the economic disaster.

brookings, SD

To BoringGuy: you nailed it. I am impressed by your simplicity of answer. Now we wait with baited breath for the next round. Yee gads.

Hayden, ID

The Republicans got the best of the Democrats and Obama on this round! Imagine that, politicians doing what they were elected to do by the people in the last election: stopping the government from destroying our economy any further by their out of control wastefull spending! Next task: get rid of Harry Reid, gain control of the Senate and make Obama a one term President and watch the economy soar! By the way, if gasolone prices remain high or continue to climb, Republicans will win in landslides in the next election, soundly rejecting Obama's no drill energy policy, windmills notwithstanding!

Ogden, UT

Here is what we have learned through this crisis. The Commander In Chief vowed to veto a bill that would have payed the troops through fiscal 2011. But he would not agree to defunding planned parenthood. In other words he would not fund the troops but would fund the killing of babies. I am trying to figure out(as a Veteran) how much hate I can muster.

metamora, IL

Christy: I agree, the conversation needs to change. Fixing the deficit should hurt everyone: wealthy need to pay more, but 48% of Americans pay no income tax. Why are they not paying their "fair share?"

Boringguy: Here's specifics:

1)the US provides about 25% of the UN's operating budget. It's time to let some other folks pick up more of the tab.

2)disability payments have skyrocketed in the past decade because the rules and regulations are to vague and tons of people with "back injuries" and depression have filled the rolls. Clamping down in this one area could save the government as much as Congress cut from the budget last night.

3)cut military spending. This would require us to no longer be policeman for the world and drastically cut back our involvement overseas. At present this step is an economic necessity.

4)Chuck obamacare. It has cost millions already just to gear up for this approaching medical disaster.

5)Eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy. Started under Carter, these two departments have done nothing to resolve crises in either education or energy but cost us billions annually.

Heber City, UT

This is nothing. Americans have no idea the kind of pain we need to inflict upon ourselves to save the country. I guess we will just have to learn the hard way. Try cutting 50% of all entitlement programs, and you might have a chance. For example, we spend trillions in health care, and for what? Our mortality rate is increasing anyway(recently). We should return to traditional values, take care of our seniors in the family. If you can afford to keep yourself alive with expensive treatments that, in the end, add maybe a few years to your life, go for it. In other countries, they do not have this obsession with mortality. I know I've wandered a little off topic, but it is relevant to the budget crisis in this country.


My2Cents, so you were happy with Bush's deficits?

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