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Published: Friday, April 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Corbin is a fool. CJ stunk it up on offense and then to add insult to injury he loafed on defense while Batum devoured us...which was CJ's man.

Add up what CJ cost us and he pathetic effort at both ends of the court cost us the game.

Then again, fool number two name Corbin is a pathetic coach if he could not see how lousy his effort was and yet he left him out there.

Is CJ a veteran or not. He plays like a d-leaguer at best or a rookie. Take your pick. Either way he is a joke.

Those of you who are clueless enough to think he is good, go take a look at his actual stats and you will see you have been deluded by the one good performance he has every 6-8 games.

We have waited long enough.

Get rid of him and trade one or more of the upcoming draft picks and get someone who can actually play and will make an effort.

Then lets draft a coach that can see a player like CJ should not have gotten all those minutes last night.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Houdini.....So you are saying that since AJ plays exactly where Millsap like to play that it is causing problems for Millsap? But in the same post you think Millsap should get more minutes. Does that mean you think that AJ should get less minutes since they can't play at the same time?

Also I am confused that there is only 48 minutes for both of them to play. The Jazz should pay them both 10 million each to do the same job. Sounds like good use of money!!

Just making sure I understand what you are saying...........

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

C'mon guys, if Harris does get others involved they(Al & others) are a black hole and end up using clock and shooting 40% anyway. If these lazy players will run with him they will get better shots, but you got to run if your going to play with Harris. Watch the Bulls, they run with Rose, not watch him go! They also defend and are the #1 defensive team in the NBA and doing it with 3 ex-Jazz players who had to pick up on a new defense or sit on the bench. Thioubeau is a defense coach first then offense. Why the Jazz coaches (Sloan & Corbin)have not copied his schemes is beyond me. Game films are readily available to all wanting them from the NBA. Whose 2nd best defensive team in the NBA once again another team Thioubeau coached the Celtics! Need more be said? Last night was another atrocious display of trying to protect the paint and leaving the perimeter wide open. Let the bigs block the paint or find others who will, and stay out on your man like the Celtics & Bulls do.

San Francisco, CA

CJ Miles--I know Houdini mentioned in another post that SAP can play the #3 and he has confidence that he can learn that position. There are going to inevitably be match up problems but a lot of #3 on other teams have the same problem. I am assuming that's what he meant.

SAP and AJ don't do well when playing #5 and #4 and we all know that. The Jazz are going to have to figure out proper balance with this mess. We have to find time for Favors and we need a true C--AJ is not the answer there vs larger teams. Small ball--yes and Favors can play #4..or SAP at times. When resting AJ, Favors could move over to #5 and Sap at #4 when playing small ball. We have to be able to match other big teams and this is my concern. Need a 7'0" who can bang, block and bound with the best of them:) This is not quantum physics if you get me.

San Francisco, CA

@Old Timer--I hope your right man. Harris is quick and can run no doubt--it's his other flaws that scare me "long-term." But Old Timer we will see and you may right regarding Devon. He is no DWill but then again I am now convinced we don't need an all-star PG. But I want a darn good floor general who doesn't lack in skills with passing, penetrating, dishing, leadership and can shoot the rock when needed.....If Harris can give be the floor GENERAL we need, 12-14 points/game, 10+ assists/game and limit the TO I will be one happy camper. I will shut my mouth for good and eat every word gladly.

Like most players time will tell us all if he is the man for the job. I would like to be developing another PG though....won't waiver from that. But, I will give Harris a chance--you brought up a very valid and honest point Old Timer...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Amgolfer........Millsap can not play the 3. Could you seem him guarding Kobe, Lebron and Carmelo? And I thought the 3 had to be a 3 point shooter?

Houdini just cant accept the fact that Millsap will be traded away this summer. Favors and AJ will be starting with CJ in the front court. That's just too hard for him to swallow right now.

Harris couldn't win in NJ and he won't win in Utah. Trade him away.

San Francisco, CA

CJ--I agree for the most part but who in the heck can guard Kobe, LJ, Wallace and Carmelo? They will no doubt get their pts against even great defenders. Don't you think SAP will create issues for them on O? I think he would.

You're really convinced they dump Sap? Not sure but what makes you so sure?

I don't want to dump CJ yet and I have been firm on that but he better not prove me wrong next year. I will be livid and I think you will be as well. He has a lot to prove night in and night out. No more excuses; however and with that said your boy Corbin better make some changes as he MUST utilize the players strengths and talents. CJ can shoot the three but it cannot be his go to shot/standing around 25 ft from the basket. He has to take it to the hole and just play hard nosed bball. We need him at the line more...

I agree with you about Harris. I will give him a chance next year but not long-term as I have said numerous times.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

One more item before I go beddie bye. Instead of drafting 2 rookies how about maybe one and trade the other for and established player? That player I happen to like is Chris Wilcox who is a free agent at seasons end with the Pistons. Tonight he scored 27 pts on 12-18 from the field and 3-3 from the foul line, and additionaly picked up 13 rebounds, 2 blocks, with only one turnover in just 24min of play. His salary for 10-11 was only 3mil. Now he would be someone we desperately need @ 6'10" & 240 and is only an 8 year vet. Go get him Kevin you can't get enough size to block the paint. That would free up milsap along with Fess, Bell, Okur, Price, Elson and maybe A.K. for trades or whatever. Also Det has 2 other PF in Villanueva & Maxiel they can keep. Do it, another I raved about several times this year was Wallace who burned us last night, why didn't we go and get him before Portland did?

Houston, TX

It is way to early to tell on Harris. Lets see who the Jazz draft. If they get a very good to great PG then 8 mill (Harris) buys a good player at another position and maybe another draft pick in trade. Watson is a cheap good back up. Hayward can play 3rd string PG.

CJ is a known in the Jazz system. He may play better in another system and be valuable as a trade. His contract is reasonable.

The Jazz have to have wings who can shoot consistently/play D.

Favors looks like the PF of the future. AJ is pretty good at C. An SF if AK does not return is imperative. I like Hayward at SG (assuming his shooting improves. However Burkes would be nice.

I think the Jazz can fix the problems next year and contend.

One way or another the Jazz will have 17 mill worth of AK salary to play with and another 10+ of Okur as an expiring.

There is a lot more positive change ahead. Harris will step up and grab the PG position or he will be a caretaker until the real deal develops.

Watch the draft.

Rye, CO

Wallace,another huge game against the lakers,with artest one of the best defenders watching him.all you know it all`s who ripped Millsap yesterday need to get a clue,oh and Matthews...just another nice solid game,18 points,on 7/11 shooting,alot different than cj miles numbers,eh???

San Francisco, CA

Clueless--not all "ripped" Sap for not stopping Wallace....I pose the question, who does stop Wallace or LJ or Melo??---no one. I believe Houdini brought that up or is this Houdini??--I mean how many people can be posting from Rye? Going out on a limb here and w/o checking but I can't imagine the population exceeding 500?? Most know that playing D and stopping the above mentioned all-stars is not happening. What is clueless is you stating what's intuitively obvious for most (key word--most)fans.

Ranting and raving about CJ is getting old. We all know there is a problem there mentally and with his heart. No one doubts his talent but something is wrong and most would agree with you.. Comparing Matthews to CJ is ridiculous. I will bet you that most Jazz fans seriously regret, including myself, saying "don't match Portland's offer." We live and learn partner.... Go Jazz.

Tokyo, Japan

@CJ Miles

first off...kobe is a two...millsap would be playing...lebron....melo...and a guy named Kevin Durant...but i do agree with you...they shouldnt please millsap for the sake of him being happy...in order to win...Millsap should just accept his role as a 6th starter...i said 6th starter coz he'll be given starter minutes...

yeah its getting tired off calling out CJ...this is why he would never be an all-star..he would be a forgotten NBA player once he retires...he maybe young...but 6 years experience playing the big leagues...doesnt excuse yourself being young...give that to Evans Hayward Favors....they would probably have better and more stellar careers...i hope Hayward and Evans include Favors when they are hitting the Gym...and make it somewhat a casual betting game...on who gets to improve the most....

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