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Published: Friday, April 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

I do wonder if this controversial coaching is giving guys like CJ, Al, Millsap and Harris a chance to play themselves in or out of the future of the team. Gordon, Favors... we know they are the future, not so sure about the 4 above, although because of games like last night, that picture is getting clearer. Just wonder if we're going to have to give Harris as many games to fail as we've given CJ. Hopefully he has more of a PG game in him because he has the athleticism. Early indications are that its not him. It has only been a few games for Harris though, he's new to the system and other guys so there's a chance he can be good for us.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

I agree with you guys. Harris is not distributing the ball or running the offense. He's running his own offense and creating shots for himself while his team mates are standing around uninvolved.

San Francisco, CA

@Anonigma--in my opinion I was not impressed with Harris last night. I could care less that he had 26 pts--guess what? We got our buts kicked on our home floor, again. He had 5 3-pointers, great--again, we were beaten. Harris HAS to be a first pass then shoot PG to work in this system. His 5 assists and 7 TO concerned more than anything--this can't happen. I have said it many times and I will say it again--he is not a good floor general. We had so much success with John S. because he was just the opposite of Harris--Harris should try (key word-try) to pattern his game after John. With his quickness why doesn't he break down the D more? Penetrate and dish? Get his teammates involved. Harris, newsflash.... we DON'T need you score 26 pts. Give us 12-14 pts and 10+ assists and leadership....not sure he is capable.

B Russ & Captain L--thank you for the comments on we need a "big" underneath and that Harris is not the answer unless he changes. This isn't quantum physics here.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Hobbie and Captain......hold on......CJ had the best +/- of all the starters last night. You two hold this to such high regard but yet he is horrible and needs to be traded? Kind of a double standard huh?

Why didn't the two of you mention the fact that your boy Hayward shot the ball even worse than CJ?

Or why didn't the two of you talk about how Harris had 3 assists in the first 4 minutes of the game and then only 2 more the rest of the game? Or the fact that CJ had more assists than Watson in less minutes and Watson plays PG? Or that the two point guards combined for 6 assists in over 60 minutes of play?

Or the fact that Millsap can not guard anyone.......Wallace ate him up and you want Millsap to start at the 3. What a joke!

Layton, UT

Big AL seems to not fit more than Paul. Look at the numbers. If we had to trade some one I would say AL not Paul. Paul plays D and can rebound he always is a team player and accepts any role he has. AL looks like he gives up too easy. Remember all the games we won because of Paul. I wish that CJ wouuld figure it out how to keep him self in the game but it could be Ty's fault for not running the right plays.

Meridian, Idaho

I would totally love to get Jeff V. as our head coach! I want corbin to succeed...but he keeps showing me he will not...he makes bad decisions, and doesn't hold anyone accountable. We will never be a tough team if our head coach is not tough.

San Francisco, CA

@forgetyourself-trade a big? I love Paul but we have some obvious problems with Paul and where he will fit in long-term. He is just not big enough to play PF and gets eaten alive anymore when trying. After watching Wallace eat him alive last night I'm not convinced the #3 spot is going to fix things. It will be interesting. With how big a lot of the elite teams are we can't just dump a legit 6'10 guy (AJ) and keep a very very undersized Sap (6'5 at the most). Jazz brass and coaches have their work cut out for them regarding the matter.

@CJ--brother you know I am with you on CJ and his talent. I want him to return next year to see what he can do and also in the off season. But we just can't compare him at all a "rookie." CJ has been in the league a lot longer and there is just no comparison. Hayward could (key word-could) be a great player for the Jazz. CJ has to really figure out the mental side of his game--I think you would agree.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Forgetyourself......Seriously, you would trade an All-Star caliber player to keep a 6th man on the team? There is no question who is the better player in the NBA. AJ

Millsap can not hold down the 4 spot on his own. He has proven that this year with Boozer gone. The team got worse, not better with Millsap starting.

Meridian, Idaho

CJ Miles -

First off, I don't think Millsap can play the 3, and I have said all year that he has lost his tough, lunch pail, attitude that made him a good backup. He is clearly not a starter, and needs to accept 15 minutes a game bench role, or get traded.

Secondly, I have been a CJ advocate thoughout his career in Utah...but enough is ehough. David Locke has a stat for all three points shooters that have played 2000 mins, and shot a certain number of 3 pointers and CJ ranks 115 out of 118. The only people that are worse are John Wall (rookie), Trevor Ariza (at least he plays defense), and Brandon Jennings. CJ thinks he is the black mamba, and shoots terrible, contested shots all game long. When he plays within the offense he has moments of amazement on the offensive end...problem is he only plays within the offense maybe 10% of the time. Next problem is he plays horrible defense. CJ doesn't have it mentally.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Hobbie.....CJ is not a 3 point shooter. Jerry and Jerry Jr. make him stand out there in the offense and shoot at the end of the shotclock.

CJ is a slasher with the ball in his hands. He can get by anyone when he puts it on the floor and gets the glass. The problem is Jerry Jr. doesn't know how to coach CJ and use his talents. Anyone on here can see that CJ is not a 3 point threat. Yet watch where Corbin has him stand in the offense.

A good coach could get CJ to be a great offensive threat by running an offense that suits his talents or just by positioning him on the court to his strong points instead of his weaknesses.

Murray, UT

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with Harris. Here's why I liked him last night:
a) the 3 pointers he did shoot were open looks/buzzer shots.
b) How can he be a pass first point gaurd if everyone was off last night?
c) He repeatedly was able to drive in and get a layup. If he can be coached to kick it out when there is no layup, that kick out will really help...but again, outside shooting is awful in the Jazz
d) He hasn't developed any chemistry with the team because of the injury and because he's only played a small amount of games. That's why I figured the 7 turnovers. Some of those were off pick n rolls with Jefferson and it took months for DWill and Jefferson to develop that.

Finally, coming back from an injury when he could've just bailed out like 5 other players on the team was a good sign. He also had some nice alley oops....which shows potential of his passing skills. I see problems, but he can work at it...

San Francisco, CA

CJ, you think a JVG would be better suited to run the Jazz? I agree with you 110% about Miles. I don't think we have utilized his "true" talents as a player. He can shoot the rock but it should never be his "go to first" shot.

San Francisco, CA

@Anonigma--I hope your right but I just can't share your optimism. This isn't about a few games while with the Jazz organization as Harris has never been a great/true PG. In his career he has never been a pass first type of player-so that's a moot point altogether. Even if other teammates are on this hasn't been his mentality. I will give him a chance but I hope we can pick someone up to develop as our long-term floor general/leader.

Harris has to penetrate, dish and get his teammates going regardless of the situation. If he can pull a DWill and take over a game when need, especially at the end, then go for it DH. The assists per game is unacceptable altogether and I think you would agree. Don't get me wrong, I know Harris has game.

Oh, Harris is a very subpar passer as well. Again, I would like him to patter his game after John S. I don't know if he's capable, as eluded to earlier, as he is set in his ways. He's still young but a veteran now.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

amgolfer............I don't know enough about JVG's style to say if he is or isn't the coach for the team. But someone in management needs to make a decision on how to coach the talent on this team. We are not a pick-and-roll team.

There are guys like Harris and CJ who can creat their own shots. Just like AJ can in the post. Then guys like Hayward work better coming off screens. Millsap is more of a garbage man who has range around the basket.

But if you watch this team, three guys are standing around 26 feet from the basket watching while the wrong guys are trying to make plays. Those guys should be setting screens for each other and back-cutting away from the ball. Too much 1 man and 2 man game while others stand. A good offense should involve all 5 players and make the defense pay for double-teaming.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh Boy....!

how can you guys say Sap is not a starter, Sap is getting 17 points, 8 rebounds, 2.5 assists, a block, and a steal per game, 53% shooting, 76% from the line, 20 PER, and is developing a 3 point shot.

I have said this before on here. Sap should not be starting since we have acquired Favors. his development to this team should be the Jazz priority. If that means moving a STARTER in Sap to the bench than so be it.

It would kill my love for the Jazz if they dont Develop Favors and Hayward by giving them valuable minutes that they need.

Murray, UT

We know Millsap can be a crafty beast when he is motivated. Maybe he got the big paycheck and it ruined him like most "pro" players. Maybe it's not so bad for the team because it gives management a lever to, at least, not give him a raise on the next contract. Other teams will see his body of work and offer accordingly if they are smart. The trouble (for us regular people) is, he will still get many millions per year based on his ability to occasionally go berserk in a game (CJ too). So go crazy occasionally to "prove" you can (to whom?) then just give average effort for the other 90% of time. Maybe, additionally, he has learned the "blue collar" ways of dogging his work just slightly so he'll get "transfered". Blue collar attitudes are not always great.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Wes Matthews just another nice solid game,18 points on 4/7 shooting with 7 boards,and I`ll admit I was one of many calling for the Jazz not to match,man what a mistake,Millsap another solid performance,our 3 (SF) of the future,with Hayward at the 2 spot

San Francisco, CA

@Coconutzz-what? you said SPA should be a starter and then said you don't think he should start? He needs to come off the bench, period. I love Sap but concerned about where he best fits.

@The Great one--I totally agree about Matthews. I too said "don't" match Portland. Wow, was I wrong, freak. The guy is absolutely solid and I would love to have him back at his current salary.

Houdini, my question is do you think Sap can actually develop into a solid #3? I have posed this question before and was shot down due to his lateral movement/quickness in guarding the #3. In your opinion what will he have to do to develop the necessary skills to play D on #3's. Slim down, etc? I would love it if this could happen because I think it would be huge. The question is can he do it? Are you thinking 10-15 minutes at 3 and then back up the #4 at times?

Salt Lake City, UT

Derrick Rose had 29 points for Chicago last night, but they beat the Celtics handily. So, let's not slam Harris for the failings of the other players. They did not want to run the floor, did not want to play any defense or step in front of anybody, and shot the ball like it was a shot put instead of basketball. They let the paying fans down last night, and Greg Miller should offer refunds to everyone who went to the game. There was no pride, no effort, and professionals shouldn't act like that, even if there is little to play for this year.

Bountiful, UT

CJ Miles- I understand what you are saying about not coaching Miles the right way. But, tell me one good wing player that can't shoot the 3 pointer? Where there might be a few of these name me one good wing player that can't shoot the 3 pointer and does not play good solid defense?
Now trust me I am not a big fan of Corbin at all, but the way the league is going you will either have to be able to hit the 3 pointer on a consistent basis or you will have to be a great defender/slasher type player. Miles doesn't fit either of those categories in fact he is failing at both.

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