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Published: Friday, April 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

I liked how Harris shot the ball, but I didn't like how he ran the team and he didn't create for this teammates and get them easy looks. Hayward struggled in his shooting but he and Harris didn't seem to mesh, especially in the first half. Five assists and 7 turnovers, not good. Even though Hayward didn't shoot well, I still like how he plays the game, he doesn't force things and he plays smart.
CJ stunk it up shooting, not anything too new or surprising.
I thought Favors looked great in the first half but wasn't given much of a chance in the second half. I really liked what Favors was showing us though.
Corbin is alot like Sloan, plays vets over rookies, even when he should be playing the rooks.

Salt Lake City, UT

.500 season would of been nice....oh well.

Favors had 1 foul and only played 18 minutes....This is going to marinate with me for the whole night....why Corbin?

The offense went stagnant in the fourth...its like they forgot how to run an offensive set, instead they offended all of us at the game and the boo birds paid them back for it.

They had plays where it took them 10 seconds to get to there 1st option

Tokyo, Japan

wish they had Millsap coming off the bench...Favors should start...awful shooting night...hope they can get it together next year...

Murray, UT

Why was Corbin playing Jefferson and Milsap? Both were doing AWFUL against Wallace and Aldrige. Evans and Favors were much better match ups. But it doesn't even matter anymore, so why not just play the rooks??

Hayward got too much praise, but he's still a rookie.

Harris and Favors were the only good players this game. Harris did great. Favors should've been in during closing time.

I've been lenient on Corbin because he's new, but even a moron could've figured out that the rookies should have had more growing time, especially Favors who did VERY good today.

And CJ's outside shot has officially become a turnover.

Tokyo, Japan


i think hayward got too much praise...maybe its because we won against LA...and he was the catalyst...i think this time around...with harris orchestrating the plays...i think it restricted him a bit...he wasnt free to get the ball on a high post from a curl...or in the middle from a curl and create from there...so i think it restricts him...im sure he'll find a way to produce given the situation...he is still a rookie though...with his basketball IQ im sure he'd get it and it wont take him 6 years to do it...

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Our twin towers ( Milsap,Jefferson) came up short defensively again. It's hard to watch us continue to get dominated down in the paint while Favors and Evans sit on the pine. The undersized double power forward combo has become a joke. Come on Tyrone, man up down in the paint! Is this what we are to expect next year too?

Bountiful, UT

Hayward was frozen out of plays with Harris. Maybe they need more time together. I hope Devin will look to pass first and create for others. We need that in the Jazz system.

Favors TORE IT UP the first half. Then he doesn't get back into the game until about 25 second left in the third and then gets pulled after about 7 minutes into the 4th.

Boggle, just Boggle...

Doctor J
Manti, UT

When Favors plays...good things happen.

Develop the kid. Is Corbin trying to get a beetter playoff seed or less ping pong balls?

Rexburg, ID

Favors had an strange fall on a dunk in the first half and didn't play much afterwards. Not worth risking him on a game that doesn't matter like this.

Also Reggie Miller made a good point before the game. He said that young teams have a hard time in their next game after a big win. Looked to me like thats what happened with Hayward not him getting frozen out. He had his chances it just wasn't the same. In the same light VERY impressed with Favors and what he did last night.

St. George, Utah

I picked portland to win this game !

vancouver, wa

While I see some bright things for the future its sad to see a great team being dismantled! Thanks Greg and KOC.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Not sure Harris is our future PG. He dominates the ball, looks for his own first. Basically, he's a combo gaurd. When he has the ball, you can almost feel the air let out of the rest of the team, probably because they aren't sure if there's a chance they'll get a pass. Kinda like when Big Al is wanting to get his own. Hayward has 3 or 4 times the PG mentality of Harris, not a good sign.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA


Maybe Corbin sensed the same thing you point at, because in the fourth quarter he inserted Watson as PG and moved Harris to SG. By next year Corbin will have to insist that Harris' minutes be linked to how well he runs the offense, not how well he shoots.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Paul M. gave us 19/10 with his aggressive hustle on the offensive end.

He might has well have stayed there. At the other end, Gerald Wallace got 29. From the AP report of the game: "The veteran forward was repeatedly open in the same spots on the floor".

Millsap's man. Net result (in points at least) = -10.

Meridian, Idaho

Totally agree with everything that has been said about Millsap, Harris, and Favors. The plus/minus for Millsap was -12, and for Harris -15...while on the other hand Favors was +1, and that is with hardly any time in the second half, and nobody passing him the ball. Bottom line is Favors is a legit dominate big man on both ends of the court (Malone), and Gordon is a legit wing with great court vision, and team concept, not to mention a great shot. They are the future of this team, and if Corbin isn't capable of pulling his head out and play them more then Greg Miller needs to force the issue and trade people like Millsap and CJ away. I have been saying all year that Millsap is a great bench player, but not a starter. He is just to small at the 4, and way to slow at the 3.

Las Vegas, NM

Corbin just plain and simple is one of the worst jobs of NBA coaching I have ever seen. Favors was out, Jefferson and Millsap played horrible...They seem
to have a couple of guys Evans and Favors with any heart..The rest of the Utah Titanics aka Utah Charmin aka Utah Sour Notes stunk it up...Harris is not a passing point guard...look at Miller from Portland... When they showed Miller in the stand, I am sure I saw a hair out of place...I thought wow, boy do we miss his dad.

Bountiful, UT

I hope that after this season we will get some kind of explanation as to why Corbin is playing the unmotivated, going through the motion, play no defense veterans (Miles, Al, and Millsap). When Corbin took out Favors in the 4th quarter for Millsap I was dumbfounded. I think shortly thereafter Wallace went off for 12-14 points. In a league where you need to get stops down the stretch to win why on earth are we playing multiple defensive liabilities down the stretch.
Plus I am sick of Corbin's same post game interview speech he gives every game. He cannot say anything good about the rookies without telling us that they made a lot of mistakes. How about all the defensive mistakes the "foundation" of this team makes on every possession. He should not be calling out the rookies and their mistakes. He should be calling out the veterans who should be leading this team and are not.
Finally I agree with the comments about Harris. I don't think he is the answer for this team. In my opinion Hayward is a better option to instigate our offense and bring out team play.

Las Vegas, NM

I think we need Jeff Van Gundy as the next coach and either Sloan or Malone as the new GM.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I'm not a Harris fan, I know he has been an all star and he can play well and score, like he did last night, but I'm not impressed. He needs to look to get his teammates the ball in areas they can score, it was frustrating watching Harris dominate the ball.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Another frustration last night was Corbin, he has got to play the rookies more and help them develop. Favors was having a great game, the first half and was hardly even used in the second half. Not good.

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