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Published: Thursday, April 7 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

Excellent article. And seriously, where is the national spotlight on these corrupt execs padding their disgusting pockets? How did NCAA football turn into a filthy money laundering front. We need to take the power back.

Lubbock, TX

Somehow I'm reminded of an article from 1996 in which this same author slams the bowl alliance about their poor choice of leaving BYU out. (IE-BYU is the pre-existence of BcS realignment (the very reason utah/bs/tcu ever got into a BcS bowl)).

Anyways, the behavior doesn't shock me one bit. In fact, I'm surprised he didn't get promoted.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

And we are supposed to be surprised by the BCS ethics? Yea, right. We should all be outraged, with with the likes of Junker and his friends, this will be blown over and forgotten.

When was the last time you bought a Tostitos product? Dont' buy another Tostitos product and the sponsor of the Fiesta bowl will surely take notice and this BCS thing will be cleaned up.

Common Ground
Salt Lake City, UT

The immediate response by the BCS to try to distance itself from the Fiesta Bowl was so obvious as to be laughable. The real question is where is the response from the NCAA, the real owners of NCAA football, saying the BCS needs to clean its house or the NCAA will sever all ties with them? Where is their outrage? What are they doing to protect and defend the colleges, players and fans?

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Hey utes, welcome to the corrupt BCS! Don't step in the crap!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Your overwhelming hatrid of the BCS makes your reporting anything but fair or impartial. It becomes laughable.

Herriman, UT

To gobigblue: Everyone should be offended by the BCS. The column is on the money. The question is now why isn't the NCAA? Why aren't you? Not being disrespectful. Just asking.

Danbury, CT

What IS exactly the NCAA's role in all of this? What would happen in the NCAA stepped forward with a playoff proposal and said they would actually do something? Why don't they? That would be an interesting story...

Ann Arbor, MI

"Your overwhelming hatrid of the BCS makes your reporting anything but fair or impartial. It becomes laughable"


It sounds like the dnews has been mandated by the corporation to grind the axe. Trust me, if the denews "home team" got an invite from a BCS conference this story would have never seen the light of day.

Durham, NC

Oh please! Really, the shock and indignation is a little over the top. In every organization where a few hold the prized seats, you will find someone who has acted outside the lines of propriety. From sports organizations, to corporations, Wall Street, politics, and even in side churches, there are those that use their power to improve their own condition.

This is not a BCS issue. It is a "win at all cost" issue. It has become morally unacceptable to come in second place. Fighting the good fight - and losing - is looked down upon. Sports team boosters want their teams to win, at all cost. It happens at the U, and it happens at the Y.

Just look at the comments here in the DNs sports pages. People say things they would never say outside the realm of sport to other people. And yet, when it comes to sports, all morals and ethics are thrown aside in support of the team.

It is therefor shocking to me that this writer pretends to be shocked by this. This is nothing more than what is expected, and is old news just like the question if Barry Bonds cheated.

Enough indignation.

Boise, ID

Business is business but if they are getting my tax money to attend strip clubs, the plug needs to be pulled on any subsidies or tax advantages.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah fans won't complain - we know who butters our bread!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Doug...You need to contact ESPN'S "The Herd". Collin Cowherd in Big 10 country has plenty of outrage about the Fiesta Bowl scandal and a total disdain for what he says are alledged financial coverups going on right now at the Orange bowl. Perhaps some of you Sport Hacks need to really get out there and do a little investigative work before 20/20 or 60 minutes get a hold of the story and run with it. That's probably the reason for the sudden silence The big boys are holding onto what is really happening for their own stories.

Cedar City, UT

First of all, is this not horrible writing. To introduce and talk about a topic, "Fiesta Bowl scandal" and not once describe or give detail about the actual scandal?
Second, Nothing will change, Nothing, until the schools take a stand. Someone at some point has got to say "NO, thank You" to the BCS. Just for once be willing to turn down some of the money, and tell them to shove it. If everyone agrees that the BCS is a crock, but yet they all play their game and give in to them, because they are the ones that hold the purse, then stop whining.
It is easy for most sports fans to see the vast difference between the NCAA basketball tournament and the month of bowl games. Which would you rather watch?

Kaysville, UT

Where's the outrage?

The BCS is helping to raise my children. They are helping me pay my taxes. They are an overwhelming force for peace and tolerance in the Middle East. The were the first in and have vowed to be the last out in Japan. They have single handedly brought our deficit under control. They are the only force who is dealing with the drug cartels in Mexico.

I think we need to spend all our time, energies, and money on this outrage!

(or maybe it really doesn't matter)

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Standard Operating Procedure.Kind of like the Winter Olympics in SLC

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hello Doug! Where have you been? Do you not realize how wide spread this is in all of business, government, and public charity's? Almost every executive from most any company, government level, and charity has the same thing going. Look around and you can see it right here in your own back yard. Do you read your own papers front page? I'm not trying to justify this but it is common place. It is not just the big bad BCS as you vilify. It is part and parcel to the greed in every aspect of our lives. Just deal with it and move on.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I liked the article and the detail is brings to light. I believe the BCS is totally corrupt and has been for a long time.
Because of money the BCS good ol boys will fight to the death to keep it this way.
Because of money the NCAA will do nothing. They are totally gutless and have been bought.
Because of money many of the nations top football programs will continue a corrupt system.
Because of money the networks will jump through hoops trying to secure rights to the bowls they way they are.

The players and the fans deserve a playoff system. It would be fair and would end the monopoly of the big bowls being held at the same place every year. This is the biggest fear of the BcS execs. The extravagant life style they get to enjoy would end if they had a playoff and the games were all played at the highest seeded teams stadium with the exception of the championship game...Just like the NFL.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

106 out of 120 schools go under - well dah, NCAA need to step in and boot those bcs big rigs off the planet.

Carthage, MO

What will happen when the dust settles? About the same as what happened to Auburn & Cam Newton, because he supposedly knew nothing about his dad's efforts to get money from the highest bidder!

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