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Published: Friday, April 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Meridian, Idaho

Why is CJ still playing? He has proven that he is lazy, inconsistent, dumb as a bag of rocks, not competitive, and all around not a good team member. Let's roll with Gordon at the 2, Millsap at the 3, Favors at the 4, and Jeffy at the 5 the rest of this year. Then draft Harrison Barnes, Terrence Jones, Derreck Williams, to replace Millsap in the starting line up next year. Let's face it, millsap is a great roll player, nothing more, nothing less. CJ on the other hand is a great 6th player for the other team whenever he is in the game.

Centerville, UT

Great. There goes the season.

Bountiful, UT

hobbie_44 you are right on the money. I don't understand why so many Jazz Fans think that with Millsap as our MVP we will be great. This year has proven that is not the case. Millsap needs to be a great role player off the bench. Also he needs to find his lunch pail again. Why I admire him for playing hurt I feel his effort has decreased over the years. You can see this in his defense, rebounding, and hustle. Why his offense has really matured these passed few years I feel he is losing what endeared him to us as fans. He used to beat people up to get rebounds, get multiple weak side block shots, dive on the floor, etc. I love the thought of Millsap coming off the bench and when needed playing the 3.

Las Vegas, NM

They are jumping ship faster than rodents on the Titanic.

Meridian, Idaho

When is the last time you remember seeing Millsap dive on the floor after a loose ball? When is the last time you remember seeing him get physical? When someone pushed the mailman, he pushed back, and a lot harder then he got pushed. He and stockton were constantly diving for loose balls. That is why this is now Gordon's team, and hopefully eventually Gordon and Favors team. Move Millsap to the bench...maybe that will humble him again and he can start playing with heart again. He has proven this year that he is a great bench player, an average starter.

Hamilton, MT

I truly believe that is the direction the Jazz are looking to go. They understand he is small and Jefferson and Millsap do not work well defensively. However, if Millsap can play the 3 in certain situations you have to consider starting him because he actually creates positive mismatches. Favors on the other hand is much taller and creates havoc in the paint as a defender. Now if he can learn how to not commit silly fouls Ty will be able to leave him on the court more!

It is looking like Harrison Barnes may pull out of the draft but I would love to see us somehow get Williams as long as we don't have to give up to much up to move up and get him.

I partiaqlly agree about the CJ comments but the kid oozes with talent. I truly believe the kid could be nearly unguardable if he could ever get his head straight. He seems to have gotten better the last few years but he is so inconsistent.

Millsap: I think he's had to adjust his defense to stay in the game and stay out of foul troble.

Bountiful, UT

The bottom line is size does matter. When we had Boozer as our starter we struggled most games against longer teams. We are in the same boat with Millsap. except our rebounding is worse. Once Millsap was called the "Chairman of the Board." Now he should be called pretty boy. All Boller and Harpring talk about is how smooth and pretty Millsap's shot is. Who Cares!!! Where is the rampaging Beast that made him a formidable player in this league? Like I said it is great that he plays hurt....I just wish he would play like he was ready to hurt, anyone who tried to get in his way. Like he used too. I want the Chairman of the Board to call another meeting to session in his career.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Aldridge will have a big night tonight against our twin towers.(Jefferson and Milsap)

It will be fun to see how Hayward and Matthews matchup if they guard each other.

Pleasant Grove, UT

If the Jazz were not so ridiculously short-handed, this would be a non-event. Best of luck to big Fez, he would make a good roster filler if the $$ were low enough.

Chuck Nunn
Logan, UT

I hope Utah brings Fesenko back next season. The kid has talent, and he has size and strength. This is a tough break for him.

the boonies, mexico

Oh well Fess has been cursed since day one here. If Price, Elson, and C.J, A.K. are not resigned next year we will have the money to bring in other players like Cousins, Weaver and such and let them make this team. Bell & Okur need to be traded if possible then the new head man can build what he thinks will do the job in the future. I would probaly offer Fess the same amount he got this year and roll the dice for another year if he would take it. Drafting 2 more rookies through the draft scares me however. That would be too much youth in my opinion unless you are willing to give away another season or two.

Bountiful, UT

JazzFanMontana, i totally agree that Millsap may be dialing it back a little to avoid foul trouble and stay on the court. I just wish no one would dial it back for any reason. Because while he probably feels he is doing what is best for the team, he is not. Karl Malone was a beast on both ends and therefore could demand that his team be the same way. Hayward on Tuesday was a beast on both ends and the team followed. This is why Millsap cannot be the leader of this team. Because the moment you dial it back for whatever reason you lose the ability to demand anything from your team. Millsap we want to back being able to demand minutes with your hustle and hard work. Not with you pretty shot.

Las Vegas, NM

Hobbie 44....I think Millsap has gone soft....We need more tough guys...I thought Bell was it. I think the highlight of the season was Fesenko slamming Kobe to the floor...Standing over him and glaring at him. I think I got my money's worth that night. If the rest of these guys got Sloan tough or Malone type attitudes..They would be the Jazz again. I wish they would bring in the Mailman to work with Millsap, Jefferson, and Favors.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Headline says Fes out for the season. Fes has been out for the whole season, just not now. Jerry benched him long ago and Corbin kept him there except a lone start against the Lakers.

Sorry Fes but you being out doesn't help or hurt the team. You haven't been playing all year.

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

Sorry, but the season died when Jerry left and KOC made the dreadful trade dumping DW. Gee having a PG does make a difference doesn't it?

Hamilton, MT

Sometimes I wonder if some of you really watch Jazz basketball or pay attention to what is really going on. D-Will was very likely not coming back therefore Jazz Management made a brilliant move that improved the team long term. This team will be just fine.

You know looking back, Fes has missed allot of games without ever playing. That's what I call injury prone. Maybe it is time to let him go. He has been out for stomach problems, back spasms and more. Quite a few lame injuries most players would play through.

Saint George, UT

harris hayword jefferson millsap favors should be starting cj has been terrible as of late favors has a real upside along with hayword like the fact that harris trying to come back raja price ak fes and maybe even cj should not be back with the jazz next year for all of you who say raja has been good i don't know what you see he shot is terrible and defense has gone way down hill
the jazz really need a team leader next year something they never had this year not even when williams was around
go jazz

Temecula, CA

The Jazz need Fes, at least as a backup center while he plays more and more minutes next year. Look at Oklahoma City. They traded for big Kendrick Perkins earlier in the year...they understood the need for a big defensive presence in the paint. Perkins has little offensive game...remind anyone of anyone? Fes needs to take better care of himself, too. Play a little less hyper, maybe.
I still say the Jazz need to think PG for the draft first and then size. They might be able to move up if they offer a package with Okur and someone else. When they lost Williams they lost a guy who had developed into a complete player at his position, one of the best in the NBA. If they can get Irving or even Burks, they have recouped much of what they lost...and they have Favors, too. I agree with those who say Milsap should come off the bench. Milsap, Miles, Watson and Fesenko plus rooks will make a formidable second team next year.

Murray, UT

It's not the thumb that took him out, it's his lack of staying focused.

Glen Allen, VA


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