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Published: Wednesday, April 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I guess I was wrong. Hayward can do it against the Lakers. Good job rookie.

Favors was very impressive except for his "Fes" like free throw shooting.

I am beginning to think that CJ is tanking the end of the season so the Jazz don't pick up his option. He was horrible tonight offensively. He did hold Kobe in check the first half as he didn't have a field goal at half time.

YOu tell me how they beat the Lakers on their home floor but can't win against anyone else. Ever noticed that when Favors starts, the Jazz win?

Murray, UT

Did Hayward just became the go to guy?

Those of you who think Kobe was just off today should remember that two possesions in the 4th when CJ guarded Kobe. Kobe made 5 points. Then they put Hayward back on Kobe and Hayward pretty much shut out the best player in the NBA. Especially in that clutch situation. Kobe NEVER loses that ball

And this Hayward to Favors combo works. Once Favors becomes a great free throw (70-80%) shooter, he'll be much more effective.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Great game for Gordon Hayward. It looks like he is really starting to develop. Maybe Kevin O'Connor's luck in the draft is getting better? We can only hope he can work some magic with the two lottery picks this year.

Houston, TX

All the wrong teams lost and Utah goes and wins. This is not good for the lotto but it is really nice to beat the Lakers.

3-6 and 2-4, 3 point shooting by Watson and Hayward was just enough outside shooting to keep Utah in it, in spite of a weak game by AJ. Favors also played well. Fes could have been useful keeping Bynum off of the boards. The Jazz actually out rebounded LA?

Watson deserves a lot of credit for running the team well, scoring and rebounding. This was a good performance.

It looks like there might be some hope for next year?

Maybe Corbin deserves a raise for beating LA (LOL).

Maybe all the whiners will be happy now for a while.

Erda, UTah

There is a light of hope :)

Salt Lake City, UT


Don't make that excuse for CJ...matter of fact stop making excuses for him. Hayward is WAY better than CJ right now as a rookie, yes its true

Hayward has figured out how to play in this offense, not to mention he plays better D.

Good job Jazz, your game today made me forget about this horrible season for a couple of days......THANK YOU

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMiles: Glad you admit that Hayward is going to be good, he has a very good set of skills, he has a toughness about him I like, he shows he has some leadership qualities, he should just continue to get better.
Favors looked pretty good but has alot of improving still to do, he is very young and should get much better, the more he plays. I think we saw the future of the Jazz with Hayward to Favors.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

so Anonigma, are you trying to say that Hayward caused Kobe to lose the ball or that Kobe just lost the ball? I bet if you asked Kobe, Hayward had nothing to do with it!!

Meadow, UT

Couldn't help but to comment. Great job by the young guys especially. Favors,Hayward,and even Evans at times played good out there.The only problem I saw this game from the Jazz besides lousy free-throw shooting was that Big Al took a couple too many shots when he was swarmed by the Laker defense. When Al gets to the point when he can make better decisions passing out of the post when he's doubled,it will make the Jazz a better team for obvious reasons. Milsap ,my favorite Jazz player because he brings it every night had a good game also. Milsap maybe ought to try playing the 3 position more often.

Bountiful, UT

C.J. Miles

You are right, the rookies have work to do at the line. That will come. At least Favors has a better stroke than someone like Howard who shoots the same or worse than Favors after 6 or so years in the league.

I think Favors will get to 70-75% before long. Hopefully, like Malone, it will go even higher.

Wow those plays that Hayward and Favors made there at the end were beautiful.

Oh, and awesome Defense!! Tons of blocks, steals, deflections.

West Jordan, ut

Way the go Hayward. We knew you had it and you just needed more PT looks like all of a sudden he has become the go to guy in our team. Gordon to Favors, looks like this 2 guys will bring the glory days back to town. He has been very vocal and is leading the team.

Let's go Jazz

West Jordan, UT

After such an ugly season . . . a thing of beauty tonight.

And Hayward? Guess he was angry about Butler's performance last night. He was simply awesome.

Roosevelt, UT

KOC has made a lot of Utah fans eat their words from the last draft. Good to see Hayward picking up steam.

Beating LA with basically 2 starters was sweet.

Tooele, UT

Miles: CJ hardly held Kobe in check. I've never seen Kobe so disinterested in a game before in that 1st half. Gordon woke him up in the 2nd half by beating him on both ends of the court, but Hayward still never backed down. I'm not here to rip you or CJ though, you made great points.

They played the Lakers tough last week before finally getting beat down midway through the 3rd and now tonight. Yet against the Kings, they looked like they THOUGHT they were the better team and forgot to show up. I think that shows extremely poor leadership and poor coaching. Anyone can get up for the NBA champions but why not show that effort against perceived lesser teams.

Enough complaining from me though, that game was great! All three rookies have got me excited for next year. If they can't get a legit big center, i'd like to see Jefferson and Favors start, with Millsap being the go to guy on the 2nd unit. Maybe improve the 1 or 3 in the draft and let Hayward grow as the starting 2. I'm getting excited already. When's the draft?

Meadow, UT

Every time Hayward has a good game,this motivates CJ to be better the next game. Woudn't be surprised to see CJ have a great game next game. Yes,this was probabably Hayard's best game of his career being that his points were not padded by garbage minutes. What impressed me just as much about Hayward this game was his decision making on where to throw the ball if his shot wasn't there,particularly when he drove to the basket. He did a great job of taking what the defense gave him and making it count.

Murray, UT

@CJ Miles

Obviously Kobe will never admit it, but Kobe had no where to go. He can't shoot over Hayward, Hayward's got 2 inches on him. Even the fade-away didn't work. So I think Kobe tried to go for a lay-up type of thing or a pass, but that's where he slipped.
Bottom line is: Hayward stayed in front of Kobe and put the hand in his face, that's defense in my book.

Bountiful, UT

C.J. Miles

Come on bud, you should have stopped with that first post. Hayward had everything to do with that, he is a tough defender and makes it hard to get an open look and he length makes it hell for the person he is guarding.

You just don't make sense. Now the guy defending Kobe had nothing to do with him turning it over. If that had been C.J. guarding him you would be here telling everyone how great a defender C.J. is.

I don't get you really. I am trying to understand you. Are you a real Jazz fan or just when C.J. is doing well? C.J homer?

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

I thought Corbin did his best job yet with clock management, substitution, and minutes allotted. He seemed to sense when the game was in danger of slipping away and either called time out or switched to a more effective lineup. This was a gem of game management, and I feel renewed hope in the coach too.

P.S.: I know the Lakers could have cared less. Still, pulling off a victory with the bench scraps he had available was impressive.

Provo, UT

I was intense about this game as if the Jazz were the 1 seed in the west. I love the Jazz, and my hatred for L.A. burns hot. Great job on Kobe Gordon. Early on he blocked Kobe twice and was called for bogus fouls. Gordon will probably get lit up by Kobe next time they play because that is how Kobe rolls, but awesome job by Hayward tonight. Hayward penetrated the defense, had a thunderous dunk, played great d and hit some big shots. He looked more like LeBron hahahaha. It was one game, I know that, but what a game. Good job Jazz! Let's get some momentum going into next year!

Rexburg, ID

I agree with Anonigma and CJMiles, Hayward played excellent D on Kobe and stayed in front of him and contested every shot. Although Hayward didn't make Kobe lose the ball he definitely made him go to a move he didn't want to where he then lost the ball. Hayward played extremely well tonight, I loved that play when Hayward picked his pocket and Kobe went straight to the ref and complained while Hayward got a lay in on the other end.

But the team played well at the end of the game, cause they shared the ball and Favors has great hands and passes well so that is promising. I am sad this season is almost over I love watching these young guys work. AJ just needs to get better at turning into two 7 footers and not shooting, cause that is an option.

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