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Published: Monday, April 4 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

I fine it amusing that even after Sloan retired there are still people that feel the need to bash him. I mean come on, let it go. Nobody knows how Coach Corbin and the Jazz will end up next year but hopefully it ends better then the second half of this season.

Ogden, UT

I am not bashing Coach Sloan, Coachchris | 9:59 a.m. April 6, 2011; I'm stating empirical, verifiable, statistical facts.

Jerry Sloan had more chances than the majority of NBA coaches to win an NBA Championship.

He didn't do it.

He arguably qualifies as the best teacher of fundamentals that ever coached the game.

But championship coaches find a way to win; he'd be the first in line to say that he as the Jazz head coach didn't or couldn't do that.

People can argue until their blue in the face that the quality of players he had over the years was not that of the other DEMONSTRATEABLE, winning, NBA coaches.

However, year after year, time after time, coaches and teams win championships in every sport with players who are not considered "the cream of the crop."

Champions (coaches and players), find ways to win.

Jerry Sloan had twenty-plus years to find a way to win with, maybe not the best players, but excellent players; players who on different teams under different head coaches would have won a championship or two or three.

I'm not bashing, I'm pointing out facts.

San Jose, CA

I can remember Sloan calling him basketball smart. I have seen him now he is. I loved the dunk with the weak hand. MJ never dunked with the left hand. Stockton also had a problem with NOT shooting the ball at times when he should have. Yet in the end there is nothing wrong with looking for a teammate. New IDEA to the NBA it makes your.... team play better as a whole... Bird knew that and it was a big part of his factor.

Los Olivos, CA

RE: Coachchris

I agree with you but don't even find the Sloan bashing amusing any more. Can't the haters just find someone new for all of the negativity?

Ogden, UT

RE: Ed Los Olivos, CA

It really is not a matter of bashing, it's a matter of competence and the lack there of.

Coach Sloan could not find a way to win the truly big games.

Other coaches could, can, and do.

Jerry Sloan has integrity and would be the very first to admit that he, Jerry Sloan himself, could not find a way to win the big ones, despite his more than twenty years of trying.

To blame everything and everyone else for the lack of even a single NBA Championship in all those years defies logic and ignores facts as exemplified in the stats.

Talk about people who believe in an NBA conspiracy illogical, those who believe that it was not primarily Jerry Sloan's fault that the Jazz competed in all those playoffs without a championship are the epitome of conspiracy believers.

keystone heights, fl.

I think gordan could be the answer at the 2 spot with evans at the 3 getting easy baskets from a playmaking gordan..The other front court spots should battle out between favors, fez, milsap (backup 3&4), jefferson (4 & backup 5), ak (backup 3&4). I think fez should get mo minutes for rebounds,defense & lane clogging ability.. There is a place for that in today's game..

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