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Published: Monday, April 4 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Hayward = Talent + Work ethic + High basketball IQ = improvement in shooting percentage & all around game.

Talent + questionable work ethic + low basketball IQ = the same low shooting percentage & questionable improvement= CJ Miles.

I'm glad that Hayward and Evans and hopefully Favors will be the example for the Jazz's future draft picks to follow when it comes to actually working to improve. Seems like that more than anything has been lost since Stockton and Malone left.

Meridian, ID

@ byronbca.. accually w. mathews wanted to stay in utah and said he felt loyal but the jazz for giving him a shot.. foolishly they wanted to let another team set the market and unfortunatly the jazz failed to relize or accurately determine his value and that they accually did have a very very talented and desirable player who would garner a much bigger offer then they thought .. oops.. so had we offered him 2-3 million before portland missed out on other free agents they were going after then mathews would have taken it...and i was the only person on deseret news screaming that we needed to keep him .. also while many on here have bashed hayword all season i have defended him and reminded these ppl that he came out after his sophmore year and was still too young to make a judgment.. but looks like he is already showing us he will be a very nice player...

Kearns, UT

I wonder why C.J. hasn't commented on this board today. Wasn't he saying just a couple of days ago that Hayward was terrible, going to be bust, and played like he was in 8th grade? Good thing he knows more about NBA talent than Kevin Durrant! I think that he's just worried that Hayward's play is going to cut into Miles' playing time because Hayward has actually shown improvement on his defense since he's been the league, unlike Miles.

Houston, TX

The demise of the Jazz was not the loss of Mathews per se. It was not replacing the outside shooting of both Mathews and Korver.

The Jazz did well in the first couple of months but the outside shooting was better in those months.

Bell slumped, DWill got dinged and CJ erratically struggled and the other teams packed the paint, plugged the middle and stopped the inside game of the Jazz.

It was one of the crazy tendencies of Sloan. He insisted on going inside but had NO set plays for opening up the inside.

Phil Jackson said it best. Jerry was predictable. You knew exactly what was going to happen. The rotations were set,he was going to come at you hard with his inside game.

That tells you why Utah only beats LA when Utah shoots well from the outside.

Sloan could not over power LA. He refused to get the outside shooting (by design) to open up the inside.

It was an automatic loss and Sloan was not about to change to win.

Good Riddance.

Corbin at least juggles the line up until he can get some outside shooting. Corbin is going to be better.

Saint Louis, MO

This is evaluation time. The number one priority is to have Coach Corbin "off on the right foot" or even the left.

Hamilton, MT

I'm loving Hayward. I predicted (to myself) that Hayward was going to be a special player. When I heard he was a PG in high school that grew to 6-8, I immediately thought of Magic Johnson. How many 6-8 guys can handle the rock like a PG? Not many! Jazz announcers often talk about AK-47 being able to play the Point Forward but Hayward is far superior to AK-47 in that regard.

I think the Jazz made the right pick last year and Hayward will prove it next year. I would peg him for about 12-15 pts per game, 4 Reb, 3 Assists and 1 Blk per game next year as a starter. I would love to see him at the 2 where I think he can be even more productive. I see him as a perennial All Star in 2-4 years.

Also, I would love to see the Jazz draft Derrick Williams or Perry Jones with their 1st pick as a SF and Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette as a backup PG for their 2nd pick next year. Lets Go Jazz

West Jordan, ut

I like GH he is the future of our team, he has put the team on his shoulders a couple of times. He needs to keep working. What I found interesting is what he said regarding the gym, he said that him and Evans are always on the Gym. No wonder why C.J. and Fess get tired at the end of every games. Keep up with your work ethic and you will be the face of this franchise and will be your team!

Go Jazz

Salt Lake City, UT

FLASH GORDON!!!!!!!!!!

tom jr.
north ogden, uT

I certainly agree that the Jazz' outside shooting is miserable, but topping it all is a lack of lock-down toughness that Sloan, Malone, Stockton, Harpring, Matthews, and I think, Williams exemplified. The team is soft--poor defenders, sad rebounders. If you want to play with the big boys, better come ready to work. Maybe Millsap, Favors, and Hayward can bring it, but they will need help.

Holladay, UT

The Jazz are 3-24 when Hayward scores 5 or more points.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Compare Gordon's progress to CJ's.

Gordon has put CJ's 3 point shooting % literally to shame and yet half the dimwit population of the Jazz fans think CJ is the better 3 point shooter.

What is this, CJ's 5th or 6th season? We are all still waiting...and the worst part about it is that CJ has as much or more talent and athletic ability than Gordon.

CJ sees himself as this grand scorer and nothing anyone tells him can seem to distract him from his fantasy that he backs up about once ever 10-15 games.

CJ could have been a tremendous all around player but he believes his entire identity as a player is tied to his ability to make 3 point shots.

I'm thrilled for Gordon and hope he continues to work his way to permanent success.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

re: crotty

Can you please get a grip on this Matthews fetish? Matthews would have been stupid to turn down big money and stay here. The Jazz could not have afforded him and Matthews could have signed here for slightly less but he chose not to and who could blame him.

He was poor and he had to go for the most money he could get to secure his financial future. His mistake in negotiating was that he believed the Jazz could afford it and he could have his cake and eat it too. The Jazz could not. You are delusional and flat out wrong if you believe Matthews would have taken less.

No agent worth a dime would have let him sign anything until all options were exhausted during free agency and they waited. It is the way most all contract situations work.

I'm not sure why you and plenty of other Jazz fans get emotionally tied to a way of thinking when the business of the NBA is almost always how it ends up working out.

Just face the facts and lets stop talking about what never will be.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hayward still has a long way to go, but the signs are positive. That said, my guess, as stated before, is he is an extreme case of a guy who plays much better (or maybe makes his teammates better) the better his teammates are, although he's been putting up good numbers as the Jazz crater, so who knows.

The coaches prolly still don't know quite what to do with him, there's def something there, but it's an odd & very raw skill set; homeless man's Ginobili might by an accurate ceiling for him. He can't ever be more than a 3rd option for a contender, IMO, which is OK for the 9th pick in a deep but erratic draft.

Shame his FT shooting hasn't improved as much as his 3's.

Aside from his improved 3%, and obv if slight muscle gain, the thing I noticed most was when DWrist barked at him he still found Sap for the score and then barked right back walking to the bench.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz blew it with Matthews every step of the way, and he deserves every dime he's getting from Portland.

Tokyo, Japan

at the end of every NBA season...and when the NCAA tournament is on...i usually watch vids of college and international players heading for the draft...before the draft this season...i took notice on several players...Hayward...Paul George and Greg Monroe...and when i saw a few of Hayward's highlights and some games...i was already sold...that he could be a good player one day...he has a nifty step back three...his handles are simple yet very effective...spacing and footwork are good...and he sees the floor very well...with his height...and court vision...he could be a playmaker...then i signed up here...and everyone was blasting him when the jazz picked him...eventhough...there could probably better players than him when they improved...he still has a unique skillset...

i would actually believe him...he is isnt known as a trash talker...and when he says something...its usually what he really thought of...like Chris Bosh being a fake tough guy...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Jody, did you have to write this article today?

Jazz Source: That's quite the love affair you have going with CJ. You used his name 7 times in your post. Glad to see that you are becoming a fan!!

Ok all season long most of you, no, all of you have complained the Jazz don't have someone like Korver on the team this year who can knock down 3's. Well you had him all along in Hayward. The dude is awesome from 3 point land. He shoots it with the best of them. That's strange that he is so good, even as good as Korver, yet the Jazz seem to be losing every game and have no threat for the outside. I am more confused now than ever.........

Is Hayward that good or that bad? If the Jazz have Hayward, why in the world do all of you want them to Draft a 3 point shooter? Sounds like Hayward is all that and more!!

Enlighten me...........

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Oh and wasn't it Kevin Durrant would said that Jimmer would have a great career in the NBA? Just wondering...........

American Fork, UT

Gordon Hayward + Derrick Favors + Al Jefferson + Paul Millsap + Jimmer

Tokyo, Japan

@CJ Miles

did you think everyone expected that much from CJ Miles when he entered the league?...also...have you noticed the minutes Hayward got during this season?...compare it to mr chuck-a-lot CJ Miles...it seems Hayward himself...proved you wrong...you're always a very funny commentor...maybe you should try stand up...

Ogden, UT

Hardly any true Jazz fans are able to be rational.
Because for more than twenty years, Larry and Greg have settled for mediocre.
They've chosen to ignore facts.
They've insist that Jerry was more than he was.
True, he had work ethic and, true, he was hard-nosed and, true, he was a company man.
He had many qualities of an excellent coach---assistant coach, that is.
His twenty-years-plus record clearly shows that blatant fact.
He never , with any consistency, won the truly big ones.
Again, why?
Because he never built or trained young talent and ability.
The few exceptions, he messed it up.
Best case in point, D. Williams.
He focused on the older and tireder and injury-prone.
What happens now that the Jazz are out of the playoffs?
Corbin finally sets the older guys on the bench.
In LA he plays the young; the ones hoping for a real NBA career.
Want blatant proof the "wise" and "old" and "experienced" don't win consistently?
Winners are "eager" and "young" and "motivated."
Ty Corbin, you have a chance if you put your emphasis and focus where it counts.
Go Jazz!---next year.

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