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Published: Sunday, April 3 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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gloversville, ny

ESPN is still not reporting on Jimmers Naismith award, maybe Reilly is pleading for mercy.I guess the clown is accepting he just got Jimmered.The highest award in college basketball goes to the guy that this big shot reporter dissed.Ha Ha!!!

BYU/Jazz fan
West Valley, UT

Kemba scores only 16 points in the biggest game of his life on 5 of 19, 0 for 4 from 3 point, and 6 points coming from the free throw line? Yeah, sure sounds like a better player than Jimmer.....

Jimmer: 12-30 pt games, 3-40 pt games, and 1 50 pt. game while shooting .452 FG %, .894 FT %, and .396 3pt %.
Kemba: 10- 30 pt games, 1- 40 pt games, and 0 50 pt games while shooting .432 FG %, .818 FT %, and .336 3pt %.

Jimmer not only has better stats overall than Kemba while averaging less minutes but has certainly faced more double and tripple teams while the refs let him get hacked on a nightly basis.

Jimmer vs Kemba? No contest- Jimmer in a land slide.

Orem, UT

In 6 NCAA games, Kemba was 11-38 (28.9%) 3PT, 141 total points (23.5 ppg)

In 3 NCAA games, Jimmer was 12-36 (33.3%) 3PT, 98 total points (32.7 ppg)

Kemba simply had a stronger supporting cast; Jimmer is the better player.

Providence, UT

Kemba Walker lead his team to a national championship. Jimmer Fredette got himself the top individual honor. I think both couldn't be more satisfied.

Cedar City, Ut

Kemba is better.

Heber City, UT

What a wonderful young man. He deserves these accolades.

Rick Reilley is not right. In my opinion when it came to his remarks about Jimmer I think he is in left field.

To think that they came one basket short of going to the Elite 8.

This should be great for BYU recruiting.

It indeed has been a wonderful year for the Cougars.

Salem, UT

Who knows what the next level will hold for Jimmer but for me this WAS the most exciting player I have ever seen at any level for a long time!!! Thanks for the memories Jimmer and here's to wishing you a long and healthy NBA career!

Orem, UT


You're welcome to your opinion and to establish your own personal criteria for who's better, but you're in the distinct minority.

Jimmer has now won the Oscar Robertson Trophy, the Associated Press Player of the Year award, the Adolph Rupp Award, Naismith Award and the NABC honor. All five are given annually to the top player in college basketball.

gloversville, ny

Can anybody tell me if ESPN has even mentioned this award I get up at 5:00 AM ET.for work I checked then and heard nothing,no scroll at the bottom of the page, nothing.I've checked since 2:00 PM.still nothing.All is I've heard is about the worst national championship game I have ever watched.Jimmer alone could of nearly out scored these two teams.Kemba is good but not great,except for the chest pounding he's the best I've seen at that.

Salt Lake City, UT

IMO, BYU without Jimmer but with Davies beats UConn without Kemba, but these are all regular season awards so Jimmer clearly deserves them. If conf & NCAA tourneys are included it's Kemba in a landslide.

Who'll be the better pro? Wait & see.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

Congratulations Jimmer! You deserve this award. Good Luck with your NBA career!

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