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Published: Sunday, April 3 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Orange County, CA

Why is the Naismith award not being reported by ESPN? After all of their discussion of Jimmer and the award it seems odd.

Give Me A Break
Pullman, WA

FAN-tastic. Jimmer had a great year and made a whole lot of people take notice. They took notice because basketball became fun to watch again when he was playing. I just want to say how sorry we are that those who didn't like Jimmer didn't like Jimmer. To the rest of us, he was without rival as the most valuable and most important player in college basketball this year. Yea baby.

Palo Alto, CA

Why is the Naismith award not being reported by ESPN?

It was until Rick Reilly deleted it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Dyer Gary

Your coach is coming from the Nets. They're almost as good as the Utes are. Good luck trying to beat us.

Provo, UT


Who was lecturing him? I was just voicing what I wish he would say. It would just be nice to hear him (or anyone) sincerely acknowledge that individual awards pale in comparison to team championships. Would Jimmer trade a national championship ring for the Naismith Award? I don't think he would.

Furthermore, and I'm not knocking Jimmer in the least (I love the guy; think he's great), but in a team sport, no one person can win alone. To me, individual awards for team sports contribute to the "Me" attitude that makes some college sports and the NBA unwatchable. BYU didn't win 34 basketball games this year because Jimmer carried the team single-handedly. BYU won 34 basketball games this year because each player on the floor trusted in the coaches and played the role they were asked to play, including Jimmer.

Again, not a knock on Jimmer; more a knock on the system.

gloversville, ny

Way to go Jimmer, upstate New York is proud of it's native son, the Foothills council has produced the best college player in the nation we are pumped to see you tear them up in the NBA.

Danbury, CT

@Honor Code

Yes!!! Over Rated by EVERYONE who matters. Take a poll of announcers, spectators, players, coaches - all will say JIMMER WAS AMAZING!!

When the whole world says one thing and you say another, maybe you need to take a look inside and see why you can't admit what's goin' on!

Palo Alto, CA


It is possible to recognize great individual achievement even in a team sport:

Super Bowl MVP
Heisman Trophy
Cy Young Award
College POY

The list goes on and on.

EVERY team in EVERY sport keeps a list of team records AND individual records. The two are complimentary, not exclusive.

Just because Jimmer is being recognized for his individual achievements, doesn't mean he doesn't fully appreciate the contributions of his teammates who made his individual success possible, in fact, Jimmer has always mentioned his teammates and coaches every time he's been recognized individually.

btw, BYU won 32 games this year. One of the main reasons BYU isn't still playing is because Jimmer couldn't carry the team on his back -- the loss of Brandon Davies and Chris Collinsworth probably cost BYU a chance at the Final Four, and maybe even a chance at the national championship. Unfortunately, we'll never know what BYU could have accomplished if they'd had all of their players available for the MWC and NCAA tournaments.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Well done Jimmer!!!

Orem, UT


What's wrong with recognizing great individual accomplishment even in a team sport?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Well deserved Jimmer; Once in a generation college player.
It is comical to read comments from the three blind trolls who can't seem to admit they got Jimmered.

Cedar City, Ut

I think Kemba Walker deserves it, he's playing for a national title and can play defense, Jimmer is good offensively but Kemba Walker will have more of an impact in the NBA.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Pasta

Your's is such a tired argument. Who cares if he does or doesn't make it in the NBA. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. So what! The award doesn't go to the "best collegiate player mostly likely to make an impact in the NBA".

Provo, UT


Go count the W's on the Cougar's Schedule page. There are 34 of them. Maybe you don't count the Laval and BYU-Hawaii wins. But they played the games and won them. I count them as wins.

True Blue

Personal preference, I guess. I see too many athletes aspiring to these kinds of individual awards at the expense of their team. To me, individual awards in a team sport setting are counterproductive to the concept of team. I would say Jimmer did it the right way, focused on winning games and playing his role and it resulted in a lot of individual recognition. Too often, that isn't the case. I'd be happy if there weren't any individual awards. One guy's opinion.

Lindon, UT

I'm going to miss him...

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"

Idaho Falls, ID

I think the official announcement is supposed to be tonight at halftime of the game. That might be why the major sports media have not reported on it yet.

Salt Lake City, UT


Exhibition games and games against lower division teams don't count in the official win/loss record.

Cedar City, Ut

Thank you to the DesNews for letting us express our opinions, I think Kemba a is better than Jimmer:)

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Pasta,

And I respect your opinion. You don't have to agree with me that Jimmer deserves POY. But please, don't use irrelevant facts or opinions to support your argument. Your criteria for the NCAA POY to be a legitimate NBA talent is not a criteria for the rest of us. If that were the case, we'd have to go back and strip the award retroactively from the likes of Danny Manning, Christian Laettner, Lionel Simmons, Calbert Chaney, Jason Williams and T.J. Ford, just to name a few.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Agreed, everyone should be able to express their opinion. However, it is preferible when an opinion is based on a logical set of facts.

For example, if your opinion had been based on facts such as

"the player of the year plays for the national championship"
"the player of the year will have the greatest NBA career"

your opinion would have made a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, the player of the year is given to the best college basketball player, with relatively little regard to who is playing in the national championship game and zero regard to NBA propects.

But yes, I too am glad that illogical and unbased opinions are protected by the Deseret News.

Allow me...

I think Jimmer should win the player of the year because:

1) His name is Jimmer
2) He is from Glens Falls
3) He likes hamburgers
4) His brother TJ is a rapper

Please do not disagree with my opinion as I have clearly stated the reasons Jimmer should win all player of the year awards.

Thank you

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