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Published: Sunday, April 3 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Jazz Hater.....That was funny stuff. Way to tell the truth to those who are in denial.

Winter Springs, FL

I do ot think Jerry will be coming back to Utah if that is the wish underlying in this article. My one question however is - What is they buy-out amount on Corbin's contract? He is not a motivator... nor does it appear a teacher.

Tooele, UT

SloanHater might have the least amount of knowledge of any basketball fan ever, but hey Sloanhater is probably a great coach on NBA Jam.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Slaon is letting Dr. Buss know that he is willing to take over Jackson's rocking chair at the end of the Laker bench and watch the Lakers courtside for millions of dollars, while Kobe runs the show...

Where else would he go to avoid the grind, and who else would replace Jackson?

The "A"
Hendersonville, TN

SloanHater, you are absolutely correct on this one. Having played for Coach Motta and Coach Johnson in the 1967-68 season at Weber State I can attest that the Jazz run an extension of the weber state "purple offense". Give it to the big man inside, set some picks, make some cuts.......

Lehi, UT

Sloan should pull a Larry Brown. Get Paid off huge and chase the dream.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

DaveDave: What are the sources for your nonsense? Are Greg and you best friends? Or does Jerry call you nightly to check in? Is Dwill a frequent guest of your home?

I love it how people on here seem to know all the answers to the non-answerable things. Until Jerry writes a tell-all book or Dwill comes clean it's all nonsense.......

Mountain Bird
West Jordan, UT

If he does come out of retirement, which I doubt he will, I hope it's in a situation where he could get the Coach of the Year award he deserved so many times.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Jerry will only coach again if he can get his buddy Johnson to join him. Otherwise, who would come up with the in game coaching adjustments/strategy and or a different rotation here or there?

Salt Lake City, ut

Please dont, Sloan isnt the reason were losing. Its called our franchise player was traded and we are now in a rebuilding phase. As much as Sloam was good coach he could only do so much. The Williams trade has hurt us more than anything. People stop living in 98, the glory years. Sloan is done and if we still want a franchise here in Utah we have to support the Jazz as best we can through this hard transitional phase. The world isnt at a end and dont jump the bandwagon. I think Greg Miller has done the best with what he has, same with KOC. We have had to many good years, we dont know what its like to be like the Los Angeles Clippers. Its not the end of the world. Keep your head up Jazz fans.

Saint Louis, MO

As a loyal fan of the Jazz and their multi-ethnic approach, I am certainly disheartened at the current state of affairs. It would appear that Andy Taylor" was run out of town and that "Barney Fife" now sits in the oval office.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

How did the Dwill trade hurt the Jazz? They were losing before he left because of his attitude. Let's see......

Jazz: 2 - 8 last 10 games

Nets: 1 - 9 last 10 games

Dwill seems to be a difference maker!! But if Hayward were playing for the Nets, they would be in playoff contention.

Bountiful, UT

Funny how Sloan Hater vanishes for a very long time and Todd From Santa Ana appears. After Sloan retires Todd vanishes and Sloan Hater is back. What do you want to bet they are the same person?
Sloan Haters Laker comments are about as lame as it gets. No coach deserves that kind of insult except for ones who are low enough to coach the Fakers.
Of course Sloan Hater vanished after Jazz fans got all over his case after admitting his hate toward Sloan had everything to do with John Ameachi. This has not been forgotten. Better change your name again. We know who you really are. Why are you watching Jazz games anyway? Glee, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance sound more like your tastes concidering your comments in the past. I did not care for the too much information you gave on attending the Utah pride festival eaither with John Ameachi and Rocky Anderson.
This has nothing to do with sports.

Tokyo, Japan

@CJ Miles

If Hayward can put the nets to the playoffs...are you implying that CJ can take them to the finals?

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

No organization is going to hire a nearly 70 year old coach. They will take him at his word that he has no energy left. How do they guarantee that he won't run out of energy again early in his contract?

Houston, TX

SloanHater is actually right. Further, there are several variations of the "system" and Sloan has used 5 or 6 of them over the years. Corbin is using a lot less of Sloans last "system" which is one reason why AJ all of a sudden blossomed. Corbin adjusted things so AJ is closer to the basket and can make quicker moves to the rim without dribbling.

Corbin is smarter than most think.

Kashi mentioned DET. That is a possibility.

I actually hope Sloan does coach again. I would like to see him get more wins than the Zen Master from LA.

Enid, OK

I tell you what I would like to see is Jerry coaching the Jazz again!

navotas, philippines

funny thing about sloan haters; they blame sloan for everything. reality is we're now at the bottom of the bottom 5 of the NBA without sloan. granted the jazz were stinking already before he quit, the jazz would've still won games against the kings, wolves, wizards and other bottom-feeders of the NBA. right now, every team looks at the jazz as a sure win for them.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

The amazing thing about the Jazz decendancy to the bottom five of the Western Conference is the fact they would still be in the playoffs if they were in the Eastern Conference. I still maintain with this convoluted league idea of giving higher draft choices to lower echelon teams, where they then draft the superior players from high school, college and the other world class players, sign them, play them, and then lose them to free agency to the higher echelon teams; start over, and continue this process ad nauseum is ludicrous. The Jazz by being able to keep Malone and Stockton were almost able to overcome the largely impossible dream of small market teams to go to the pinnacle and almost win two championships. This is no longer possible in my judgement, for small market teams. These teams are merely farm teams for the major market teams. Let's take this league to the next level; play a 60 game regular season schedule; all teams then make the playoffs, play 7 game best of 4 series across the board, and see what happens. The season could still end by June every year. Everyone would share in playoff revenues.

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