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Published: Sunday, April 3 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Lindon, UT

Coach Sloan would make a good general manager for the Utah Jazz, if they ever decide to change directions. But I think KOC has done an excellent job, also.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Wow, could you all imagine Coach Jackson steps down from the Lakers and Coach Sloan gets an offer from Dr. Buss. No I can't imagine that either but man what a story it would make.......

Sandy, UT

Sloan is not coming out of retirement unless he has the backing of the Miller family. I know first hand the reason why Sloan quit!!! Here it is......Sloan called a timeout he set up a play to be run and Deron wanted to run the play a different way. Sloan stated that he was the coach and things were to go the way he wanted it to be played! During the middle of said play Deron switched it back to the way he had wanted it and it resulted in a turnover. Sloan was miffed to say the least! The next day he wanted to suspend Deron for not following the play however Greg Miller would not allow him to suspend him. Sloan than explained to Greg Miller that he had an arrangement with his father in the past....Sloan would allow him to run the team his way (if you read "Driven" it mentions this in the book too. Miller says that "we aren't going to have the inmates run the asylumn" i.e it's Sloan's way or the highway). Greg than informs Sloan that his agreement ended with his Father's death....

Sandy, UT

at that moment Sloan quits! Right there on the spot!!! Greg is surprised he tells Sloan to sleep on it for 24 hours and to think about it! Sloan does and feels even better about the decision. A press conference is called and the rest is history! The Jazz were on the downward spiral before Sloan quit but I guarantee they would be in a different position than they are now including have Williams being traded to the Nets. Sloan is a hall of fame coach and knows atleast how to win in the regular season.

Farmingtown, IL

Sloan would NOT make a good GM and I will pray every night that he takes over as the Lakers head coach.

Just imagine Sloan starting Gasol at center, keeping Lamar Karashian buried on the bench because of his personality, getting into verbal confrontations with Ron-Ron, playing Luke Walton big minutes every night because of his 'hustle', and Kobe getting injured by February because Sloan played him 45+ minutes a night every night while letting young talent waste away on the bench against the NBA's worst teams.

Please LA, hire Sloan.

Tokyo, Japan

New Jersey Nets?

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

SloanHater you crack me up with your observations on Coach Sloan.

No I don't see him in Jersey becuase their coach is locked in for a while.

Where I see him going is Sacramento, young team, small market (if they don't move), trying to get their fan base back, yea Sac Town.

Or some other small market team, Charlotte, Memphis, New Orleans, Milwaukie, Minnesota....

American Fork, UT

In a world of billionaire owners willing to lay anything to create a winner, why would any coach ever say he's retired.
That door will always be open. $10 million a year? $15? $20?

Houston, TX

Sloan would need the right team with the right player and a year or more to implement his system. No many NBA owners are going to give him a year or more to get it all going.

The Laker players are ideal for the triangle. They are just opposite of what Sloan needs for his system.

Kobe is a volume shooter. Ron Ron is a head case who jacks up bad shots. Fisher at this point is the anti thesis of DWill. Gasol and Bynum fit Sloan's system but Kobe would have a fit if the ball went inside all the time.

Sloan will not be going to the Lakers. IND maybe?

Farmingtown, IL

Just for the record, there is no such thing as "Sloan's System." The Jazz run the "Motta System" and Phil Johnson deserves more credit than Sloan for the offensive sets the Jazz run.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah Jazz will not survive, long-term, with its current ownership / management in place. In a decade or less, the Jazz will no longer be in Utah. If Sloan shows up on another team, it will tell you everything you need to know about the franchise's leadership.

Tokyo, Japan

Detroit Pistons?...hahaha..im just throwing team names just for fun...

Burley, ID

I'm curious, all of Jody's sources cite other reports and second hand information.

Why not call Sloan and just put the question to him directly?

Santa Monica, CA

Sloanhater--just keep whispering the words to yourself--"We are actually much better off without Jerry Sloan." Your co-workers and family might seem a little worried about you--but this method will work for you if you nod and seem really sincere while you say it.

LOL--I can actually think of a certain team that could use a guy like Sloan. Oooops.

Fillmore, UT

i'm the same age as jerry sloan, and i predict he's not getting back into the NBA at anywhere at any level.

Junction city, Oregon

The Blazers need a better coach. Bring him up here.

Allen, TX

L e a v e m y L a k e r s a l o n e !

Sloan was perhaps the best regular season coach ever. But he never learned how to prepare his (often very talented) teams mentally for the playoffs. Hence zero rings as a coach.

P l e a s e , l e a v e m y L a k e r s a l o n e !

St. George, Utah

well ya never know the AARP might want to start a basketball team. lol ! atleast he would be of legal age to qualify for the programs. sloan will never wear a championship ring

Salt Lake City, UT

If Larry were still alive......coach Sloan would still be coaching the Jazz

Las Vegas, NM

The Jazz need to bring Sloan back...This nightmare is getting ridiculous...The Jazz also known as the Utah Titanics or the Utah Sour Notes are horrible since Sloan left.

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