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Published: Saturday, April 2 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

We love numbers!

ex missionary
Sandy, UT

Understood in the context of last year's numbers

-- 31 new Stakes
-- 4 less Missions
-- 236 new Wards/Branches (.82% growth rate)
-- 393,342 new records -baptisms and children of record (2% growth rate)
-- 86,729 (.6% of total records) records removed from last year's count -recognized deaths, timed out by reaching the age of 110(?), or possibly resignations and excommunications (while resignations and excommunications remove member names from local units, it's not clear whether or not they are included in the numbers the church publishes each Spring)
-- Slight increase in the number of missionaries (489 more than last year)
-- Missionaries as a percentage of overall church membership continues to decline at a barely noticeable rate (as it has for the last decade), .369% this year compared to .374% last year
-- Missionaries averaged 5.2 baptisms each (down from 5.4 last year)

Clearfield, UT

The overall Church membership is much less since the Church counts inactive members no longer consider themselves members, but have never bothered to officially resign. Counting children of record as members before they ever have a chance to decide for themselves also inflates the numbers.

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA

What about the financial statistics?
How many acres of agricultural land owned? How many billion in farming profits this past year? How much tithing collected and how was it spent?

Cedar CIty, UT

Joggle: These statistics are not meant to measure spirituality or level of commitment.

Cedar City, UT

The Taxman: Billions of farming profits? Really? I don't think the aggregate "profit" of every farm in America added up to many billions of dollars.

Clearfield, UT


That makes it misleading though! Isn't growth part of the purpose of the Church? The Church knows whose participating and whose not? They could differentiate by reporting active members and inactive members. After all aren't inactive members apostates? Why would the Church count apostates as members, if not to inflate their numbers? In the Church, every member who is baptized, but later become an apostate...according to scripture would have been better off never being born? Yet, they count them? Makes a person wonder!

Makes me wonder!

Morgan, UT

The only statistic one needs to know is the position that exists between you and the Lord...

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA

Really? I suggest you do a little simple reseach. For example, a simple perusal of USDA statistics would tell you that in 2009, California farmers alone netted $8.8 billion in profit from farm sales of $27.1 billion. Who do you think is one of the biggest farmers in California?

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA

I totally agree with you regarding the only important statistic. I've often wondered why we track and report on so many in our churches.

South Jordan, UT

@ Veracity and @The Taxman--we track and report, as it is our commanded duty to do so. It is both scripturally based (even back to the time of Moses) and revelation based. That is why. It certainly isn't done to impress anyone.

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA

But it seems like we are selectively reporting certain statistics (although I'm sure we're tracking them all). For example, as I pointed out earlier, no financial (farming) statistics are reported (although, as you know from your Old Testament studies, during the time of Joseph they tracked and reported their grain harvest statistics).

Cedar City, UT

@Joggle I think its only misleading if you are trying to find fault. The rest of us see it as a number nothing more.

Cedar City, UT

@The Taxman I seriously doubt your numbers since California is on the verge of bankruptcy.

American Fork, UT

Thanks, taxman, for asking the question that I asked earlier, and which one does not see here. If we're trackin' and reportin', let's leave nothing out.

Pittsburgh, PA

@The Taxman:
I am sure they track all that information. I just don't think most of the people listening want to hear it. And to be honest, I really don't think you would sit through it as well.

Eagle Mountain, UT

For some reason you seem to think that some who are counted as LDS shouldn't be because they don't attend services regularly or at all.
Do the Catholics or any other Christian church not count in their membership those who joined / were baptized but no longer attend or maybe attend once or twice annually?
Do you think they shouldn't count them?
You say that LDS baptize their children at an age (8 yrs), when they are too young to decide for themselves. Do you feel the same way about the churches that baptize infants and count them as members of their churches?
I have also known people who became "inactive" from the LDS church for long periods of time but eventually found their way back. They procalim indescribable joy upon their return. I sincerely hope that you will experience replacing any bitterness you may have in your life with joy in the future.
I know Heavenly Father wishes all his children joy and happiness.
Also; If someone requests their name be removed from the records of the LDS church, their request is granted and they are no longer counted in this number.

Council Bluffs, IA

Taxman--most, if not all, of the farm land owned by The Church is part of the Church Welfare System. Most often farmed by volunteer labor it produces food stuffs which are
distributed, without charge, to the poor and needy through the Bishops Storehouse System, humanatarian projects including emergency relief in disaster incidents, donations to food pantries and otherwise. For instance, while the Church does not engage in directly feeding the poor and needy it contributes many food stuffs to soup kitchens and other enterprises which feed these folks such as those operated by Catholic Charities in the Salt Lake City area.

This farmland is used for charitable purposes and does not produce much, if any, profit.
You either lack knowledge of this mission of the Church or you wish to obsfucate that fact in an attempt to try to discredit The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Joggle Every several years the church has every ward attempt to contact each of their inactive members or families. Which when known to be in the ward boundaries are assigned home teachers. I can't argue that hometeaching isn't 100% effective or in many cases... non existent. Sometimes... if it does exist... it is. Other it isn't. But when found they are asked if they want to have their names removed from the church records. I have participated in several of these. Of the more than 70 - or so people that I have contacted over the years I have only had 2 who requested to have their names removed. Most remained inactive...but the overwhelming reason that I found for their inactivity outside of Utah is because they are married to a non member spouse. But they don't want to have their names removed.

Logan, UT

For everyone wondering why inactive numbers are not reported: There is too much turnover to make it worthwhile. Members often go inactive for a few months or even weeks and then come back again. A large portion of inactivity is of this variety, although there certainly are many who do not consider themselves members anymore but are still on the rolls. Another point to consider is that the hope is that even those people will eventually return. Because of these reasons, it would be a nightmare to keep meaningful statistics of inactivity, especially on a church-wide basis, and it wouldn't be particularly useful. Most Bishops, and those heavily involved in retention efforts (and ideally all members), have a general idea of how many of their flock do not participate fully. More importantly, they are aware (or at least are making every effort to be aware) of WHO those people are. Those "numbers" are not officially reported as far as I know, and it's not particularly important that they should be, as long as those whose stewardship these people fall under are aware of them and are trying to assist them in any way they can.

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