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Published: Friday, April 1 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Jazz are soft. I watch the Laker-Dallas game and realize just how soft they really are. Lakers up by 17 in the fourth and they still won't back down. Lakers already secured a top spot and they still fight for everything. When have we ever seen any Jazz players stand up to anybody? I realize it more now that talent is not enough. You have to be tough and not let teams walk all over you. Man I miss the Big Dog and Malone..

I love the Jazz but I hope next year they bring a bit of some ugly. Calling you guys out even though you probably don't read it. Stand up for yourselves. Show some pride..

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Best April fools joke ever.

Los Angeles, CA

I am interested to see how this line up works. Can AJ play the 4 with a true center or will they get in each others way? Can Sap effectively play the 3?

If CJ starts out on one of his 20% shooting nights, I hope they give the Weaver kid an opportunity to see what he can do.

St. George, UT

Regardless of what happens tonight I like this lineup. We did get a little bigger but I like the line up change. It's not going to matter who starts but playing with 10 guys means for another blow out....if we had a healthy team, we still lose by 15 but I like switching things up

Murray, UT

LA wins by 20
It's a good thing that Corbin's experimenting, though. I really hope they get a true Center and play this lineup. Milly should play the 3 more and shoot the 3 more. Fes is likely to foul out in the first 30 seconds...ahah

Layton, UT

I love this move Fes is a true center. It will show the people that this team is tough enough to hang with the best. I think this line up should have been tried a long time ago. I hope that Fes is in shape enough to play the whole game.

Las Vegas, NM

I have always like Fes, but I think he need and the Jazz should hire the Mailman Karl...to tutor the lad...Maybe its too late.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love this lineup, it has the possibility of being a colossal failure, but the Jazz need to know if Milsap can play the 3 and if they want to bring back Fess and at what cost. If Milsap can be effective for 6 to 12 minutes a game at the 3 next year that would be a huge boost to the Jazz, especially if they loose AK.

Milsap would struggle defending some of the quicker more perimeter oriented SF, but those same guys would struggle to guard Milsap in the paint.

This game just got a lot more intriguing for me, it could end up being a very important game for the Jazz as they look forward to next year.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

This season is the longest April Fools ever...

West Haven, UT

Re: "If the Jazz (36-39) have an advantage in this one..."

Other than the Lakers doubling up with laughter at hearing this lineup, i.e., taking them super-lightly, the Jazz really have NO advantage in this one.

That being said, logically it's only way to see how the Jazz might function next year with a CENTER at center and seeing if AJ and Millsap can function well together as a regular 3-4 combo next to a truly big body, as there are questions about either's ability to be effective at those positions, so there is more logic here than it might seem at first blush.

After the Laker games, there will still be time to experiment with that other maybe tantalizing 3-4-5 combo of Millsap-Favors-Jefferson. And, now that the Jazz' 1st-round pick is preserved by not making the playoffs, experimenting is the only useful way to approach the season wrap-up.

The other important experiment I see would be starting Hayward at the two for 4-5 games in a row and see what he's got to show after a season's seasoning.

Provo, UT

Why do Jazz fans love "Fes" so much. Just hearing his name makes my blood boil. He is a reincarnated Greg Ostertag. Fesenko should be realeased. Should have started FAvors Millsap and AJ, not Fes"stenko" Anyway, a win over LA would be sweet, I think the Lakers win by 18 tonight though.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's a good thing we been resting him all season... so he'll be READY FOR THE LAKERS... Go Jazz!!!

Chandler, AZ

Good thing they put the "This isn't an April Fool's Joke" in the first paragraph. I wouldn't have believed it otherwise.

El Mano
Salt Lake City, UT

"surviving a slugfest."

The Lakers blew Dallas out. I'd hardly call that a slugfest.

St. George, Utah

the Jazz are gonna get buried tonite

Chuck Nunn
Logan, UT

Been waiting for this for a while. Now the big man has to come through. Playing at home might help with some of those bogus calls he gets. He wouldn't stand a chance under STAPLES Center rules. Of course, he hasn't been in the rotation forever, but I'm hoping that a couple days of practice will have him ready to go. We'll see, I reckon, and the haters will be out in force for an mistake he makes. But I reckon it's put up or shut up time, and I'm glad he's getting the opportunity he should have gotten after that Kings game to do that. I hope it works for him and the Jazz.

Las Vegas, NM

Fesenko is our secret Ukrainian weapon...we have rested him all year for this moment. Fesenko is the Kobe stopper...No Flintstone tatoos for this man, its all brains and brawn.

Meridian, Idaho

This is the biggest joke of the season...festinko is the most worthless, lazy, pile to ever put on a jazz uniform. What a waste of playing time.

Hey Corbin, you preach accountability and hustle, yet you reward the players that constantly give you that (Gordon, and Favors) by letting Fez (the complete opposite of accountability and hustle) start.

News flash for everyone...Millsap is a good bench/role player. He is going to fail as a small forward...he can't even stay in fron of his man when his is 3 inches shorts, and 25 lbs lighter. He is too small to play starting power, and to slow to play starting small. Put him on the bench where he can dominate.

Houston, TX

If Fes plays well tonight and can hold "Andy" down on points and rebounds he will probably get signed for next year. That is even more true if AJ plays well against Gasol which he should and Millsap handles Artest who is a decent match up at 3.

Millsap can't play the 3 all of the time but he might match up against the Lakers.

This combo next year leaves AK/Favors to match up with Odom. That is also a good match and Odom has killed the Jazz in the past.

If Corbin finds this line up to play decent against LA it will shape the roster for next year and may impact the draft decisions.

Corbin is doing the right thing to experiment with the remaining games.

The Jazz are going to get a lot better but they need to get the right combos and they need to get the right players this summer to create the right combos.

Seeing it in a real game is much better than drafting based on theory.

Temecula, CA

I, too, have been looking forward to seeing Fes in the starting lineup. Don't forget that AJ likes playing PF more than C and he looks physically more a PF than a C. The Jazz have been killed in the post all year when Fes isn't on the court...the thing is Phil Jackson is smart and the Lakers will go at Fes early. He has to play patient and misdirect as many plays as possible but not get in foul trouble. Should be interesting.
Like the matchup of Millsap vs Artest... hey these guys aren't really SF ever given their strength and builds, but neither are long or tall. Millsap has given the Lakers fits at times in the past....go Fes go Paul. Hayward better get at least 20-25 minutes.

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