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Published: Thursday, March 31 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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sacramento, ca

too late for that....because they didn't hire a SHARP offensive coordinator. Speaks volume as to how SHARP the person was that hired, let alone recommended it to him. wow pac 10.2, really? haha

Ann Arbor, MI

The lose of shack and the injury of Wynn definely makes execution ( on offense) a work in progress this spring.

Also losing 6 Utes to the NFL last year and probably an additinal 4 or 5 this year makes for a lot break in.

I'm also excited to hear about those 3 CB studs coming in this fall.

Park City, UT


Stop trying to immitate hh and chris b. You're only embarrassing yourself.

Chow is a very good offensive coordinator who knows the West Coast offense and the PAC 12. He's a great short-term hire to help Utah navigate their first couple of years in their new conference, and to mentor Roderick to eventually take back the reins of the offense.

Norm is a little ham-strung having to deal with an injured starting QB, but Wynn is a smart kid and a decent QB. I expect Utah's offense to be much improved from last season, although it make take a few games to get it rolling.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think we fans try to take to much out of practice, especialy Spring, we won't know what the Utes have for a few games into the season. It's a big leap from winning a spot in the rotation to being a stand out in the games.


In case no one has noticed, the QB position is an ongoing dogfight. And everyone seems to be enamored with Wynn. This is the PAC 12! No slam on the MWC, but the players in this conference are bigger, faster, and above all---they have blood in their eye. Wynn is 6'0" at best and 190lbs(maybe). Show me another PAC12 school that has another QB smaller. He wont run, and if he does he's going to get squashed!!! Remember--Size does matter in the PAC 12. You need a 6'4" or a 6'5" QB in this conference to survive. NUFF SAID!!!

Sandy, UT

re: cb

You really expect utah's offense to be 'much improved' ? Last year, the utes had two returning Sr RB's that each could rush for over 1000 yds, a healthy starting QB with a Sr backup, and returning nearly the entire offensive line. Add to that the utes are trying to learn a new offense without their starting QB. Also, this is how zane taylor described last years offense ..

"Oh my gosh. This spring ball was the best that I've ever seen our offense, ever. We are completely loaded at every position. If you ask me to tell you our biggest weakness, I couldn't tell you what it is because I don't know what it is," said senior center Zane Taylor, one of four Utes named to the MWC's all-preseason team. "Offensively, I'm just totally excited to be a part of it this season because it's going to be unlike any offense we've seen in the last few years."

How exactly is this year's offense going to be 'much improved' ? I expect it to be much worse.


What makes you think that Chow is short term?

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I am stoked for the scrimmage today! I am loving the changes and growth in our program. This is going to be a great year.

Go Utes!

South Jordan, UT

@UBOUND, you are so right about Wynn. I'm sorry Ute fans, but Wynnie is not your answer and won't last for 1 game in the Pac. They better start looking into someone else who has some heart to play in the WCO.

Chow is not a short term fix people, they are laying all their eggs into this basket and you better hope this works out.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"Looking for" sharp offensive execution and "finding" it can be a long way apart when there are so many new faces and a QB controversy exists. I expect the Utes to struggle for bowl eligibility this year but if anyone can succeed in this situation it is Kyle Whittingham.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

" QB controversy exists"


Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

For all of you who don't understand what the West Coast Offense is or how it works and are worried about Wynn getting killed trying to run the ball. Educate yourself about things! The QB in the West Coast seldom of ever runs the ball. I'm not saying Wynn can take a lot of abuse with his size we know thats not the case, but he shouldn't have to take any uneccessary hits this season.

Cedar Hills, UT

Nunya... you are no chrissy or hedgie! haha

Competition is healthy at every position even QB. The problem comes when you have a head coach that can't make the hard decisions. The Utes don't have that problem.

Go Utes!

Huntsville, Alabama

MMI is right. The West Coast Offense is correct for the personnel you have coming back...a decent passing QB and good receivers. Utah's O-line has three new guys and brand new running backs. You'll use the short passing game to set up the run. A lot of this will depend on Wynn. Unfortunately, he's injured right now. He'll have to pick up the rythm and timing which is crucial for a West Coast style attack in the Fall. Your defense, on the other hand, will be salty. They can play with anyone. If the offense can't score or maintain time of possession...your defense will get tired. Especially the new secondary. Then all bets are off. I still have you guys at 7 and 6 in a rebuilding year. Coach Whit is making all the right moves, it seems to me.

South Weber, UT

If your going to be the first to comment on topic here at least make sense and aim to be grammatically correct.
The Utes will be fine.
Thanks for your attention.

Salt Lake City, UT

nunya, w/out Chow, we were still good enough to beat Hypes and co. last year, with an injured Wynn. With Chow, and a healthy Wynn, it could be a long game for you come 9/17! I wouldn't be bragging too much. The Y has still lost 2 out of the last 3 and don't have the replacements coming in as in years past. In fact, if we do beat you, it could be that it won't help our SOS at the end of the year since there's plenty of other teams lined up to take it to the Y next year too. The weaklings of your new quasi-WAC mates notwithstanding. ESPN might have to drop you down to their #6 channel if you perform as you did last year.

Springville, UT

Your backups are having some problems with the new offense (NFL Blog), ALL of this hinges on Wynn returning and an offensive line that can perform weekend after weekend protecting him... in a stronger conference.

A lot to prepare for. It will be interesting to see if it all comes together.

Sandy, UT

nunya ... these utes are lavishing high praise on you by saying 'you are no crissy or hedgie'. You must be making sense.

split personality ... no one's worried that Wynn will get hurt running the ball. Everyone expects he'll get killed by the opposing team's pass rush. utes are breaking in 3 new Olinemen and rb's that won't be able to help so Wynn will be lucky to make it through your second game in one piece.

Houston, TX

The Utes have talent. But they will need time and patience to get the timing and nuances of the new offense to work well. Wynn is better off in the WC offense.

BYU is also better at defending the WC offense than the Spread.

Name one good to great Spread Offense that BYU beat in the last 2 years.

Lehi, UT

Bugoff is right on the point. BYU has only had 5 quality victories in the last two years:

Oklahoma, Utah, Oregon State, Washington, and San Diego State. None of these teams play a spread offense or don't play a good to great spread offense.

Wyoming plays the spread per bleacher report but they aren't at the good to great level yet.

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