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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Justin Caplin
Provo, UT

Ok, fine, I'll take the job. And I'm happy with a modest salary of 75k for the first year. If we have a losing season, you can fire me. If we have a winning season, you can raise it to 100k. If I pull a VCU and make it to the final four, you can just give me a nice bonus along with the raise.

I'm cheap and pretty good :)

Las Vegas, NV

We know you liked Boylen, and yes he was excited about his job. But the problem is he did not have the social skills to sell the program, to interact with players, and assure fans that their was any knowledge in that head. So I agree, winning is going to solve many problems, but you still need a coach that acts like a professional on the sidelines rather than a gorilla. A coach that when they speak, everyone doesn't cringe. A coach who can teach skill development. Utah needs winning and a coach to excite the fan base. Boylen is gone, and we are all extremely happy about it. The voice of the Utes should be too.

samuel h wiscomb
Sun Lakes, AZ

Dear Mr Riley, May I remind you, Coaches don't win games. The players do.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I agree with Riley.....and we think Roger Reid is your man!

Ogden, UT

"What Utes need most is a coach who consistently wins games."

No kidding?

Bountiful, UT

Bill Riley is right on the money! Players do win games; however, they do so with leadership, skills, discipline, and sound fundamentals. Good team leadership and good players must have good coaching as their foundation. Sure the coach ideally should be a role model for his kids. But, ultimately winning puts fans into the seats, the school on the sports map, and the coaching staff in a position to recruit more good players into the program year after year. While we all may have our own altruistic views of what college basketball or sports ought to be about, winning is what makes boosters and fans happy and allows athletic directors to sleep at night. That's the real world!

Salt Lake City, UT

bigutefan, please do not speak for us when you say that "we are all extremely happy" about Coach Boylen being fired because we're not. You were just out for him from the start. Your whole post is drenched with negativity about Boylen. He is gone thanks to fans like you, put it behind you and stop kicking the man while he's down.
Also, how in any way can you say he doesn't interact with his players. Were you there at every practice, every team meeting, etc? I think not. Coach Boylen was aware of all his guys and their needs.

As far as the new coaching goes, winning would be great but we'll need someone who can persuade the guys to stay in the first place or there will be no winning happening soon, which is the exact reason why Boylen was fired. Impatient Ute fans who asked for Boylen's head might be given a taste of their own medicine.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm afraid that too many, like Bill Riley, believe the Utah Head Coach position is a marquee job where it isn't. It's not in the eyes of most of the country. Is that why it's taking Hill so long to find a replacement? Because he expects marquee coaches to be banging down his door to interview? Just the other day on the Dan Patrick show, Dan was talking about the college basketball head coaching carousel and the Utah job didn't even come up. He mentioned all the major openings still out there, even Dayton, but not Utah.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

Ya Riles, we hear all the buzz about Krystkowiak too, but what makes me scratch my head a bit is why there isn't more buzz about Tommy Connor. What does Dr. Hill have against him? He's well-connected to the program, has been a successful head coach (granted, NAIA is not D-1, but a bunch of others have made that leap...) and knows the local ropes as well as or better than Larry K and far better than Mark Gottfried. I'd hire Connor in a heartbeat!

Highland, UT

riley this is probaqbly the 1st time I have ever agreed with you. Normally your over the top homerism clouds your thought process but in this case you are correct.

utah needs a coach that will win games. With the tenuous, at best, utah fanbase anything less than winning, alot, and the fans simply abandon the program. Hills focus should be purely on getting a guy who is capable of rebuilding utah into a winner.

It is pretty obvious at this point that he will need to take a risk with an up and comer to do that because established coaches, like Coach Rose and Coach Bennett, just keep turning him down. He needs to be able to see in his mind that the utah job is currently not considered to be that great of a job and he is not going to get a guy that has it going on somewhere else.

Springville, UT

Gee, an article that fails to mention Dave Rose coming to Utah. Read 'em and weep... hedgie.

Hope the coaching problem is alleviated soon. Utes need to get back to business for the PAC-10.2

Alpine, UT

Utah has tradition. Utah has Pac-12 affiliation. So, why is Utah basketball become such an afterthought?
No discussion nationally about the coaching vacancy.
No interest from established coaches to even interview for the position.
No fan interest or attendance.
No local (Utah) players on the team.

Tooele, UT

I agree with you that winning would begin to fill the HC, but in order to win, you have to recruit. I heard Boylen on many occassions claim Utah had its best recruiting class ever from him but the results never panned out including the appearance of anything with much talent. Utah does have some talent now in O'Brien, and Clyburn, but everyone else are bench to semi-role players. Jiggy is terrible for running the point unless he's running the "And-1" team. Moreover, Utah has had no evidence since Nevill left of any type of offense. Utah's lack of a true point gaurd has killed them!

Another point, Boylen drove me crazy in his tactics. Yes he went to public events such as Utah football games. The problem with his speech is he sounded more like a pro wrestler telling his opponent he was going to crush his skull. With Boylen, the program was about HIM! Nothing else.... When asked about the program last year, he said it was his program bla bla bla!

The man couldn't recruit! This paired with his lousy tactics killed Utah hoops!

Tooele, UT

By the way Riles....

If what you said were true when speaking with one of your guests on the show yesterday about Utah losing two blue chip recruits one of which went to North Carolina, and the other to USC because there wasn't a coach at Utah currently, then Chris Hill needs to make up his mind.

Larry K, or Gottfried sound like decent fits either way. I like Gottfrieds experience but Krystko's upside. Either way, Hill needs to get this baby done. Tyrell Corbin is a great player here in the state. He's interested in Utah but will ultimately go somewhere else. Utah needs players like Corbin who are highly talented and local.

Get it done Hill.

Go Ute's

N. Las Vegas, NV

As reported in Thursdays Las Vegas newspapers, Coach Kruger of UNLV has been approached by Utah this past week, and he turned them down.

N. Las Vegas, NV

He reportedly also turned down overtures from Oklahoma and North Carolina State.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Duckhunter & sammyb,

The flagship station of BYU sports is reporting the Dave Rose met twice with Chris Hill. They cannot confirm if they were discussing Coach Rose's future or Dave Rice, but the fact remains that neither Coach Rose nor Chris Hill have removed Rose's name from the list of candidates. Until they do he is at the top of my list.

Come on over Coach Rose. You'll look good in red.

Blue Coug
Palo Alto, CA

Mormon Ute

Wishful thinking.

Dave Rose already has his new BYU contract in hand and he and his attorney are currently reviewing the details before signing it. It's doubtful he gave that much thought to turning down a $1.7 million/year offer from Oklahoma, and whatever Utah could offer in terms of money and prestige pales in comparison to Oklahoma.

Dave Rice might be a possibility, but you can forget Rose. It's not happening.

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

I'm really not all that concerned about it.

Cedar Hills, UT

People relax, the U has only been turned down by a hand full of coaches, they still have sevral other to reject the greatest job in the NCAA.

Before we hear from Hill and the rest of the Ute fans telling us they got the one the wanted from the beggining.

I am still not convinced Rice wants to touch it either. LOL

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