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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

TX went from the spread to more of the I formation last year because their QB was not a spread offense QB. However, the rest of the players were spread types and it did not go well.

Does Utah have the offensive line to run a West Coast Offense? That is usually the biggest problem.

The Ute trolls make jokes about the big (supposedly slow) BYU offensive lineman but that is the type of lineman you need for the pro set.

This may work in the long run and it may be necessary to compete in the PAC but making the transition may be messy. It usually takes a year or two to get the right players to go with the QB. It also takes everyone time to get in sync.

Defenses are getting better against the spread. The Pistol is the new rage now. In my opinion that is a better formation than the Spread. However, if you are going to place players in the NFL the Pro Set is a big recruiting angle.

Flame of the West
The OC, CA

The tail wags the dog...part of the quest to 'keep up with the neighbors'.

Next up at practice: Justin Beiber

Frisco, TX

Sounds like they've been eves dropping on their neighbors to the South. They must have heard BYU was changing, and felt the need to try and keep up.

Karchaj, A.V.

Well it is about time to dump the "spread." Utah has not run a true spread since King Urban took off for FLA. What we have had is a spread shell offense with about 6 plays, none of which were suited to Jordan Wynn. I am happy for the shift away from what we were running.

Salt Lake city, UT

i'm okay with the change. the spread is a super effective offense with the right personnel but the utes just don't have that this year. football is all about trends. i remember back when urban was here and he implemented a spread option offense and louisville was running it as well and the results were 12-0 for the utes and 11-1 for louisville. the next year, nearly half the nation was running the spread. even though the spread is still in its prime, we saw a lot of programs start to go the way of the new pistol offense after nevada had so much success with it in 2009. there's still a lot of good, solid programs that run the pro style offense effectly like usc, stanford, and alabama. watching wynn take a snap from the gun and run around in the backfield was painful (especially when he sacked himself against byu :S). i also agree with mesoute, mix up the playcalling.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

John Mayer and David A? Time to get some more depth in your pop-culture reference Mr. Robinson.

Syracuse, UT

He just wants to keep up with the winning tradition of the Basketball team.

Savage, MN

Just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic - the Ute ship is sinking!

Riverton, UT

Ahhh....even more disgruntled Ute fans and empty seats in RES.

Ogden, UT

Interesting that Rock as well as most of those making comments so far have not as yet secured their first head coaching jobs!

Of course, what they all have to say here will surely turn Chris Hill's head.

No doubt offers for hiring interviews will soon be hitting their mailboxes.

Atlanta, GA

Let's see if I understand this right. Utes have won 3 conference championships in eight years? Oscar Meyer won two of those in two years. That means Whit has won a whopping "1" MWC championship in "6" years of trying? Wow!!! And they are optimistic about dominating the PAC 10.2. That is a lot of optimism.

Cedar Hills, UT


Donny is at practice down south, go get his autograph.

Total faith in K Whitt and what he is doing.

Go Utes on to the PAC 12!

Pocatello, ID


Oddly enough, that Utah offensive line has produced 4 current starters in the NFL and 2 more likely to be drafted this year

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Whit is a football genius. The coach knows what he is doing by evaluating the talent of the team. I think it will be a great first season in the PAC 12!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Utes are still good enough to beat the Y. Scoreboard!

Springville, UT

Cautious optimism.

Hope it works out but from the comments from the PAC-10.2 Blog those backup QB are having some problems throwing the ball.

March 28th, Some quick thoughts on Utah's practice, by Ted Miller.

--- "It seemed like there were more nice moments running the ball than passing the ball, but that should be expected with a pair of inexperienced backups trying to learn coordinator Norm Chow's West Coast offense. One observer noted that the play-action looks particularly needed work."

So it would appear that this offense is hinging on Wynn's return this summer. It's one thing to run around on mock plays, learn the offense, etc. but it's another throwing the ball for real. A lot of pressure on Wynn this summer to get up to speed and if the O line isn't there for Wynn, he's a squashed skinny kid and out for the season.

Doesn't look as 'rosy' as many would hope for. It could make for a very long inaugural PAC-10.2 season.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The worst play in history was when Wynn would try to run the read-option last year. Everyone in the stadium, and more importantly all 11 guys on the defense, knew Wynn was never going to pull the ball and run it.
As long as Utah has a QB who simply cannot run the ball then they should never run any form of an option play.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Time will tell. It was obvious that Wynn was not the man to run the spread offense. If you can't accomplish what you want to do with the existing personnel, you have to adjust or change the personnel. I would not be surprised if the Utes have a new starting QB in September. Maybe they are on to something. You have to think that Chow has something to do with this decision. Hope he can do better than the last time he was in the PAC.

Bluffdale, UT

Utah continues to be a national leader in defense. They can afford to shake up the offense.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't see why this is a surprise to anyone. Chow knows the west coast offense, and many of the skills players would do better in the west coast style. Sounds like a good tactical move on Coach Whittingham's part.

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