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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Am I misreading this?

"The only guy that's significant that plays that we don't have back next year is Andrei."

Did he just give Andrei's contract situation away? It just sounds like a mistake on his part cause he clears it up next sentence...hmmm

Centerville, UT

Anonigma, I was wondering the same thing.

The Jazz have fallen apart. The wheels are coming off. Who will be left standing in June?

Salt Lake City, UT

I love KOC, most GMs would have dodged most of those questions or sugar coated most of those answers. That is about as straight forward as I have ever heard a GM speak in any sport.

As for the first AK comment I think he misspoke, this wasn't scripted and this press conference wasn't about AK. I think he actually meant that he's the only significant player that is not under contract next season.

When asked about AK directly he basically said his future in Utah is up in the air. I don't think anybody including AK knows where he'll play next year, maybe even Russia.

I don't think it's a coincidence however that the Jazz drafted AK's possible successor in Gordon Hayward and I won't be surprised at all if they end up taking another SF this year. Barnes, T Jones, and Vesely will all go top 10

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

I have to disagree with byronbca 100%. KOC never once took any responsiblity for the state the Jazz have fallen into. With that said he did straight fowardly throw players and coaches under the bus saying they have to "do better". I know he can't play for the players and he can't coach for the coaches, but his job is to make sure the organization has the best players and coaches to be successful. This includes making smart trades and draft picks. In my lifetime the Jazz have had solid drafts only 4 times. Back to back with Stockton and Malone and 20+ years later with D-Will in 2005 and Brewer/Millsap in 2006. Bottom line is KOC isn't a good GM and the Jazz should find a younger more in touch with todays NBA kind of guy to replace him.

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

Please try and answer honestly: Who has done a poorer job as a GM, than KOC? The man is a complete joke from avoiding Al Jefferson, drafting 2 stiffs around him, then paying twice as much as he had to get him from Minn., paying too much for AK or Mr. Fragile, drafting a cross country runners body (GH) in a draft filled with needed strength, giving up on only the second all pro PG the Jazz ever had and taking a collection of this and that plus $3 mil to dump him, and then the roof falls in, yet it's not his fault of course. How many #1 draft choices are still playing for the Jazz? Giving KOC a draft choice is like giving a drunk one more drink, or a loser gambler a $100 chip, whoop it's gone and you have nothing.

Houston, TX

Kanter may have knee problems. Sullinger is not going into the draft. It would not surprise me if they went with an SF.

However, there has been talk of Millsap playing the SF, with AJ at C and Favors at PF. Millsap would have to gain some quickness (probably lose weight) and extend his range.

I see a big need at wing for shooters. Bell is not going to fit this new offense well. Hayward needs to develop his shooting or he is not the answer either.

The Jazz need someone at least as good as Mathews. However, they should be able to do that for reasonable.

It would be nice to keep AK but he could be replaced with the right draft pick. AK is much more valuable to this team than most realize.

The Jazz finances solve next year. They also get a lot of young talent to go with some very good middle age talent.

The bench has to be much better. That is mostly a function of money (or lack of).

A hard cap of even 70 mill would level the playing field for the Jazz.

I am looking forward to the draft.

Las Vegas, NV

Wow! I bet those questions made KOC squirm. What's next? A guest hosting appearance on the Piers Morgan show. Hey! The Jazz are in free fall with no bottom to the abyss in sight. How about asking more pointed questions?

Like for instance, with the Jazz 5-16 since the Sloan retirement and a possible 0 for April coming up, why was giving Ty Corbin a 3 year contract before the end of season the right thing to do?

Or, now that the Jazz's franchise and all star point guard has been traded, how does the organization plan to fill that void?

I think the local media has given KOC a free pass regarding the trade and the current state of the team. On the contrary, KOC is the most responsible Jazz employee for this meltdown we're seeing now, and it would be nice if the local media would occasionally hold his feet to the fire.

Springville, UT

Has there ever been a team that has so badly imploded in one season as has the Jazz?

Provo, MA

@Anonigma you misread it. He meant to say that AK is a free agent - "We don't have him back" not "We won't have him back"

Chances of AK returning are less. He's the last stockmalonian, but he's 30 and he's been injured too much so I don't really care if he's back or not.

Andrew J. Marksen
Salt Lake City, UT

When is anyone in the Jazz office going to admit that Fes and Memo are total busts? These two valuable picks could be wasted by short sighted myopia. Who would have ever thought that the last great Jazz center was Eaton. AK, Fes, and Memo should all be replaced.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Memo is done and CJ should also go. Keep Bell but as a bench player. I would then dump KOC and hire Sloan as the new GM. He would not have to travel with the team and I think he would flourish in the job. Jerry is the Jazz and always will be. Offer him a job upstairs. It's the moral right thing to do.

Hugh G. Hater

The fact that KOC said he WANTS AK back is all I needed to see.

Idaho Falls, ID

I hate to sound like I am defending O'Connor, but many folks posting here have no foundation for their claims. They are simply fishing for reasons to be mad at the Jazz. If you can't be a true fan, then go join the Lakers fan base.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re Me myself and I:
"We need to do a better job managing. I need to do a better job."

"The Miller family has given us everything we've asked for, so it's our responsibility and it's right on us. It starts with me and works all the way down to the coaches, to the players"

Really? "KOC never once took any responsibility for the state the Jazz have fallen into"? Did you skip over those quotes? When he uses words like "I", "me", and "we" do you think he's referring to someone else?

Provo, UT

Mr. Wicks, I like it. Sloan as the GM...that would be a dream.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

The NBA draft is all about chance and luck. Even in those years when there is a can't miss player or two at the top of the draft, you still have to win the lottery.

If you are a small market, even if you get lucky and win the lottery and get the franchise player, chances are about 70/30 that your franchise player will bolt to a more attractive market when his initial contract is up. That has been the pattern in the NBA for at least 30-40 years. Kareem Abdul Jabbar (or Lew Alcindor as he was named when he entered the NBA) went to LA Lakers after his initial stint in Milwaukee. Shaquille O'Neill left Orlando after his intial stint, again for the LA Lakers. This past year, Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony bolted for the Knicks and LeBron James bolted to Miami.

San Antonio was very lucky to get Tim Duncan initially (David Robinson got injured and their team tanked the season, then got the number one pick with about the 11th worst record in the NBA). Then, they were able to keep him happy. That is by far the exception.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re SJ Bobkins:

GMs are judged by wins and losses and not by how many 1st round draft picks they can keep on their team. After the Stockton Malone era it took the Jazz exactly 2 years to rebuild themselves back into a contender. It took the Bulls over a decade and they have twice the resources.

Fact, stealing Boozer away from Cleavland was brilliant. Fact, trading up to get DWill was brilliant. Fact, getting Al Jefferson for Kosta Koufos, and 2 draft picks was brilliant. And if KOC knew that DWill wasn't coming back trading him was brilliant too. Look at what happened in Cleavland and Toronto, that would have been the Jazz in 2012.

Here's my honest answer to your question: "Who has done a poorer job as a GM, than KOC?" Every single GM in the league who has lost more games than the Jazz over the past decade.

Fact, no GM in the league has done more with less than KOC. OKC and SA have good small market GMs too, but they also got extremely lucky in the draft lottery, which is something the Jazz have never done.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Watch the Jazz win the lottery this year and then every one can jump back on board the KOC bandwagon!!

Farmingtown, IL


Lol. Sloan WAS the GM. CP3 would be the hometown hero if it wasn't for Sloan.

Logan, Utah

Friends dont let friends draft Jimmer

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