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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Scranton, Pennsylvania

What a great guy, and I am sure will become a legendary coach.
With a stable of very talented WR's to work with, Coach Cahoons impact will be seen very early in the season I think.
I am especially excited to see what Ross Apo brings to the offense this season. ESPN's Bruce Feldman named Apo #6 on his top 10 Impact Redshirt Freshman for 2011. And the fact he was committed to Texas, and then de-committed to be a Cougar says everything.

Can't wait to see what Hoffman, Jacobson, and Apo do under the direction of a master of the receiving art. There is nobody better to learn from then Ben Cahoon.
Any news of Chambers being back with the team? And is Jason Munns still with the team? I have not heard anything about him.

Looking forward to a breakout 2011 season! All on National HD television!

BYU Student
Provo, UT

I love Cahoon's attitude. He's humble but shows his stuff. As someone learning to coach (a different sport, yes, but still coaching) and making tons of mistakes as I go along, it's nice to see some perspective and know that there are other coaches out there learning. Although I'm sure Cahoon has grown far faster than I have in the time he's been at BYU.

Houston, TX

Last year the WRs and TEs were the biggest weakness on the team. I am sure that Coach Cahoon will improve the situation. If that problems fixes then BYU is formidable on offense. If it does not fix then they are not much better than last year.

The Utes are dumping the spread for the pro set. That means they will have a difficult time especially early next year. They may have a pro set QB but the rest of the team is basically spread. The two styles do not mix.

TX tried to go from the spread to the I last year and found that in spite of 4 and 5 star recruits they were not the right type of players for the I formation even if the QB was.

The Pro set may work for the Utes in the long run and may be necessary for the PAC. However Chou said if they were a good spread team they would run the spread and they had to find that out quickly. They do not appear to be a "good spread team".

Are they a good Pro Set team? Will they be by the BYU game?

Frisco, TX

PSUYB, Munns is still on the team, but is the fourth QB. He'd be a starter in 80% of the D1 schools. I wish they would give Lark and Munns more reps. I see one of them as the backup. Riley is our wildcat QB that we should use 5 or 6 plays a game, not our backup. His style is too different. I think with more reps, Munns would get the edge on Lark just because of his size.

Heaps to Hoffman, Jacobsen and Apo is like a dream team. Is there another football team that has as much potential as this quartet? With the solid O line and respetable backfield, this team will put a lot of points on the scoreboard this year.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

To Bugoff. The answer is no.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I really like the fact (presentation?) that Cahoon wasn't the greatest because he was the most gifted. He worked hard at his art, perfecting skills and honing every aspect to produce an edge on the defender that he obviously became very proficient at exploiting.

If he can teach those same advantages, and our recievers can learn them, then I do see a return to the glory years, and yes, possibly even better. What made Nielson, Wilson, McMahon, Young, Boscoe, Detmer, et al so exquisite where receivers that created space and caught everything that was close, and most of what wasn't quite that close.

Man those were good days! Bring them on again!

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

I hope Cahoon figures it out quickly. We had our rebuilding year last year and can't afford any more growing pains. Heaps will only be as good as his receivers. There's a big difference between being a good player and being a good coach - I hope Ben can make the transition or we're in for a long year.

I am confident that coach Reynolds will do a great job with the tight ends and get that group back on track so if we can get the receivers playing to their potential we'll be running on all cylinders with our seasoned running backs and offensive line.

Salt Lake City, UT

Didn't think I would see it when I turned to the comments on his article but there is not a Troll in sight.
I gave you a recommend because you asked legit questions about the Utah offense. Respectful, no name calling and reasonable questions. Thank you. But maybe a little off topic for this thread.
Frozen Chosen:
Don't worry about Cahoon. He is a great guy and good one on one personality. He will be fine. Can't agree with you more about Reynolds. He is a great Tight ends coach. Has taught All American wide receivers before. Things will be much improved over last year.

Orem, UT

Frozen Chosen

Cahoon's coaching/teaching skills may need some refinement, but there's no question about his football knowledge. Ben is the leading receiver in CFL history and he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him. Ben was famous for almost never dropping a catchable pass. Dropping passes and running imprecise routes will not be tolerated by Ben.

With the added benefit of working on route timing and consistent delivery from the same quarterback all summer and through fall practice, dropped balls will not be a problem this season.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Bronco has done a fantastic job with his offensive coaching staff. I believe the receivers and tight ends will be very much improved. Spread it around so defenses will not be able to key on a few things. BYU will score a lot more points the first half of the season this year. On top of that, their defense will be stronger than they ended last year.

Ann Arbor, MI

I suspect Cahoon will win National awards for his coaching this year. From what I've read... how could he not.

Spanish Fork, UT

There are legitimate questions about how fast Cahoon's assets will overcome his lack of coaching experience.

I believe that his progress will be astonishing. In many fields, I have observed that a passionate and dedicated achiever with zero experience will often ramp up with blazing speed and smoke those with experience. As a long-time fan, I have observed Ben's passion and dedication and believe this is part of his character.

I also am excited by Ben's knowledge of how to succeed even if you aren't the biggest or fastest. BYU typically gets second tier recruits. Ben is the perfect guy to teach good players how to outperform gifted but less refined competitors.

Bronco and company have it right. Don't obsess about getting 4 star recruits. Focus on a team culture and training that makes 5 star team performance. It may be that you can do more with a lesser talent who is willing to work and cooperate than a greater one constrained by ego.

Ben is a perfect fit.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

The best coaches are not former players that got by on pure talent/athleticism. Since Ben was not the tallest or fastest for his position, he had to develop the desire and work ethic to improve his skills in order to overcome those physical attributes that he could not change. Guys like that make the best coaches. Think about this, how often do the most gifted athletes make great coaches? In the NBA, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, two of the greatest all time, failed as coaches because they can't relate to those that have lesser talent. I'm not saying those guys didn't have to work hard at being great players, they are just so far and above better than their contemporaries that the ability to teach those skills escapes them. That's why Ben will be a great coach.

Henderson, NV

Why do I get the feeling that offering Ben Cahoon this job was more for Ben and less for the BYU football program? I'm not saying he couldn't become a good coach, but the truth is we just don't know. It looks like even Ben admits there is a huge learning curve. It was nice of BYU to give him a shot. I hope it works out.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Independent

Why would BYU hire Cahoon more for him than for the better of the team? That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Kearns, UT

Hopefully he will teach them not to drop balls that are right in their hands.

Palo Alto, CA


"Hopefully he will teach them not to drop balls that are right in their hands."

Not only will he teach them, he'll demand results, no excuses. Ben almost never dropped a catchable pass during his career in the CFL, so he's not going buy any excuses for dropped passes. The more they drop, the more they'll practice until either the balls don't drop, or they do.


"Why do I get the feeling that offering Ben Cahoon this job was more for Ben and less for the BYU football program?"

Because you're a Utah troll and the better Ben is at doing his job, the bigger the beatdown in September. See U then.

Henderson, NV

"Why would BYU hire Cahoon more for him than for the better of the team? That doesn't make a lick of sense."

Because they like him. They think he's cool, because he's an awesome Canadian football player and a BYU alumni. It may be that they hired him because they think he'll be a good coach, and he may be, but if they were motivated purely by quality of coaching, you would think they would hire somebody with a proven coaching record. So, if you look at it objectively, it's a nice opportunity for Ben, and kind of a gamble for the BYU football program. It might turn out to be a smart gamble, but it's a gamble none the less.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Independent:
Would you say the same thing if he was Jerry Rice? He also has no coaching experience.

Yes, it is a gamble when ever you make a new hire. I liked the old wide receivers coach but he didn't have the credentials that Ben brings. I am sure the interview process was based on his interpersonal skills, teaching skills and his own teachable attitude rather than his obvious credentials as an accomplished receiver. Just in this article his humility jumps out and he is certianly displaying a teachable attitude.
Comments out of practice are that he is teaching them fundamental skills at a postion mastery level and the receivers are seeing a whole new level of perfecting their skill sets.
I appreciate your questions and your comments though and look forward to more amiable discussions in the future.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Cahoon is a great add for the tds. I'm excited for next year...

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