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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

OH, go ahead, and just add the Jimmer!

Las Vegas, NM

How can we get KOC out?

We the People
Sandy, UT

Blow up this team.

Idaho Falls, ID

Go get JC Carrol.

Farmingtown, IL

KOC is a great GM. The Jazz need to search their 'emergency list' for Corbin's replacement.

Chuck Schell
Holladay, UT

I've always found it amazing how many guys get "hurt" on losing teams and need to sit out, while the winners have no such problems and have guys pushing to get playing time.

Frankly, I think it's a scam. Guys don't want to play with minor bruises if the games don't mean anything!

Las Vegas, NM

Ha ha ha...what Koolaid are you drinking...Do the names Kostas Koufus, Morris Almond,etc..mean anything to you? I would say we have the worst GM in basketball since Isiah Thomas...or Michael Jordan...This guy should be gone..replaced by either John Stockton or Karl Malone as GM. The new coach should be Jeff Van Gundy.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Looks like CJ will be playing 40 minutes on Friday and jacking up 25 shots and only make 10 of them.....
Big AL will get off 25 shots and make 8 of them.

Lakers by 20

Ogden, UT

I am tired of all the games missed due to injury. I would love to see the day that players got paid only when they played. Guaranteed money is just wrong.

How ever if my boss would pay me even though I didn't show up, I am quite sure I would take that deal.

Ogden, UT

Hey CJ

I don't think that Big Al will take 25 shots, I just don't think he can do all that work. The way I see it Big Al does, on average, 20 head fakes and 25 jab steps per shot he takes. So to take 25 shots that would translate to 500 head fakes and 625 jab steps in a single game. Way too much work especially now the Jazz are out of the playoffs.

Roosevelt, UT

sokol lives in the past and is now asking for players of yester year to bail the Jazz out, but one of those players (Hornacek) has been enough to slay the entire offensive output. Jazz need coaching not washed up players who think they can coach.

Will Fes make it to the hall of shame inhabited by Koufos, Almond and others?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

MK........Funny stuff. Now I know the reason AJ doesn't have energy to play defense. Thanks for enlightening me.

Old players don't make good coaches. I don't understand why everyone loves Hornacek as a coach. Give me some examples of how he has improved the team? Or improved individual players with their shot? AK is a bad example. He is all over the place.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Has anyone ever thought about evaluating the Jazz medical staff? Just a thought here but it seems like the players that we have that are injured take an awful long time to recover from what sound like relatively minor injuries.

Las Vegas, NM

I think Fes will...But Malone nor Stockton would allow these 2nd ..Raters to dog it and toss the season away.Please KOC's record is sufficient to show the guy is a failure...Was he a salesman for the Millers or something? What gives? Two guys that should have been cut from the organization a long time ago continue to drag it down, KOC and Kirilenko.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

sokol you are just plain miserable person. All your posts full of venom and negativity. Did you ever say anything good about Jazz....

Lehi, UT

I like Weaver, he is a better player than Raja Bell any day of the week. Sounds like some of these Jazz players need to put their purses down and start taking their Midol.

Provo, UT

Who would you consider a better GM? I'm not saying O'Connor is amazing but very few GM's are (Buford, Presti, Walsh). Fact is, most NBA draft picks do not make it in the league. The majority of players never even earn a second contract. O'Connor has done a reasonable job in the draft (Milsap, Miles (not great but an NBA player), Mathews (undrafted), Williams (Mo and Deron), Brewer, Maynor, etc) especially considering the Jazz rarely get picks in the top 15. Has he drafted busts? Of course, but every GM in the league has. The Jazz system is also hard for a lot of players to learn making it harder to find talent that sticks.

Should the Jazz replace O'Connor? Maybe. Sometimes shaking things up can help, other times it can really hurt.

O'Connor's future is completely dependent on this seasons acquisitions. Corbin, Favors, Hayward, Harris, Jefferson, and the draft picks are all solid pieces to build a franchise on. If players don't pan out, then O'Connor's time in Utah is probably over. I for one think they will and the Jazz will continue winning again.

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMiles: Sounds like your really frustrated with CJ, your usually not down on him for this long. I have missed the last few games and haven't been able to see how bad it has been.
I'm just going to look forward to the future and hope the jazz get a few good players in the draft. Vesely, PJones, TJones, Knight, Jonas, Walker, any two of those would be OK.
I hope Evans gets alot of PT at the 3 and I hope Hayward learns to be assertive on offense.

Saint George, UT

Greg now its your turn to dump some people including KOC, Corbin, Laydon, Bell and Fesinko.

Las Vegas, NM

Does KOC's success really send a tingle up your spine or other parts? Come on you really have to be blind to not see the miserable outcomes of the KOC-Greg Miller brain trust....KOC has failed the fans, failed in drafting, failed in keeping stars...Do we need to name names? Of course not...I pity those that defend the man who saw the greatest coach leave and a man, who would have been perfect for the job in his side kick...

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