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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Hampstead, NC

1984 for life,

Great comment! I got a good gut-laugh from it.

Too bad I had to sift through a lot of worn out "my school's better than your school" comments to find it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Prepare for another facility to be named after Eccles. Up to about 14 now, including bridges, embarassing."

What's embarassing is you criticizing someone for giving back just because he doen't share your affinity for a certain school or team.

Shame on you troll!!!

Murray, UT


You forgot Marriott and Huntsman. The U also has a main drag named Mario Capecchi Drive after the famous Nobel Prize winner in medicine. Utah is only the seventh public university to have a faculty member win a Nobel Prize. I guess I can't expect you to be familiar with something like that. Oh well, Utah is off to the big PAC 12 stage now. I hope your team enjoys playing football games with no meaning as in championships and you still have no bowl tie in for 2011 and that WCC basketball tourney in Vegas should be thrilling.

Rueben L
Folsom, CA

It is proven that athletic success leads to higher donation rates from alumni and author university supporters. So this is a wise investment. Just another benefit of joining the PAC 12 conference. That and a home schedule of: Montana State, Washington, Arizona State, Oregon State, UCLA and Colorado as opposed to: Central Florida, Utah State, San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho and New Mexico State!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was impressed with the positive comments of "Naked Truth" (is this in accordance with the honor code?) and Nottyou regarding the Y's facilities! The problem, as I see it, is if the Y has such facilities now and the Utah football recruits graded much higher than the Y's (See Rival, Scout, etc) How much better with the Utes future recruiting classes be after we upgrade our facilities?!!!!!

Honestly, I hope all those who believe the Y's independence and future conferences affiliation is a good thing are correct!!! I hope to be proven wrong in my assessment!!!

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


Since when have the Utes ever won championships in football?

Six championships in the last FIFTY years!

And that was in the "weak" WAC and MWC conferences.

There's a BIG difference between "playing for" and actually "winning" a championship.

Arizona has been "playing for" a PAC 10 championship since they left the WAC over 30 years ago.

I'm sure they're pleased to see the Utes and Buffs join that PAC 12, because the Wildcats will no longer be the only team in the PAC never to have won a conference championship.

You need not worry about BYU's bowl tie-ins, because ESPN has plenty of bowl tie-ins. A far as championships, BYU's focus has already changed from winning conference championships to winning national championships.

Before the naysayers have a panic attack, just remember, that's a goal, not a prediction.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Who am I sir?

Honestly, you're scared to death that BYU might actually be successful as an independent.

The only recruits grading Utah's facilities higher than BYU's are the recruits who chose to go to Utah. What else are they going say, "Utah's football facilities stink!" (as Kyle alluded to)?

Murray, UT


"As for a Hall of Fame, a 10'x10' room (closet) should accomodate this."

I thought the honor code encouraged people to live by the Golden Rule. You know, treat people the way you want to be treated. You are a real charachter and I do admit that you get under my skin. Is that part of the honor code, getting under someone's skin? Anyway that closet you suggest wouldn't even hold all the trophies and awards from Utah's two NBA number one draft picks (McGill and Bogut) and three final four appearances and one championship game. How many of those does the other team have? Zip.

Ann Arbor, MI

"BYU's focus has already changed from winning conference championships to winning national championships"


Dude, seriously, I would "focus" first on just beating Utah State.

Highland, UT


Actually Spence Eccles is a big supporter of BYU and has probably given them about as much $ as he has given to the u. I take some criticism on here for mentioning the people I know but I have done some work for Spence and had a conversation with him about it. I showed up at his house in Olympus Cove with a BYU hat on and was joking with him that he would probably not give me the job. He laughed and said "I love BYU and I have donated about as much money to them as Utah. All of my children attended BYU."

The truth is with most of those guys, like Huntsman or Spence, is that while they are utah boosters they are not BYU haters. Far from it. And both have sent plenty of money BYU's direction.

But I think it is great they donate as much to utah as they do. This obviously saves taxpayers dollars and their donations to BYU save tithing payers dollars. People of that sort are needed in every community.

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT


Honor Code is very egalitarian in his hyper-critical remarks to BOTH BYU and U of U. He appeared yesterday taking potshots at both schools for having the audacity to leave the MWC and be happy about it. Read into that what you will.

Murray, UT

Mussing with U,

"Arizona has been "playing for" a PAC 10 championship since they left the WAC over 30 years ago."

You guys always like to pull the Arizona card don't you? I have read it a thousand times. It is getting old. Come up with something original. I guess Arizona is beating the door down to join the MWC or go independent. Since they aren't that should tell you something.

Mcallen, TX

Next year, will the utes qualify for a bowl game? Wow! Six wins is a tall order.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Dude, seriously, I would "focus" first on just beating Utah State."

At least BYU isn't afraid to schedule the Aggies anymore, unlike the U that's gone into hiding behind the skirts of the PAC 12.

west jordan, ut

Congrats Utah, sounds like a very positive step for them. Now they just need to expand the stadium and then they can say they are a legit PAC-12 member.

Iowa City, IA

SnackPAC, huh?

The Utes resume playing the Aggies in 2012, starting with a game in Romney stadium. They haven't lost to USU since the ol' "Groin Gate" game. Perhaps, you meant to post your diatribe on a basketball article?

Pocatello, ID

Thanks to coug fans like Duck and other for the kind words. Certainly this is very needed considering the Taj Mahal that Oregon is building and USC upgrading their facilities as well.

viva la PAC 12

Pocatello, ID


considering BYU got bowl eligible by the skin of their teeth in the MWC, you might want to tone down your rhetoric.

Highland, UT


Oregon is in a class by itself because of Nike. No one can be judged against them fairly. Interesting note for those that want to know how sponshorships work with Nike, and probably Under Armor or any other apparel/athletic gear company that sponsors individual schools.

Nike has a multi tiered system of sponsorship. Oregon is in a tier of its own but then there are 5 schools that comprise tier one. I believe those schools are usc, notre dame, texas, florida and oklahoma. They get a certain amount of sponshorship money and athletic gear.

Then there is a 2nd tier, BYU is one of about 15 2nd tier schools. They get a little bit less money than the tier 1 schools. In all I believe there are 5 tiers of sponshorship.

So each sponsored school gets actual $ for wearing Nike gear. But then they get clothing/uniform/equipment allotments.


Highland, UT

The size of the allotment is different with each individual sport but basicly the coaches from each sport, i.e. football, baseball, basketball, etc. know how much money they have to spend. They then get a catalog of Nikes products. They go through the catalog and choose all of the items they want in the quantities they want such as uniforms, apparel, balls, shoes, bats, golf clubs, etc.

Nike then gives them all of the stuff they order customized to individuals and schools.

My guess is that the system is probably similar for all schools that have a sponshorship with an athletic gear/apparel company.

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