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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Duckhunterr is bent out of shape that Duckhunter sometimes makes fun of the utes and sometimes just has a decent dialogue.

Seems like a pretty average fan to me. Or perhaps we should follow after Duckhunterr who instead of switching between hate filled dialogue and decent dialogue just sticks with the former.

Yep, Duckhunter is the one with the problem. Right(said very sarcastically).

Tremendous reasoning there duckhunterr. I'm glad he gets to you though.

Kearns, UT

I'm confused. The facts are that Utah has the 3rd highest amount of season tickets of any Pac-12 team. Yet jealous/paranoid BYU fans constantly tell everyone on D News blogs that Utah can't fill their stadium?

So which is it?

A Utah football article and 2 of the first 5 comments are from jealous Cougar fans. Don't you guys have some WAC football teams to begin scouting for next year? Or figuring out how to pay attention to football any season after you pick up that first loss and are out of contention for....anything?

South Weber, UT

Honor Code ???
The Byu Honor Code clearly states - " Respect others "
The new center is certainly getting my financial donation and I believe other alumni will do the same. It's good to be a Ute !

Eagle Mountain, UT

This is good news for the Utes. Something like this will sway a few recruits and that could make a difference. The commitment to this type of thing sends a big message to recurits. It would be great to see the Utes compete well in the PAC. Things like this are needed for that.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ DN Subscriber Your points are well taken. Teachers pay increase is a good idea. Education is absolutely important. New Dorms and a library would be nice.
However, "misplaced priorities" is a little off base.
Question for you: How much money does New Dorms, libraries, Teachers, or even higher education bring to the university?
Ute Football, however "misplaced" you might think it is...Brings Millions of dollars per year to the University.
In business, there is a very true saying, that says "It takes money to make money" Sooo, if you would like more money for your ideas and causes, you are free to find the contributors for what you want,.. just like the football program found their own contributors..

Y's Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats to the Utes. Looks as if it will be a nice facility.

American Fork, UT

Hopefully no tax payer funding is going to support this building. Agree with DN subscriber to a point. Aren't there more important priorities out there than donating money to support a state sponsored football team? I guess some people have money to burn.

Riverton, UT

BYU has invested millions of dollars over the past several years to upgrade its football facilities. The Cougars state-of-the-art facilities already include a two-story strength and conditioning center, the nations largest indoor practice facility, football offices and team meeting rooms, leading edge athletic training facilities, outdoor practice fields, a football hall of fame and a restaurant open to the public, everyday team-oriented locker room in the Student Athlete Building and an upgraded game-day locker room at the 64,000-seat LaVell Edwards Stadium. Looks like the Ute upgrade = BYU's existing facilities. Good job.

Oakley, UT

As a former U athlete this is great news!!!

As a citizen of the state that bothered to read the article... even better news!!! It's all privately funded!! I know some of you out there didn't bother taking your ADD meds so I'll put it again... privately funded!!! No tax dollars.... you getting this???

Ps. To the Cougar fans posting on here... isn't now about the time in the conversation where you point out how obsessed we are with your team on a Utes article??? Take your hypocrisy with your "Jimmer Mania" back to your own pages, or say something constructive!

Salt Lake City, UT

DN Subscriber,

Most of the buildings being constructed, constructed, or renovated on the U campus in recent years have either been fully funded or mostly funded by donations or private operations to the departments that need them. Among the projects are:

Warnock Engineering Building $32 M ($19 M donated)
Dee Glen Smith Athletic Center $20 M total (all expected paid by donation)
S. J. Quinney College of Law building $60 M total ($60 M donated)
School of Business Building $68 M total ($45 M donated)
University of Utah Health Care Medical Services Building $25 M ($25 M in donations and clinical revenues)
PCMC/UUHC Ambulatory Care Complex Parking Phase 1 $16 M ($16 M in Hospital revenue)

Those are just a few examples. I count almost $185 Million in non-public funds vs. $36 M in public funds in these projects alone. I think the private sector and the donors are doing a fine job supporting the students at the U.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Honor Code | 12:08 a.m. March 29, 2011
Denver, Colorado

...hates BYU as much as he hates Utah.

Probably a Colorado or CSU troll.


Congratulations Utah. It's great to see U finally getting some decent football facilities.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Looks like the Ute upgrade = BYU's existing facilities. Good job.'


Now let's just hope we don't lose to Utah State....

Olympus Cove, Utah

"Now let's just hope we don't lose to Utah State.... "

No worries of that happening hedgehog, since the Utes are too scared to schedule Utah State anymore.

Mcallen, TX

Great move. Utes should compete with the lower tier teams and some day reach the Vegas bowl. Congrats!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Great move. Utes should compete with the lower tier teams and some day reach the Vegas bowl. Congrats!"

Great Comment. To bad you're the 175th troll to post it so far today.

Al Bundy
murray, ut

Another win for the Utes!

Plano, TX

Nice seeing the U upgrade - this PAC 12 thing will be good for all the schools in Utah in different ways - all positive.

Sandy, UT

The test is not "Can Utah fill their stadium ?". It's, can they fill their stadium with 5-6-7 loss seasons.

History tells us they cannot. There are 15-20k fair weather fans at the U in football, who do indeed disappear when the teams fortunes turn downward.

Basketball has 10k fair weather fans. Exibit A...the last 5 years at Huntsman.

This is a huge concern for the Administration.

BYU averaged 58k at it's low point during the Crowton years. Their dropoff is about 4-5k.

This is why Chris HIll is not too anxious to expand. Wants to see what the upcoming 5-6-7 loss seasons do to attendance.

Prepare for another facility to be named after Eccles. Up to about 14 now, including bridges, embarassing.

Should be a boost up for Utah, however, BYU's are still far superior, top to bottom, hands down.

As for a Hall of Fame, a 10'x10' room (closet) should accomodate this.

Good to see a Track and field again at the U, after 30 years of running the program from West High, this has been a travesty.

Nice addition, still in BYU's shadow.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Why is this even newsworthy? It has nothing to do with JIMMER.

Salt Lake City, UT

I was scrolling through the comments again, and saw that there were a few people wondering about getting a new library.

The U already has a new library, that was finished in 2009 and dedicated by Laura Bush. The cost was around $100 M and was mostly donated. It is a state of the art renovation of the previous building, and is used by students every day until 2:00 AM.

I'll add to my previous comments that in the 1990's, over $700 M were raised from private donations to create funds for professors, buildings, programs, etc. for generations to come. Again, the private sector has realized the value of educating at a high level and is doing a great job at supporting it beyond just supporting the athletic programs.

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