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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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North Liberty, IA

What do I hate about the Rick Reilly article?

It makes me, as a Ute fan, want to come to the defense of BYU and specifically Jimmer. I've taken my jabs at Jimmer, all in good fun with friends who are Cougar fans, but the kid is a phenomenal athlete and obviously a good person. Rick R is a classless "celebrity" that hides behind the skirts of ESPN after making rash, unfounded comments. It is no coincidence that you can't make comments at the end of his articles as you can most other ESPN stories. And could the religious jabs have been any lazier? I can't believe we withheld a polygamy comment.

Jimmer won't likely be a star in the NBA, but that doesn't take away from what he accomplished in the NCAA. Even I couldn't help but pump my fist after some of the long-range threes he drained. I have no problem admitting I spent the 2010/11 season jealous of "The Jimmer". (Okay, so the name does get obnoxious)


(By which I currently mean, GO - and get a coach already - UTES!!)

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

You wasted all this space to give the "outside media" the attention they're looking for Harmon????

You've got your own "arrogance" to worry about!! I wouldn't be worrying about
ESPN (the one that BYU embraced because of new TV contracts, even when Samuelson and Checketts knew what kind of deal you were getting with the MTN).

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a Cougar fan, and no, I didn't like the Reilly article. But the reason I didn't like it wasn't that he said nothing valid and it was hate-filled or some huge religious assault on the LDS faith. I didn't get that impression. The pizza guy comment, Provo car-dealer comment, etc, seemed a little excessive and the guy probably isn't too fond of BYU and its athletes/culture and he, like many Americans, seem to think if a kid isn't huge, covered in tats, and a certain skin color, they aren't much of a natural athlete. But his story also told a lot of hard truths- Jimmer didn't play defense, he didn't box out, and he had a really off night. So Harmon's defense seems a little too strong of a reactionary piece in my opinion, taking things too far in the other direction. Reilly was largely right about Jimmer's performance. The problem I had with Reilly's column is he unfairly took one poor performance and painted his whole career and his abilities as less than what they are based on his worst moment

Springville, UT

Thanks Dick!

Your article just affirms what I said early. Reilly had an axe to grind against BYU and mocked all religions. I have no problem about debates and opinions on facts but personal attacks are a 'below the belt' cheapshot.

The guy showed his true colors like an 'angry mob'. He needed to be called out.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

I believe Reilly targeted the Jimmer because Fredette is white - as well as being religious. Same reason he picked on that kid in Iowa who wouldn't wrestle a girl, another white religious nut!

You see Reilly would never target a black athlete for a scathing review like he did with the Jimmer because like most lefty writers he is afraid of being called the "R" word. Typical liberal double standard. The next time Reilly writes a critical article of a black athlete will be the first time he does so...

Danbury, CT

Great. Let's dig up every offense and injury we've had from Sportswriters. I'm not sure why this was written or what we learned new. Like the "Big Love" show, etc., the best thing is to ignore this tripe. Reilly obviously did not watch Jimmer until his last game and pretends to know his future based on one bad outing.

Jimmer for his part NEEDS to play D and step it up in championships which he did not do this year at the MWC vs. SDSU and NCAA's vs. Florida. Champions do that. I love Jimmer and feel lucky to have watched many of his performances this year. I rely more on the insight of NBA players who have played with Jimmer on whether he is NBA caliber. I'm sure he'll do just fine and will be making a lot more money in the next 5 years than you, me or Reilly!!

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

...umm no, cottonwood, Harmon is spot on. He has drawn a strong corollary between the psuedo-intelligentsia in sports journalism eminating from the Denver area and unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks on all things BYU. Rick Reilly is a coward who hides behind the skirts of his own celebrity who won't even allow his comments to be commented upon. He is case and point as to what is wrong with sports and sports coverage in the USA. The cult of celebrity trumps talent and personality constantly now. The fact that you don't see it proves Harmon's point.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

If you lived in Colorado, what would you do? One state university is a consistent embarrassment both athletically and academically. Cheating has been rampant in the past. Political correctness rules over fact and logic. It is bound to attract writers that mirror values of the major university and the elected officials. They think they are very, very smart. They let their political bias reflect on everything they do.

Danbury, CT

Great. Let's dig up every offense and injury ever dished out by sportswriters. Best thing is to ignore this tripe and not stoop to their level. I feel sorry for these "experts" who missed one of the best season-long performances by a college hoops player (and one with class) in recent memory.

That said, Jimmer could learn from this experience. He DID NOT play well in the MWC championship vs. SDSU or in the NCAA's vs. Florida. He came out tired and lacked his usual intensity in both games and will need to learn to step it up (and play D) in the NBA.

I have no doubt Jimmer can do it and trust the judgement of NBA stars who have played with him FAR MORE than Reilly or any sportswriter who probably can't even dribble a basketball, much less play a game. Jimmer will be earning far more money in the next 5 years than you, me or Reilly (or any Isuzu dealer).

Iowa City, IA

More than a pattern Harmon, a program of hate. Nice piece of work. Nobody is crying foul, but it's nice to know where your enemies are and where hate is bred.

Spanish Fork, UT

Truth will win out in the end, regardless of what sports writers or others think they know. Sure negative comments hurt, but we must just keep on doing what we can and let the chips fall where they may. Harmons column reminded me of the following 3 observations of life:
1. A friend, a graduate of the University of Colorado described Bolder as "a community of 80,000, surrounded by reality."
2. It seems that the far left AND the far right spend more time bashing their opponents than crafting good solid arguments for their positions.
3. Eisenhower is credited as saying: "You never get credit for all the good you do, nor can you ever explain away all the lies that others tell about you."

Thanks Jimmer, for giving us something good and positive to rally around these past few months. It has been an incredible ride. You have lifted us from thinking only of depressing world events such as the economy, war, natural disasters, people hating people. Your talent, humility, hard work, and dedication to your team-mates have served you well, and been a reminder to us all of how we should live and serve others.

Ann Arbor, MI

Leave it to harmon to once again spread the gospel of vicitmisation. Seems like just yesterday he was on his soapbox denouncing the PAC12. And the lemmings lap it up.

This same "soapbox' was used by harmon to promote the unrealistically and unattainable virtues of the jimer for over two years. Should we have expected anything different when the National media finally realizes that all this hot air doesn't add up to the actuall product on the floor?

Rielly was simply calling out the self induced propaganda machine as being fraudulent. What stings the most is that after years of building up the myth known as the "jimer", on a National level, will be remebered as a fraud.

Kearns, UT

I recall no one, Reilly included, thought that John Stockton would be a star in the NBA. So what does Reilly know? Apparently nothing.

Idaho Falls, ID

Rick Reilly is irrelevant, and he knows it. This was his bratish way of saying "look at me." As for Jay Mariotti, just ask Ozzie Guillen what he thinks of that guy.

Salem, OR

I am pretty sure he used the term "Jimmered" incorrectly at the beginning of this article. From my viewpoint it has always meant "you got beat down in a defeated or vanquished kind of way". That is why it is always chanted at the end of the game when the defeat is certain. I have seen a few such as Harmon think Jimmered means just "beat up". It just seems wrong to call Jimmer "Jimmered" because Reilly did not come close to defeating or cutting down Jimmer in defeat.
Harmon should know this better than anyone since he has witnessed the most Jimmering first hand. Come on Dick, get it together.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

There is much more support for Jimmer than there is for Rick Reilly. Rick is one of the few people that can get Ute Fans to pull for Jimmer and BYU.

Judge Smailes
Cedar Hills, UT

Who cares about Rick Reilly and what he says anyway! A couple of points he has written about now and in the past. If going on a LDS mission is such an advantage, then why don't other coaches use it to their advantage? Believe me, most coaches will tell you they feel it HURTS most athletes to leave for 2 years (even at the Y). Second, why doesn't the issue ever come up when BYU is having a bad season? As far as Jimmer not playing defense as a liability in the NBA? 90% of the NBA players do not play defense! Go watch any NBA game if you don't believe me! I would rather have a great shooter on my team than a defender anyday!!

Ann Arbor, MI

I notice a lot of bYu fans are clinging to "Riely only saw one game" excuse as a way to discredit his views.

1)But I must ask; Isn't that game a pretty good snap shot of his entire season?

Does the jimer not shoot in the 30% ( certainly trended that way over the last 6 games)

2)Does the jimer not turn the ball over a lot for a PG?

3) Does the jimer not take ill adviced shots when other teammates are open?

4) Does the jimer not play defense?

All four points can be attributed to just about any game he played this year.

Window Rock, AZ

Reminds of grade school when jeolous kids are throwing rocks from a distance, too scared and cowardly to go at it face to face. Thats what Mr. Reilly reminds of. He also reminds of the individual that Forrest Gump beat up; remember that little hippie that was treating Gump's girl friend bad, the one that he loved, admired and grew up with--we are like peas and carrots. Also, all those hippies that were boarding the bus; thats what liberalism reminds of. The reason why I recognize it is because I grew up with it attending school in Flagstaff Az. Never want to be part of that rock throwing culture; they don't have the courage to go at it "face to face". Mr. Reilly never played with prisoners like Jimmer did; In fact, Mr. Reilly probably couldn't handle being around prisoners--too cowardly and itimidated, while throwing rocks from a distance.

Layton, Utah

@ hedgehog. "Jimmer" is spelled with two (2) m's. One thing Jimmer will not be is a fraud. All the points he scored in college is not a fraud.

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