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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

This the absolute rock bottom, losing at home to the worst road team in the league.

What a nightmare.

Draper, UT

Glad I left after the 3rd quarter. Sooo bad. The Wizards have how many road victories now??? Why we rushed to sign Corbin to a multi-year deal I'll never know.

Tokyo, Japan

i think Ty needs to know its impossible to reach the playoffs now...and should develop Favors Hayward Evans more...looking at the statline...Hayward played well...as well as favors getting a double double in 23 mins...there are a lot of bad points...but jacking up 12 threes and making only three...takes the cake...it shows poor shot selection...we need a go to guy someone who we could really depend upon...im not sure if we would get someone like that on a weak draft...but im hoping we could get one by free agency...

as for drafting...i saw a few vids of Jonas...and i really think he would be overpowered in the NBA...he may be defensive minded...but he isnt that much of a defensive player...i guess i need to watch more vids...im really sold with Kemba Walker's game...i hope we could trade harris...for a reliable wing we sorely need...one who can shoot the three and defend...i hope we can get Jared Dudley and another player plus a draft pick from the suns

Layton, UT

I loved seeing the young guys out on the floor. What an awesome game Ronnie and Hayward had along with Favors. I think that Ronnie deserves to stay on this team. I hope that the final games that Ty lets the young guys play. I don't mind loosing if we have a purpose of letting our talent improve.

Bountiful, UT

Wizards. Two road wins. Cavs..Jazz. Nuff said.

Bellevue, WA

A new low. Corbin is showing his green side. A night after they lose a track meet to the Warriors, he cannot see his way to get his team to push the ball (the Wizards were so warn out in the 1st quarter, my 6 1/2 year old daughter is yelling at them to push the ball). Last, but certainly not least, another dismal showing from the free throw line cost them another game - unforgivable.

I love the Jazz and wish I had a clue as to what they were doing or where they are heading but... (by the blank looks on the coaches, I'm not the only one.

Ogden, UT

I'm a die-hard Jazz fan but I find myself counting New Jersey losses vs Toronto or Sacramento Wins for lottery positioning rather than Jazz wins. Perhaps Ty needs some time to grow into Head Coach. Right now, this is not the come-every-night-to-work Jazz I've grown to expect during the Sloan-Stockton-Malone era.

What happened to 'if nothing else, I know the Jazz will compete' mantra?????

This hurts!!!

Bountiful, UT

Loved watching the rookies in the 4th quarter bring us back from a 12 point hole. Just couldn't finish it off.

Favors had a double double in 23 mins and Hayward looked great as well. But as someone pointed out we can't miss that many free-throws and win the game. Under 50%, not going to happen. That airball was the epitome.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Favors is the real deal. How can you deny a player like him playing time? You can't. Hayward is coming along nicely too. He filled the stat sheet up pretty good tonight. Enjoy watching his quickness and athleticism. I really liked watching the rookies play and make a game out of it even though they ran out of gas in the overtime. At this point it's about development and draft positioning anyway. Go Rookies! Go Kevin!

Omaha, NE

What a nightmare ending to a great beginning. Those days of beating Miami and all those East teams on the road and all those amazing comebacks feels like a dream. The Jazz are about as good as the utes right now. I wonder who would win that matchup?

Louisville, CO

Jefferson, Favors, and Harris are from teams that are used to losing. That combined with the Rookies is a bad combination. i don't think that they know how to "expect" to win!

Now I'm even expecting them to lose...unbelievable and very frustrating! What a terribly disappointing season in so many ways!!!

Washington, UT

wow the Jazz are officially the worst team in the NBA. They obviously have checked out and started vacation early. I don't remember the last time I witnessed an NBA player shoot a foul shot 13 feet but Prices' airball was embarrassing. I don't know what to think I have 4 tickets to the Lakers game on Friday and I have no desire to watch that debacle. There must be major changes this summer or next year will be no different.

San Francisco, CA

I too watched the game and I'm wondering what Price did that was so spectacular? He had 3 nice steals????

I notice less and less posters. I'm just not sure what to say other than, wow. Other than Favors and Hayward getting some invaluable minutes this was horrible. Wizards huh? Two infamous road wins, wow. We should have beat this time with our second string offense hands down.

I'm afraid we better get use to this. I love the Jazz but long-term we have issues. We lose AK for next year, Jefferson at this rate will want out and once Favors starts shining he is gone. Pessimism I know but if history repeats itself this just may happen again. Oh, I hope our brass is smarter than we think and have some GREAT short-term and long-term goals in place to get us back again. I love the Jazz and will till the end but this is dang dang hard folks. Keep Favors, Hayward, Harris (back-up),CJ, Milsap (6th man), AJ (if he wants to stay), AK(5 million-stock is dropping due to health issues) and dump the rest...

West Jordan, UT

Once the rookies got it to overtime, they had done their job. Why, oh, why didn't Corbin put the starters back in to start the overtime?

I'm still upset that he didn't tell Millsap to miss that 2nd free throw against the Hornets.

He is struggling big time as a head coach. I wonder if the Millers are having 2nd thoughts about the multi-year deal they gave him?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ stop shooting 3's. Stop it, Stop it, Stop it...............

Go to the rack and finish. Stop being lazy and put the ball on the floor. I thought you had learned but evidently you are going back to jacking up 3's when you need to get to the hole.

Please don't make me call you out again on here. You are embarrassing me!!

American Fork, UT

The Utes would beat the Jazz at this point. Boylen is available.

Cedar Hills, UT

Boy these trades are really paying off for the Jazz aren't they. Can't wait to see what great trades happen over the off season. Maybe next year the Jazz will be a lottery team for the 2013 season with any luck (worse team in the league along with the Cavs).

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Dreadful performance but still could have won if not for the free throw shooting. 10 for 21? Are you serious??

San Francisco, CA

I never thought the day would come that someone would actually get excited about "letting our rookies " get valuable floor time b/c we were that bad......It has actually come to this and I just want to wake up from this horrific nightmare.

CJ Miles, I agree.....I have defended CJ as well but that was embarrassing. 3-12 from beyond??? Sad.....

I will have to agree many others on here regarding our trades and this is what it's boiled down too? Really Jazz Brass? The Lakers are next? I just hope we can salvage something here. Get a great pick in the draft and trade for some Leadership b/c it's intuitively obvious we have non. Sorry, but our past loses were not smart and it's showing. DWill be glad your gone brother...I hope we don't lose anymore but then again are we dealing with the inevitable??? Sorry folks I am venting as I'm just not happy with the current status. My bad...Todd??

Houston, TX

This loss helps the draft pick. Moving up a position or 3 in a weak draft may make a lot of difference.

I am not thinking about nor worried about the rest of this season. I am very interested in the draft picks and other possible changes in the team for next year.

I am sure KOC/Greg have signaled to Corbin that it is okay to experiment with various combinations and other adjustments.

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