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Published: Saturday, March 26 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sorry, The Lakers have the past 2 Championships and that is more than the Jazz will ever win.. That is all I need to say about this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh wait Andrew... What I am saying is YOUR Utah Jazz Will never win an NBA Championship... And I promise you this.

St Gorgeous
Raynham Center, MA

Go Lakers!

Killeen, TX

This is a shame Mr Aragon. I don't care even if you are joking. This has no place in life or sports.
What goes around comes around, go ahead throw a jinx hoping others fail where the Jazz didn't succeed and you will see how successful will the Jazz be soon.

Bountiful, UT

I boycott NBA basketball every year after the LA Fakers win a title. When they won 3 in a row I boycotted over 3 years. In fact I really have had little interest in NBA basketball since. I cannot stand it!
That series against Sacramento years ago when Kobe Bryant drew a foul which everyone on the planet knew was an offensive foul after intetionally hitting Doug Cristie in the face and making him bleed is one of the main reasons why I never went back to being a big fan.
I knew that day the game was 100% rigged. it is all about the money and the publicity. I hope the NBA does go on strike again and that they do fall completely apart. Seems like too many pro sports are going in the same direction as the NBA. I hate the LA Lakers more than any Red Sox fan hates the NY Yankees. More than Democrats and Republicans hate each other. More than Skeletor hates He-Man!

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