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Published: Thursday, March 24 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Wow, where were the coach's, where were the team leaders, where were the team captains, my kingdom for some basketball sense, all Milsap had to do was miss that last freethrow and game over Jazz win. Wow wow wow every highschool coach in the state knows that and would have had the FT missed.. Sad... welcome home lotery

West Jordan, UT

You can't fault their effort tonight but . . .

I was SCREAMING at the TV for Paul to miss that free throw! C'mon coach Corbin!

I blame this loss on coaching.

Not to mention that injuries and inconsistency have killed this team.

I can't wait for the season to be over . . . it's been painful to say the least.

Tokyo, Japan

Gordon Hayward had a good game...3 blocks...we will have a log jam at the 4-5...when Tomic comes in...we still need quality 2 and 3s...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

This proves my point that Corbin is in over his head. He does not have the experience to coach young players who need to be coached. Freshman basketball coaches in high school could have made that call. Up one, other team has zero time-outs, you miss the free throw every time. Yes every time. Not even an exception with that amount of time. All the other team can do is rebound and heave. You can't make a pass with one second.

Makes you wonder what Millsap was thinking too. How much basketball has he played? But it is still on Corbin. His job is to monitor the game and make the decision on to miss or make. The next question is where were his great asst. coaches? Hornacek should know better. Layden should know better. That explains a lot about why this team has fallen apart.

CJ 21 minutes? Bell 42 minutes? Interesting that the +/- had CJ with the best score yet he only plays 21 minutes.......

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

millsap backed away from the line and looked at the coach before the second one.

Holladay, UT

its funny no one noticed the timekeeper must have dozed off before he hit the button as there was just a tad over a second and they had time to throw the ball the length of the court and it hit the new orleans player and bounced off his hand and dribbled to the player and he grabed it and jumped up to shoot and this took only a second. sure???? there had to be more than two seconds and we would have won.

navotas, philippines

wow. 2 comments of mine have been rejected by deseretnews. i wonder why? as i was trying to post earlier, how could a coach let his team allow the other team to still score with only 1.3 seconds to go? simple math and corbin would have deduced what it would take to win that ball game. oh well... i hope this isn't how corbin's coaching would be like next season.

navotas, philippines

ohh yeah i forgot to congratulate the jazz on another moral victory. more to come, i guess. lol. as big al said, they should be proud. lol

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

My 4 year old boy was yelling at Millsap to miss the free throw. What could possibly be going through his head. And Corbin just proved he is in over his head. What a horrible way to lose a game. Pure stupidty. And you might as well put Boler and Harpring on a slow boat to China. Laurel and Hardy they are not. And you can throw in big Thurl for company. These announcers are becoming a nuisance. Just call the game. No comedy please.

bobby d
Beaver, UT

You really have to be kidding Coach. My wife was making that call at the end to miss the free throw. Guess Ty didn't get the memo. Total proof that Corbin is not the man for the job. Sad but true. Millsap knows not to make the second one. Sometimes Paul you just have to take the bull by the horns and do whats right. It was a sad ending because the Jazz did battle back in the last minute and had the win. What hurts is that even though we lost............again, by enabling the Hornets another win, a team like Houston or Phoenix may be bumped out of the playoffs. Do we have to say more. Tyrone, that was bad, really bad.

Southern Utah Fan
Enterprise, Utah

Hayward had a great 1st half and was benched almost all the 3ed qt. Why?

Draft time..... We got the starting of a good team. Need a good big man that other teams have to respect, and a pure 3 point shooter to open up the paint. Looks like were going to have the picks to do it. question is, will we?

Idaho Falls, ID

The Jazz should trade away all first round choices. They seldom get anybody in the first round anyway. Time for some house cleaning and trade for a first rounder. Get somebody that can come in and make a difference immediately.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Aaron Gray? Okafur?

It's too bad this Jazz organization does not see the need for a big defensive minded center.

Hugh G. Hater

No more Raja Bell please.

Provo, UT

This loss sums up the Jazz season. Aaron Gray (50%) foul shooter goes Ray Allen at the foul line at the end. Okafur hits an impossible shot. All could have been avoided by missing a dang foul shot. Common sense Millsap and Corbin. This is like a bad dream. I remember when the Jazz were almost 2nd in the west. Good game by Millsap though. Jefferson is playing well too, just needs to quit holding the ball so long. This team is getting some time to play together and learn the system. So next season, hopefully there will be more chemistry and get back to winning some games. Lesson learned, miss the dang foul shot next time.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aaron Gray did for the Hornets what Fes is supposed to be doing for the Jazz -- occupy space. Oh, and Gray makes foul shots also.

It appears that Corbin has given up on Fes -- he gives him even less time than Sloan did. Too bad.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

the jazz lost because of harprings ridiculous comments,
he should not be allowed to air his opinion.

i told my friend after millsap made the first he could miss the second and the game would be over, then that pass and shot.

i knew the jazz were doomed when I heard, the jazz have out played noh and deserved to win" i think before the game was over, the only person who outplayed the hornets was millsap and thats because the team doesn't have any chemistry.

corbin has failed to impress, even the night before i was wondering about his meaningless tech that ended up being the difference between the jazz being dogs or garbage,

they look like garbage, the brand is garbage, it is a fabrication and everything that doesn't go the jazz way is an insult to ultimate reality, if you listen closely to the broadcast, everyone is wrong there and there is no need for some objectivity, apparently they want a fan to call a game someone please step up, get ronald mcdonald he is a clown too.

the talent is there
the vision isn't.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

CJ I agree the last of the 4th I was askining my brother "where's CJ, shouldnt he be in the game?" and my bro was speechless as we just sat there in awe that he wasnt in the game, how do you not have your best FT shooter and 3 point shooter in the game at the end of a tight one. Then at the end of reg when Sap hit the first ft we knew it was over (becuase we all know why) my bro asked what was on my mind "why isnt anyone remindeing Milsap what to do, why arn't they talking?" "he's going to make the second one". Man with several veterens on the floor like Bell and Watson how do they not talk to each other, some of them play like they really don't care.... SAD

Bluffdale, Utah

Greg Miller and the Jazz organization have ruined this team. Watching games like this have just proven it. When is this season over? This is pathetic.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

I thought Raja was our best FT shooter and isn't Hayward currently percentage wise our second best 3 point shooter on the team behind Milsap? The Hornets were playing two point guards alot which is why CJ probably wasn't playing the 2 guard. Corbin likes to play matchups so it comes down to Hayward or Miles at the three. Personally, I probably would have went with CJ because of experience and his ability to create. However, CJ has been off the past couple of games. Everyone is blasting Corbin but hindsight is 20/20. How many times would Okafor hit that shot, he banked it in for freaking sake-what a miracle. That's what makes sports so great. Better to be lucky than good and it helps when you get a little home cooking with the clock (Not).

I'm still laughing at Layden's comments when the Jazz hired Corbin, he is a can't miss. Talk about a curse........The Jazz weren't going anywhere any way and 2 lottery picks are better than one.

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