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Published: Thursday, March 24 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What Yeah
Centerville, UT

Congrats Amanda! Well deserved!


I was at Murray how did the Murray kids do?

Bountiful, UT

Go Vikings!!

Bountiful Democrat
Bountiful, UT

I am thrilled for the winners, having not been a winner over 20 years ago. But I am surprised that the scholarship money is still so low. Each of these winners, and runners up have spent countless hours in this competition - interviews, prep, travel, etc etc - on top of a lifetime of dedication to study's and practice. I find the $2,500 cash prise almost insultingly low - considering the cost of college education. I'm sure most of them will have other scholarships and awards - but for a program that for so long has been so prestigious, considered Utah's top high school award, and so higly competed for amongs our high school stars - they should be awarded on the lines of $25,000 each - not $2,500.

Bountiful Democrat
Bountiful, UT

To follow up to my earlier comment a few minutes ago. When I wrote my comment, I wasn't sure where the scholarship money came from ( $2,500) - I just google a bit - and it looks like the cash awards come from this newspaper - so to that end I applaud them and their generosity, - I don't mean to criticize this fine award program - but I do think we as a state/community should contribute/fund raise - to increase these cash prizes. To put my money where my mouth is - I'll write a letter to the paper, make a contributions to next years awards, and see what can be done about growing the pot - That's all.

North Salt Lake, UT

Way to go Viewmont!

Gainesville, VA

The good news for everyone is that there are more scholarships out there to had. Instead of a summer job I'm going to have my kids fill out as many scholarship applications that they possibly can co collectively they add up to something. On a different note I just finished reading a booked called The "Trouble With Boys: A surprising report card on our sons, their problems of School, and What parents and educators must do" (long title I know). Anyway, it mentions in here how so often girls are getting the scholarships and how the school system needs to find better ways to support the boys and continue with their methods of supporting the girls (please no freaking out about this comment - read the book first - I'm not really great at writing my thoughts). I didn't go through each person awarded but I wonder if it was mostly girls.

Salem, UT

No apparent female issues here- women only won 10 of 13 categories and took 16 of 26 runner-up slots (went by first names so not sure on a couple of them)- so no relationship to be found there- as a father of a couple of what I consider to be very bright girls (ACT's 34+) my only though is go girls and boys and parents thereof- good luck- Wonder how the historical numbers have looked?

Woods Cross, UT

I agree with Bountiful Democrat. The Deseret News has carried the ball on this for years. We need other sponsors to help out. Some students are not applying because many other scholarships from other sources pay much more. We should honor the state's best with a better scholarship than this.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, it appears that you have to be LDS to judge this contestest. Are non LDS students allowed to enter?

South Jordan, UT

Women "only" won 10 of 13 categories? Granted, that's a small sample size, but it definitely looks like the men are getting left behind when they only win 23% of the categories...

Ogden, UT

Congrats to all the winners! Your hard work and dedication have paid off.

And to all those wondering about the size of the scholarship, most of these kids will be offered much more. For example, at Weber State University the state winners and runners up are offered an additional $2,200 scholarship in addition to academic, leadership, or talent based scholarships they may receive.

I hope these students and thier families explore all the options they have available to help pay for college.

Manila, UT

Bountiful Democrat, yes, the awards are quite small. On the other hand, Sterling Scholar competitions are held in the more rural areas of the state, for which the DesNews lends only its name, not its money. Winners in those competitions, equally deserving, get far less in either recognition or reward. My local high school quit participating in the northeast Utah competition 20 years ago because we were required to pay to participate, and as a very small school (less than 50 students) we infrequently had winners. Our admission fee paid for lunch for the kids and that's about it. Of course, in these small, rural towns, basketball is vastly more important to the community than is scholarship, but academic recognition would sure be a plus.

It would be nice if some other entity would step up and give the DesNews a hand with these competitions, and the resulting academic recognition.

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