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Published: Tuesday, March 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Sunnyvale, CA

Grab Gottfried. over 11 years at 2 schools with 64% winning percentage. 11 years at 'Bama proving that he can win at the highest level against top quality WITH his own recruits. All things we've been missing these past seven years.

Orange County, CA

ESPN says Larry Brown wants to coach in the college ranks.

Las Vegas, NV

Attention Chris Hill: we don't want Dave Rose! We can do so much better than that. As an assistant over the years he was an embarassement for BYU has he taunted the crowd under previous byu coaches. His antics of reinserting Jimmer in the game at Utah after he had scored 40+ points, been pulled from the game, Utah sent in their bench players, and then Rose was so classy in putting Jimmer back in to run up the score and pad his stats. Just say no, to Rose. I'm getting ready to do the Gator chomp, rise and shout, your about to be spit out.

Syracuse, UT

Bring in Roger Reid! He will take the utes where they are destined to go!

What's up?
Salt Lake City, UT

This program is not what it use to be and "high profile" coaches may just be a dream. Chris Hill's job may be on the line here after two very weak efforts.

Ann Arbor, MI

The reason Y no coach has been named is because a certain coach to be named is still playing in the tournement.

The team this coach will be leaving will forever be bitter and unforgiving.

Provo, UT

I disagree. Pony up and get the guy from Butler. I don't care if he's 33 and looks like he's 13. The guy can coach!

Idaho Falls, ID

Admit it Hill. Nobody wants to board your sinking ship.

Kearns, UT

Sorry Ed, but a guy who does have some real interest in boarding the Utah "sinking ship" is Dave Rose. What does that say about the future of BYU basketball post Jimmer, and in the WCC? Rose doesn't believe it's too rosey of a future.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

There are plaenty of quality coaches who would love the job at Utah.

There are many who have already said they have no interest.

Dr. Hill might not get his ideal candidate, or first choice, but Utah should end up with a quality coach.

Riverton, UT

Hedgehog: At least you recognize quality when you see it. If it takes the Cougs to churn out quality coaches for the Utes, then so be it. If you can't develop them yourselves, then we of course are kind and giving and will throw a few crumbs your way. You are welcome.

Iowa City, IA

Ute fans don't want Rose, they just like stirring the pot. Rose has never said he is disappointed in the WCC, ever. That's all speculation by hopeful utes.

Ute fans have also said he's been offered. Hill would lose his job if he's already done that. That is an automatic no no.

Dave Rose will stay at BYU, it's the best program in the state and will be for years. Dave Rice might be interested, but not Rose.

Serenity Now
American Fork, UT

When Rose's name comes up as a hot commodity among college coaches this year, it's for something bigger and better than the Utah job. It cracks me up to think Hill actually believes a Lon Kruger or Dave Rose would leave superior programs with supportive fans, administration, and talented players in the pipeline to board a boat adrift...Best case scenario for Utah: They're able to land an up and coming Morehead State or St. Mary's coach, or grab Lone Peak High's Quincy Lewis....

Saint George, UT

3 strikes and you should be out.

Hill's legacy is riding on this hire.

If Hill blows it, buh-bye.

Holladay, UT

to: nottyou
Were you talking about Jeff Judkins? Oh yeah, your welcome for us preparing him.

As for Utah, I would take back Judkins if Hill would. Dave Rice might be one I want before Rose, good X and O man. Butlers coach is a dream in the sky that I would take also. Let's get someone to equal the program. Let's not boil or jack this one.

Ann Arbor, MI

While it might be true that Utah has taken ever BYU coah they wanted. The same cannot be said for the tds.

KWhitt and Roderick both have said NO to byu advances.
Again, BYU is just a steping stone to a better job.

Truth hurts.

Salt Lake city, UT

as much as i would like to see dave rose at the U i would much rather prefer a younger guy like brad stevens from butler. rose is a great coach, there's no doubt about it, but brad stevens is also a great, young upstart of a coach who could really get things back on track for a once prestigious U basketball program. i just think rose is too invested in the byu program to jump up and leave. he just doesn't seem like the kind of a guy who would leave a solid product for the sake of more money. money talks though, and i guess i could be surprised if we find out that rose decides to talk back but if stevens bites, i think we should pursue him very heavily.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

michi piggy, I love KWhitt and he'd have been my choice for the BYU job and yet he is 3-3 against BYU's "second choice."

As to "stepping stone to a better job," wasn't Urban in town last week?

Eagle Mountain, UT

If the truth hurts they you must be in constant pain. Truth is that the Utah job is not abig draw for successful coaches anywhere. A weak team in mid-level conference moving to a marginally better conference is not. Utah will either hire a marginally successful experienced head coach or find an up and comer assistant coach who is looking for an early career break who does not think he will get it elsewhere. Too much chance of still being a bottom dweller 4 years from now and being fired.
True that we diddn't get Whit or Rod. We have sure paid for that(tongue in cheek) haven't we. Mendenhall is just getting started and while his teams are in the national spotlight and in the hunt for BCS and NC, your team will be headed in the other direction. BYU basketball will also be in the national spotlight and success will continue to breed success.

Your bball team had it's heyday in the 90's and your football team had a couple of good years against mostly weak teams. You won't have much to cheer about in the near future.
Truth Hurts!

Pocatello, ID

I respectfully disagree with those who say Hill's job is on the line with this hire. Given the resources he has, Hill as arguably been one of the most, if not the most successful AD over the past 20 years.

During his tenure, football has become relevant, bball made a trip the NC game, 2 BCS games, Pac-12, etc.. Yes, the current state of basketball is disappointing but to think Hill's job is riding on this hire is lunacy, in my opinion.

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