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Published: Monday, March 21 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

There has been very little ball movement in the first half, I love how hard Paul works but he is becoming a black hole. Jefferson and Paul have been getting killed inside so far.
I wish Corbin would play Bell about 15 minutes not 30 plus.

Smithfield, UT

They won't reach 41 wins this season.

Calgary, AB

Corbin lost his mind or they already tanking it. Playing useless, scared to shot ( and when he does he bricks them anyway), used to be good defender Bell over AK or CJ is straight way to lottery. Grizzlies - worst NBA team in 3 pointers yet they still light us up from perimeter as rest of the NBA... Bell who!?
The day they lost Matthews will haunt them forever unless they draft something spectacular.
If I were AK I would seriously reconsider about resigning with the Jazz - for what? 16 min a game???

Murray, UT

This season has been a train wreck and all credit goes to KOC. I can't believe how much this man has ruined the team.

All the Jazz needed in the offseason was a large center and we'd be up there with the Lakers. Move Mathews, Korver, Brewer, you moved your All-Star P.G's friends and wings. So the All Star PG wants out, Sloan gets notified that they're rebuilding again, Sloan quits because he has no energy, PG traded, and now you've got the Utah Clippers.

Well here's to next season....at least Hayward and Favors look bright.
Hayward's already the best 3 point shooter on the Jazz. 44% Very impressive.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Well,well,well...so much for miles the "10 million dollar man" this is the real cj,worthless lazy,no defense,hopefully gone at the end of the season,where`s miles tonight,in hiding?

Bountiful, UT


Do you just have a copied statement on a clipboard to post here every game bashing Kevin O'Conner and living in the past about Matthews, Korver, etc?

Seriously its the same post every single game the Jazz lose. Just makes me chuckle.

I see no downside to the rest of the season. Jazz rookies will get more time on the floor and we will have two lottery picks to get Derrick Williams and Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Nobody played well, everyone seemed lackadaisical, no chemistry, no passing / no assists, terrible on the boards. No one players fault but several players didn't play well.
I like Price's aggressive play but he's not a point guard or a good shooter, CJ shot terrible, Watson no assists, Bell as usual poor play 1for4. Interior defense was terrible, mostly Paul and Big Al.
Hayward shot OK and played OK, Evans played hard and had good numbers for his minutes, Favors had a good first half, hope his injury isn't too bad that it keeps him out of many games.
The playoffs are not really a possibility, so I guess we need to look forward to the draft and the development of the young players. Hope Corbin sees reality and shuts down some of the vets, to give the young guys more PT.

Murray, UT


I think it's the first time I've said that.

Derrick Williams is the #1 pick, no way we're getting him. Plus, we need Irving more than Derrick. Need a true PG.

Captain L
Provo, UT

The young guys need to get playing time so they can become more assertive and aggressive. There is alot of chemistry issues as players learn new roles. Pt guard is a problem, maybe Harris will come around but he needs to try to look to involve all the other players more than look for his own scoring. I wish Milsap would accept the fact that for the good of the team he needs to say I'll be the 6th man and let Favors start. I don't think he'll accept that, so I hope Corbin has the guts to see it and make the move. I think Favors is the future and we need his presence in the middle.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Houdini: I knew you would slam CJ, he didn't shoot well but he's not the only one and he's not the only one that didn't play with energy. You hate CJ so much, your always looking to justify your negative comments about him. CJ has played pretty good for several games and now he has a poor game and your all over it. Sad.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Houdini......CJ got to the line 9 times so he must not have been too lazy. So he was missing his shots, big deal. He still played hard and his free throw attempts totally contradict your lack of basketball knowledge one more time.

Do they have TV's in Rye?

Bellevue, WA

Can anybody tell me why Bell gets 28 minutes per game Maybe I am missing something in Bell's game? Anyone?

San Francisco, CA

@as186451--that is the 64 thousand dollar question. It's absolutely crazy. Bell must have Corbin in his back pocket. It makes no sense. I mean both Price and Bell had more minutes that AK....what? AK had 17 minutes? Price 20 and I think Bell had almost 30 min.... What is going on, Corbin? Is AK hurt or am I missing something? Wow.....

Farmington, UT

Is it just me, or does the Jazz seem to be playing WORSE since the D-Will trade? The defense is certainly worse--we're now making the most obscure of NBA players superstars when they play the Utah Jazz.

Has anyone on our roster played a 2-3 zone before? This zone usually doesn't give up so many layups.

The inexperience amongst our new coaching staff is really starting to show. We now look like the Minnesota Timberwolves--no defense, and AJ on offense--and no signs of improvement. At least it's warmer here, AJ.

The rest of this season is nothing more than an audition for next season, if there is one. The preseason has officially begun. We have some good pieces for the future--we really need to start getting these pieces into place in case there is a next season.

San Francisco, CA

This was pathetic effort no doubt. No consistency whatsoever. The Jazz had no heart against Memphis tonight. We have a "few" decent prospects and that is encouraging. To Captain L and CJ Miles please stop feeding into certain posts. Treat certain posts as if they didn't exist. I don't event read them b/c they are never relevant to what is going on. Just don't buy into the nonsense--not worth it.
The Jazz have a lot of issues and something has got to give. Whats wrong with the lineup that brought some excitement? AJ, Favors, AK, CJ and Harris? This isn't quantum physics here. Sap can come off the bench. Not sure what Corbin is thinking. It's not good. Go Jazz.....

Layton, UT

Why on earth would you play a guy who can not shot,rebound,steal,or pass. His name is Raja Bell. Watch the tape he sits flat footed. Fes may be better to play than Al right now too. Al looked like his bags were already packed along with most of the Jazz.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Amgolfer.......It wouldn't be any fun if Houdini and I didn't go back and forth......

As for Corbin, he is in over his head. He is too afraid to hurt Millsap's feelings. I think the Jazz need to bring in a tough, defensive minded coach who can teach the game. Sloan didn't want to teach, only preach. He would give lip-service to defense. The Jazz need someone who isn't afraid to bench players for not playing some D along the way.

The Jazz are going nowhere fast.......

Houston, TX

With the loss to HOU the Jazz are highly unlikely to get into the playoffs and may as well improve their lotto status.

Hence almost no one played hard and you had a lot of interesting combinations on the floor. Do not expect a lot of road victories but the Jazz should play better in front of the home crowd.

They are not exactly tanking but they are not playing hard or smart enough to win either.

Corbin is giving playing time to Bell (rumored to be traded in the off season) and Price (should be replaced with DWill's eventual replacement in the draft) and others who need to audition for positions.

That is not a bad thing given the situation. Utah has always been kind to its players and treated them much better than most NBA organizations. That is a reason why many NBA non stars are very willing to come to Utah.

The Jazz core values of loyalty and civility are trumping the core value of playing hard for the sake of playing hard.

The Jazz need the best draft they can get. Kanter and Jimmer would be nice. But so would a lot of others.

the boonies, mexico

Make the most of your young players now Corbin and go with next years people that will be back. You should keep Harris, Favors, Evans, Hayward, Jefferson, Miles, and Milsap unless he is wanted more by someone else who will give up something you need. A.K. would be offered a contract for 7 mil, and Fesenko for 2 or 2.5 mil and if they don't want that say goodbye to them also. Regarding draft picks with the youth we have now I wouldn't draft any rookies in the upcoming draft, but would try to trade for established players with them as to your needs. If that can't be done draft to trade the rookies. Just clean the house the right way being you are 65% there now. Hire a defensive specialist coach and a big man coach, letting Layden move to the front office or wherever. Bring Cousin and Jeffers in for summer and preseason ball and see if either will work. Play in the Orlando & Las Vegas summer leagues and watch young players there also. This boat "will" still float! Go get shipmates!

Temecula, CA

Looks like Jazz won't be able to get Irvin or Williams. I see that Burks from Colorado had a good game in NIT opener...hope someone watches him Friday night in next game. Captain L mentioned him on blog other night. I am leaning towards him now instead of small quick guy like Kemba Walker. Burks could end up being one of the best defensive NBA guards, who could play shooting guard some and PG/back up PG some. I see Tomic coming in 2013 and I don't think Vesely or Motiejunas or Kanter will prove better than him. Why not go for 2 guards, Burks and Jimmer?

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