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Published: Sunday, March 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Midway, UT

Glad to see the all state selections and in particular... MVP Sam Orchard! Much, much deserved. He contributed so much more than points per game! Leadership, assists, defense. The most valuable piece of the state champion team! Congratulations Sam O!

Salt Lake City, UT

After reviewing the votes, it would be a much different team if first team votes by coaches were only counted for the first team instead of simply adding up the entire amount of points.

For instance, a player who nearly all coaches considered second team ends up first team because he gets so many of those second team votes, while a third team player gets more first place votes than other first team players but ends up on the third team because his overall votes are not as numerous.

There is no perfect way to select these kids.

However, they all deserve recognition and congrats to those who got that recognition.

Midway, UT

Tommy: I see what you mean. This didn't happen in 3A. The thing is, this is exactly the way the Heisman trophy vote is done. Honestly though, the only way this happened is that those 2nd and 3rd team kids with more 1st team votes than two 1st team kids had fewer coaches that voted for them at all, on any team. If they at least had most or all coaches voting them somewhere, they would have been placed higher. It was quite strange though how two of the 1st team selections only had two first team votes.

Brighton Alum
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Tommy....another problem with the way these players are selected (and I am not sure what the answer is) is the limited time most coaches see the players. If a players team does not make a real run in state then most of the coaches never have the opportunity to see them. Coaches pretty much vote for players from their region or from teams that go deep in State. As this is an individual honor that should be based on the quality of the player and not the quality of the team it would be nice if there were a solution. There are several players in both 5a and 4a that received lower honors or were left off completely...and we are talking about players with serious and legitimite D-1 potential and interest.

st. george, ut

Wow, I'm glad the coaches are the ones deciding the all state team, at least the coaches from up north. Not one kid from southern Utah got named to a team. Only two got honorable mentions and the leading three point shooter for 4A didn't even get an honorable mention. A great process for picking an ALL STATE team.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's an interesting situation... But doesn't it make sense that the players who can take their teams to the state tournament and WIN get selected?

Salt Lake City, Ut

Interesting, the leading scorer in 4A was not even selected on the first team. The whole process lacks credibility. In comaprison how many of you coaches would have a justified complaint if Jimmer Fredette doesn't win player of the year or worse he wasn't selected 1st team (and he was). His team didn't even make the final four yet many of the comments above state the need to go deep into the playoffs. C'mon coaches get real and have some credibility. I smell a big time "boys club" here or worse you dont have any idea what you're doing. Which is it? Sad!! BTW, the leading scorer did it in the toughest 4A region!

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