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Published: Saturday, March 19 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Ticky Burden
salt lake city, ut

Really ?? While I'm sure Stew is a fine coach and a good person, I see no indication he would have had any more success than Giacolletti or Boylen at Utah. USU qualifies for the NCAA tourney every year by getting 25 - 30 wins in a weak conference and against a sorry preseason schedule. Then like clockwork, they get eliminated in the 1st round. Watching the Aggies against K-State was painful. So much for "getting 'er done." Again, good coach , good guy, but he and his program are never going to be confused with Coach K at Duke, Roy Williams at NC or even Dave Rose at BYU.

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

"Big West and WAC powerhouse"

You don't see Big West and WAC used in the same sentence with "POWERHOUSE" very often. do you?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

When Stew left CSU for USU he said he could never compete as long as Utah and byu were in the conference. Stew doesn't want to compete. He wants to be the big fish in a small pond. He relies on too many JC players.
He's fine at USU. The Pac12 will bring on bigger fish than Stew.

Lehi, UT

And yet in those last seven years Utah has more tournament wins than Utah State

Dyer Gary
Bountiful, UT

i hope chris hill doesn't get mmerrill

Riverton, UT

Thanks, Stew, for making basketball success a way of life at USU. Win, lose, or draw, I love the Aggies. Give Gary Andersen a few years and he will also build a consistent football winner. We will be patient with you if you will stick with us.

What's up?
Salt Lake City, UT

Clearly Utah fans should just stay focused on football. It seems they know little about the other game.

Dyer Gary
Bountiful, UT

whats up is the one that knows little about the other game.stop shooting from the hip.

Magna, UT

I respectfully disagree with the thesis of this article. Stew Morrill is no fit for the Utes or for SLC. #1.) In that same time frame this article mentions Coach Giac and Boylen combined have one more tournament win then Coach Morrill has; 2 to 1. #2.) Coach Boylen's graduation rate was easily as good as Stew's. #3.) Giac and Jim ran a very clean program in the aftermath of the shady things Majerus was doing, which if anybody understood, are really what started this program in decline. #4.) Coach Morrill hates the media spotlight and would crack under the pressure of local media types, such as that guy who writes for the Trib, who's name rhymes with "Jordan Fawnson."

So, if nice guys like Ray Giac and Jim Boylen can't handle the pressure of winning for a once elite (and will be again) program, a person like Stew Morrill certainly could not. Coach Morril is great fit for the Colorado State's and the Utah State's of the world, but by no means is he a "Utah Man Sir."

West Haven, UT

I think the Utes would have been much better had Morrill been the coach. Ute basketball has been tediously boring the past several years.

Highland, UT

@What's Up?

They don't know anything about football either. 6 years of mixed success has made them think they do. They don't.

Cedar Hills, UT

Stew has done one thing that The last 2 Utah coaches never figured out, how to recruit Utah kids. A lot of the success Rick had at Utah was when Judkins was on staff and getting Utah kids to go to Utah. They have'nt had that in oh the last 7 years and look were that program is now.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Go back to sleep Randy. The Utes will be just fine and without Stew.

Cosmo's Cousin
Holladay, UT

Like Stew would've wanted that job. Not a chance!

West Jordan, UT

Their many great coachs.m Stew is one of them. How about binging in Jeff Judkins, Tommy Conner or Hunsaker. They would all do a great Job. My vote (which doesn't count for much) Is for Jeff Judkins. However i do not want to see him leave the Green Pastures at BYU.

Clearfield, UT

Jeff Judkins should be considered for the U. Why a national search when we have so much talent right here?

Murray, UT

And Randy you know Stew was interested in the job and would have taken it seven years ago how? What evidence of that did you present in your article? None. The fact is Stew was not interested in being the coach to follow Majerus. He made that plenty clear if you had bothered to go back and read his comments. Now after seven years he appears interested because he can build a program without following the legend. Well too bad Stew, now the U is no longer interested in you and for good reason, you can beat weak teams but that is all.

Ogden, UT

Jeff Jud???? Surely you must be kidding!!

Logan, UT

Wow, years of crappy teams have really drained Utah fans of knowledge about basketball. Stew has been successful everywhere he's gone. He's gotten offers from PAC-10 schools before and turned them down. He would be successful at a higher level, because he would be able to get higher level recruits. Fortunately, he's one of VERY VERY few people left in the world to whom loyalty actually means something.

Ann Arbor, MI

I think it's very classy of Dr. Hill to wait until after the NCAA tournement to announce the hiring of Dave Rose.

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