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Published: Thursday, March 17 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

Jameer Nelson. Instead the jazz drafted humphries and the guy from nevada. I would've drafted Jameer.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

@CJ....Jimmer, the best college player you have ever seen?? that might be your weakest post ever! Jimmer with all his greatness, is probably only going to take the cougs to the second rd of the tourney in his great college career. I wouldn't even put him over Ainge at this point, not to mention all those players who have taken their teams to a championship!

I do agree with your post, however, that it doesn't make sense to compare players to other players. D-will is Jason Kidd, except that he's not.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I haven't watched Jimmer play too many times but I like how he finishes at the rim, although he does take a lot more outside shots than any NBA team will ever give him. I'm pretty sure that the biggest reason the Jazz would even consider drafting Fredette is because of the huge crowd of fans that he'll bring with him. That said, I think the Jazz need to draft for size first, followed by athleticism and shooting percentage. Being too small and too slow hasn't allowed them to keep up with the better teams in the league. They also need some star power, but Jefferson may actually get to that level soon (if he improves his defense).

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Other players had good players on their team. Ainge had much better team than Jimmer does. Don't get my wrong. I am not a BYU fan at all but Jimmer puts on a show when you watch him in person. I have watched him in the Mountain West Tournament the last two years and he does things that no one else can do. He makes Adam Morrison look like he couldn't play and Adam was considered a really good college player.

When Jimmer is on, he is unstoppable. Against New Mexico last week, he was unstoppable. Name a player in college that you can say that about? The only one who comes to mind lately was Curry at Davidson for a few games. Jimmer does it every game.

Would I draft Jimmer? No .....Not til the second round. But he is the best college player I have ever seen.

Bountiful, UT

Jimmer Fredette = Jaycee Carroll. Where's Jaycee Carroll now? Oh yeah, in Spain, he wasn't drafted. Jimmer hype is just that, hype. Nuff said.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Would that be Jaycee Carroll, who leads in scoring in one of those leagues over there! USU grad who is drawing comparisons to Fredette here.

Jimmer best in the country? Let's compare Kemba Walker's stats to Fredette.

Jimmer 35 minutes a game, 28.6 pts, 3.5 rbs, 4.3 assists, 1.3 steals, 3.5 turnovers, 45 percent from the field, 88 percent from the line, and 39 percent from 3. Plays in a two team or 3 team league.

Kemba 37 minutes a game, 23.4 pts, 5.4 rbs, 4.5 assts, 1.9 stls, 2.2 to's 43 percent, 80 percent and 34 percent from 3. Many game winning shots, his team won the conference tourney and plays in arguably the toughest conference in the country. I don't think Jimmer, who can't even put up the same assists,rebounds,steals and turnovers in a weaker league, would have the same success as Kemba if they were in the same league, let alone the game winning shots and plays.

I like Jimmer, but he is over-hyped! Prove me wrong vs Gonzaga Jimmer, then I might be a believer.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Jimmer probably has more athleticism than we give him credit for, kinda like Hayward (better athlete than I thought) but the thing that makes Jimmer good is how well he uses the stop and go and hesitation/change of direction plus he has unbelievable range. Time will tell but using our 2nd lottery pick for Jimmer, I think would be a good move. I wouldn't use the first one on him but we need a shooter and he can shoot. He doesn't have the size Korver has, but I think he can shoot like Korver. Jimmer can do alot more with the ball than Korver can/could do and if others on his team can create and get him open looks, I think Jimmer would be a great asset.I
I think we need Barnes, Jones or Vesely, I hope one of them will still be around when we draft at #6 or 7.

Las Vegas, NM

I think Evans has been a solid player for the Jazz....I am not sure what is wrong with Fesenko...He has not developed in three years.
I personally saw and like Tomic...He is talented, maybe a little too skinny, but
cerntainly talented.

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