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Published: Wednesday, March 16 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Burley, ID

Wow! Maybe this will give CJ the confidence boost he needs to become consistent in his outside shot. If he could knock down 20 points a game it would be a huge boost for the Jazz.

Murray, UT

Man Jazz only won by 15 points? Ha ha just kidding. Miles proved us all wrong tonight didn't he? Nice win Jazz you guys looked like a team tonight.

Go Jazz

St. George, UT

This is the type of play we have been looking out of CJ for the last 5 years. We all know this isn't going to be a regular thing because he seems to be very incosistant but ill take it. If we can continue to get the play like we did from AK, Cj, Big al and even favors i like how our future looks. Not saying this season but next year and years following. Lets get healthy and see what our future holds.


CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

That CJ is such a horrible player. I can't believe Corbin even plays him. He can't shoot, he is lazy, etc........

Don't any of you jump on the bandwagon tonight. This is CJ's and my night to gloat.

CJ was the only one to even make a 3 with the exception of Harris who hit one. The rest of the team couldn't hit the rim from outside. CJ was unstoppable.

Take note Corbin....The issue with Bell is not debateable. CJ is your starter at the 2 for the rest of the year. If you can not see that, hopefully Kevin shows you the door soon.

40 points......40 points......Houdini can't even count that high.........

By the way, last game he scored 19 points. I think that makes two games in a row for a guy who can't only show up every 5 - 6 games......

Kaysville, UT

No this is good, the Jazz need to do all they can to up his trade value.

Roosevelt, UT

I used to think AK could fill a stat sheet. Go Miles.

Revenge is sweet even if they are the lowly Timberwolves

Salt Lake City, UT

@ CJMiles

Says the guy that jumped off his bandwagon when CJ had that bad stretch after D-Will left.

CJ balled out of his mind today.

CJ looked confident in his shot today after he was taking the ball to the rim for layups.

Good game by the rookies also. Favors played great help defense, and on the ball. Hayward was aggressive on D and got a couple of steals and made some passes for assists. And Evans came in and provided a spark.

I like what I'm seeing from these guys. Keep it up

Rexburg, ID

Well both games he has started under Ty Corbin CJ has proved himself because he attacks the rim first. He is such a good scorer around the rim, so as long as he keeps doing that he will be consistent because that never goes away, only jump shots come and go. Maybe CJ is just a player who can't just start it up coming off the bench. I guess time will tell if his play is consistent as a starter.

Hayward looked a little off tonight, Bell is still struggling shooting but doesn't look too different coming off the bench. Watson came in and had huge minutes dishing the ball out. I like how Favors was strong going to the hoop, he just needs to slow down in certain situations but ever since being on the jazz his average points has gone up which is good to see. I like his future and the future of this team. Hopefully Okur comes back healthy next season. Big Al has proved himself over and over, very impressed. Still needs to box out better though.

Bountiful, UT

This game was a lot of fun to watch. I think we had more dunks in this game than any other game this season. Like I said before this game, C.J. needs to attack the hoop, he is so great at it. I hope he continues to do that. It opens things up for Al and it increases C.J.s confidence to start moving out and making jump shots. I like that a lot of his scoring came through running the offense, it wasn't just one on one play.

The Jazz offense looked great tonight. I was happy with Favors and his play. He is going to be a force in this league for years to come. I wish he could catch a break on foul calling, but that just comes with time in the league. I also liked watching Evans and Hayward. Man, I love our rookies. Al looked great and so did AK. I am amazed Harris was able to play after pulling a hammy. Isn't that usually an injury that takes you out a while?

C.J. is taking his opportunity and running with it. Great for him! He's a 2!

Houston, TX

Amazing what a wing who can shoot will do for your whole team. The Jazz might be a contender right now if they had gotten a wing or 2 who could shoot in Jan.

It is clear that CJ is best at SG and he should start (something many have said for some time). His consistency may improve with starting.

Playing AK at SF and CJ at SG give the Jazz wings who can shoot. At least that is the best combo available right now.

CJ opened up the inside and gave AJ and Favors some room to work. His shooting also helped AK.

The Jazz had 28 assists. 8 by Watson and 6 by AK. The offense ran most of the time. It bogged down in the 3rd when CJ and AK were out and there were no shooters in the game.

Keep in mind this game was against MN at home. But the team is running the offense and playing better D.

The Jazz are bouncing off bottom. The next 3 games will be a good indicator of improvement.

Time and a couple more good players will make this team a contender.

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Ha! Deron never scored 40! What? He did? Shoot. Anyway, nice job Miles!

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

These are the types of games that delude Jazz fans and CJ himself.

Go check the stats yourself. You will stunned how many players shoot better %'s than CJ from 2 or 3 point range.

AK does..bet you didn't know that.

This type of game just shows you what a bust CJ has been up to this point. This guy has a ton of talent and should have been playing alot better for years but he hasn't. He has been a huge underachiever to say the least.

Now he will have license for a while to jack up shots and stay on the floor without playing defense.

I give credit to CJ for an outstanding offensive performance tonight but it makes me ask the question--where has this guy been for the last few years?

San Francisco, CA

Ya Realist let's trade away another future asset so we can get burned later. Give this a chance as he has done well the past two games as starter. EVERYONE including his teammates are stoked about CJ Miles. You saw glimpses of his game tonight. I am not jumping on any bandwagon here as CJ still has to show consistency and heart. I'm just not ready to throw in the towel. He spread the offense beautifully tonight and AJ didn't have to do it all alone...great TEAM win. AK was brilliant as was Favors. All five starters were fabulous tonight. Evans/Watson were also was a nice spark off the bench.

I will never forget a comment Lebron James made last year to DWill about CJ. He commented that this kid (CJ) had ALOT of game. I will never forget that. If CJ could only realize this and play with heart night in and night out, watch out. This offense was loose tonight and it seemed to fit everyone. We have a long way to go but nevertheless it was exciting even if it was against the lowly Wolves. Go jazz

Houston, TX

I just read an article that indicated how well you do in the playoffs is determined by the quality of your 6 best players. AJ, AK, Millsap, Favors, CJ and Harris.

My own research indicates your best 8 players. If you add 2 lotto picks and/or a great wing to the above you have a decent playoff team.

Further, you build a team around the C and PG positions, then the PF position. Since the C and PF positions are mirrors in the Jazz system that means you build around AJ, Harris and Favors/Millsap.

However, the Jazz can't run their offense without wings who can shoot. Fortunately those are the easiest positions to get. Good Cs and PGs are the hardest.

Greg/KOC took a big gamble on trading DWill (top 3 PG). Favors added to AJ with some tweaks to the offense should pay off as Favors develops and Harris gets more familiar with the team/offense and better at his shot selection.

This team is close to fixing some of its problems.

Corbin is more flexible than Sloan and will make changes and find a way to get back on track.

San Francisco, CA

Hey Jazz Source I quoted a few stats the other night on AK vs Harris. AK stats (FG% and 3-pt%) are better than Devon's as well so what's your point? Why not bag on Harris? Pointless. Your comparing apples to oranges my friend. Two different players/positions. Come on. He played respectable D tonight and sure he needs to get better but a lot of stars do as well. It's ever evolving. He is 23 y/o...Living in the past helps no one. Do you constantly remind others of the mistakes from the past? Looked in the mirror lately? It was a nice win tonight for all Jazz fans and fellow teammates. I don't think they are all lying about how they feel about this "kid." Does CJ have a lot of improvement to do? Absolutely...Let's go with this for now and see what happens. We have had so much drama and negativity with Coach Sloan and DWill....The Jazz, collectively, showed a lot of hear tonight in my opinion. I loved every minute it. Still need to tighten up on D but it was better.

Murray, UT

I'm not joining the CJ bandwagon till I see more consistency, but this is the CJ that I thought was going to show up this season.
He's certainly more than capable to do everything. IE: Shoot, pick and roll, hit shots off the dribble...

I've always felt like the reason he hasn't lived up to himself was either because he wasn't quite there mentally or physically. Now I'm not sure what it is...probably more mental.

Hopefully there's more to come with Miles.

Houston, TX


You are forgetting that Sloan insisted on playing CJ out of position and also insisted on bringing him off of the bench. Those 2 factors make a big difference in his percentages and consistency.

But the most important difference is that about 2 1/2 months ago the Sloan system stopped working. It stopped working because the paint was packed. Sloan insisted in going inside first. Only after the play broke down would the ball come back out to CJ/DWill to take a shot with little time on the clock.

Sloan used CJ as a bailout and also defense on fast breaks after missed jump shots.

I am not saying CJ is Kobe. I am saying that Sloan used a lot of people out of position and CJ was one of them. CJ matches up better as an SG. He has 3 inches more reach than Bell. That makes a difference. He is undersized as an SF.

Sloan insisted on bring CJ off of the bench. It probably was a bad mistake. However, Sloan/KOC refused to get a shooter. They needed CJs shooting off the bench.

Corbin is fixing Sloan's mistakes.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

I like Corbins new starting lineup. It's producing. Don't mess with it now.

San Francisco, CA

@ Bugoff--nice insight... Makes a lot of sense. Again, not jumping on CJ bandwagon but trying to stay positive. Time will tell us a lot. These guys need confidence....

Captain L
Provo, UT

Great game CJ.
CJMiles (poster), go ahead and gloat!
I have always thought this is what CJ has in him (and more), that is what caused so much frustration but CJ is young and I think he is realizing this team needs him to produce. The team doesn't have DWill any more and CJ is starting to see that he needs to step up and be someone the team can go to.
It is a learning situation and I hope CJ is leaning how much this team needs him to play well if they are going to win. In the past I think CJ always conceded to DWill and the vets and never thought of himself as someone the team needed to make the play. I just hope he can become consistent, if he can everyone that has been wanting to trade him will be excited that we have him.
I think with Corbin as the coach CJ can become the go to guy and second to Big Al in scoring (next yr). We will see but I still have hope.
CJ hasn't done enough to cause all the naysayers to totally back off but it's astart.

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