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Published: Wednesday, March 16 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

What about Jerry Sloan? He already has ties to the state. i heard he is considering the Wyoming job.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Joe - wouldn't that be something, Sloan might be a great college coach - if he could avoid T's. It's funny Rose's name was not on the list - acording to all the crazies over on Ute Fan it is almost a done deal. The guys at Ute Fan cant be wrong all the time but they are making a valiant effort. LOL

Centerville, UT

I feel that Hill is a tremendous AD. He has presided over Utah athletics during a time of tremendous growth, development and success. Facilities, recruitment, conference championships, national successes and recognition, and an invite from a BCS conference...who would have thought this could occur 10 years ago? 5 years ago?

One of the challenges is finding the right personnel, coaches. Hiring is tough. In general Dr. Hill has done a tremendous job. Unfortunately, the last 2 basketball coaches have not worked out, for whatever reason. I really hope Utah enjoys a great coach this time. Good luck to all involved in the search, interviewing, recruiting of the new coach.

I am a BYU grad 1992. Grew up in Provo, Y fan true blue through and through. But it is painful to watch Utah basketball struggle.

I enjoy it when BYU, Utah, and Utah State are all competitive with one another in sports. It makes it all the sweeter when BYU dominates when all the programs are successful.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

A couple of thoughts:

One, Chris Hill needs to get this one right. Another bad hire and his ability to get a good coach is questionable. He could be next.

Two, go after established head coaches. I never thought Steve Alford would leave the Big Ten (Iowa) for the MWC. Hill needs to check everyone out.

Three, forget about assistants. Coaches like Johnny Dawkins has been average at best at Stanford. Wojo has no recruiting experience in the West. Just because they played at Duke does not prove a thing. Get someone with head coaching experience.

Four, coaches like Rick Majerus are once in a lifetime. Maybe now people will begin to realize how good he was.

Salt Lake City, UT

Larry Krystowiak

Fort Worth, Texas

Cowboy Joe
What about Jerry Sloan? He already has ties to the state.


Under Sloan doesn't play rookies a freshman would have to sit 2-3 years... so not likly.

"Four, coaches like Rick Majerus are once in a lifetime."

Urban Mayer in football, so its twice in a lifetime.

Syracuse, NY

I, too, am surprised that Dave Rose was not mentioned. Rose has proven himself to be a great coach and with BYU heading to the WCC to play in high school sized gyms and a half full Marriott Center, it would certainly be understandable if he was interested. On the other hand, he may be tarred and feathered by BYU fans if he does, however, I don't think anybody could blame him given the circumstances.

Holladay, UT

I know many will think I am crazy and he doomed himself when he went to womens bball but Jeff Judkins would still be a great fit and do very well. I think he got run out by Majerus and that is when the program nose dived. I think he should be looked at seriously. He is a true ute that knows the game.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris Hill is being classy about this and not bringing up Dave Rose while byu continues to play. My guess is by this time next Utah will have a new coach in Dave Rose. The two have already met for lunch about two weeks ago many people have reported.

Rose is a quality coach and worthy of the PAC 12, not high school west conference.

Springville, UT

"...and a half full Marriott Center."

That's funny.

Go ahead and dis the WCC all you want but it certainly looks like to be a ticket to the big dance while the Utes struggle in the PAC-10.2 rebuilding its football and basketball men's programs.

Without Title 9 and its great women's programs the Utes would have little to look forward to next season.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


Enjoy your WCC "ticket to the big dance". Did you notice that both WCC teams in the tournament this year - even your champion - got double-digit seeds?

And from your quip about Utah "rebuilding" it's football program, you'd think that Utah went 6-6 instead of 10-2. Come to think of it, somebody around here went 6-6 last year including a loss to Utah State...can you remind me who it was?

West Jordan, UT

I too am going to agree with Chris B on this one. I feel that the reason that it's taking Chris Hill so long, is because BYU is still playing basketball. Chris Hill knows what a gem BYU has as it's BYU men's head basketball coach, and he is classy enough to not stir up controversy while the cougars are still in the tournament. When BYU finally bows out of the tourmanent, only then, will the public start to hear the Dave Rose rumors. As much as I would love to see Dave Rose remain at BYU, I fell that just like Kyle Whittingham, Utah will offer Dave Rose an offer that he cannot refuse. First reason to go; More money. BYU will not pay their coaches what they are truly worth, because athletics falls to somewhere between 5th and 6th on their priority list. That is the major reason why Kyle Whittingham stayed at Utah. We all know, that in todays economy, that money is a driving factor. Second reason; No honor code to deal with. Third reason; PAC 12. Much more attractive than the WCC, and easier to recruit. Fourth; No relocation. Dave goes.

Sandy, UT

Why would Rose take a step down to coach at Utah?

Sure, BYU is going to the WCC. That's 8 games a year in smaller venues.

And that still leaves 22 games a year at other arenas, all accross this Country.

With ESPN actively participating in BYU's scheduling (ESPN owns the rights to all of BYU's home games) BYU will play a great schedule.
It's about Rankings, RPI, & Natioanl TV Games in College hoops.

Not riding the Coat-Tails of a Conference.

Eight of those 16 WCC games will be played in 22,700 seat Marriott Center.

BYU has been a Top-Twenty team in Attendance for 40 years. Many years Top Ten.
This year Top 3. Even with a post Jimmer drop-off, it will still outdraw Utah by about 3 fold.

BYU is a National Program, with a National Fanbase. Not a Reginal one likeUtah.

BYU will be on National TV every game. ESPN or BYU-TV.

Utah will not. Not now not ever.

Arizona is complinning they have no exposure TV wise.

Utah is not an elite program in the MWC, they certainly will not be in the PAC-10 little 2.

Sandy, UT

I know....



Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When will the "little sisters of the poor" (BYU fans) quit crying and moaning about the Utes elevation/invite t0 the PAC 12? You have chosen to go it alone as an independent in football and WCC in all other sports live with it. It is what it is. No matter what you say, you know and everyone else knows it is small time, little sisterish.

Springville, UT

Sir Chicken...

'Red' with envy of the WCC teams that made it to the tournament and the best that can be said that the Cougars will have a lower seed in the coming years.

I'll take that as a compliment considering the source.

I'm looking at the NCAA stories and U ain't in them. I see Jimmer on the cover of SI and it's not the swimsuit edition.

sacramento, ca

when you guys say high school....is it kind of like what your gym was like all year....heck for the past 5 years? Oh i see, wow you guys are really smart. are you even able to walk and talk at the same time?

Fresno, CA


Your reasoning is logical. But, for that matter, ALL the good teams are in the tournament. If he wants someone who is already established as a successful head coach (or even a successful assistant), he will have to wait a bit. I would have been surprised (and worried) if he had come out already with a hire.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Hey....Roger Reid is available Chris. My feeling is Chris Hill's time is over. He has had his chances to bring in a competent reliable basketball coach and has failed. He is luck to have the football coach. These rumors of Dave Rose following Wittingham to Utah is silly. Utah will be a doormat in the PAC-10/12 trust me.

West Jordan, Ut

Remind me how many total wins BYU has in the big dance again. Before tonight you have 10. After tonight you will have 11. After your win tonight you have the same amount Andre Miller had in his 4 year career at Utah. So just because you are on TV doesn't mean you are better and will do well in the dance. You don't want to compare programs because all you have is a few years. In fact I don't think Utah has ever gone 1-26, I should check my facts but not to concerned about it. Sports fans only relate to what have you done for me lately. In BYU's case a lot. In UTAH's case nothing. Utah needs a coach who will stay here and want to stay here a long time. Most important win and get the best local talent period. Good Luck tonight BYU!!!

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