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Published: Tuesday, March 15 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Toquerville, UT

Apo ran into a fence? Are you kidding me? a fence? they have fences on the playing field?

Ann Arbor, MI

Sorry Kewgs as I said before - same old song and dance.

BYU brings in a couple of two star recruits in Robbins and Johnson - both undersized and again, not quite fast enough. But don't take my word for it... look at the other programs who offered these guys.

New Hampshire

Nuff said.

Ann Arbor, MI

Alpo ran into a fence...?

Who's backyard do they practice in?

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Truely, why would there be a fence that close to the boarder of the side line ? Some one call the field crew and change the location of the fence. Bronco, it sounds like a daunting task to get depth with your Safeties, Rich well hard to replace that effort.

Openning with Ole Miss away, that will be an athletic match up that will test your defensive coaching skill's. I am sure you will rise to the challenge. I know that there is more to your talent pool then you are sharing that is cool, that is why you have the privilage of the Head Coach, El Hefe, Tzar of the BYU grid iron job. Keep those cards close to your vest and suprise the 2011 season with cool defensive brillance. Imua brutha !

Poly Cougar Nation

Boise, ID

Heaps to Mahina for a TD. Music to my ears. The tight ends started making plays at the end of the season. If they can make plays and if the receivers improve even a little, this offense will be very good. I can't wait to see Phillips and Quezada develop as well. Go Cougs.

North Salt Lake, UT

Last year, I approached the 2010 football season with a feeling of dread. Unga was gone. Heaps was a true freshman, no matter how some tried to ignore that fact. There will be some inexperience on the defensive side, but we have great players. Breaking in an inexperienced QB is the most difficult thing for a team to do, IMO. We now have an experienced QB surrounded by good athletes. I think there's lots to be excited about for BYU football 2011.

Fresno, CA

Andrew Rich is a tough one to replace. I'm gonna miss watching him.

What's the difference between a Free Safety and a Strong Safety as far as assignment? (Admittedly, I missed out on my Pop Warner education).

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"Teu Kautai who is home from his mission and planning to join the team this coming fall."

Do they still have a block (half-semester) schedule? Can these guys enroll at the block and start practicing?

Frisco, TX

Finally, hedgie got it right when he said "same old song and dance." With BYU finishing 4 of the last 5 years ranked in the Top 20, I believe it will be more of that same old song and dance. They've won 4 of their last 5 bowls games, I believe it will be more of that same old song and dance.

This will be another year ranked in the Top 20 with a successful bowl appearance at the end. As an independent, BYU will capture the media attention just like they've done in basketball. Talk about exposure!

If I were a Utah fan, I would be nervous after getting blown out at the end of the season by Notre Dame, TCU and Boise. And if it weren't for a couple of lucky plays they would have gotten beat by San Diego and the weakest BYU team we have had since the Crowton era.

Don't get me wrong, I cheer for Utah against everyone except BYU. But who will rescue this program. Maybe Langi in a year or two, but that's a lot to ask a Freshman. Wynn will not be 100% again this year.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Fresno Girl (capitalized out of respect for your quality posts)

Wikipedia has a description, but it has some pluses and minuses.

The Strong Safety (SS) plays on the same side of the defensive formation as the strong side of the offense. The SS is generally larger and a better tackler against running plays. In a man-to-man defense the strong safety generally covers the inside receiver on the two receiver side of the field.

In a formation with two running backs, two wide receivers and a tight end, the "strong" side is the side with two receivers, whether that is a receiver and a tight end, or two receivers (one wide, one in the "slot.")

If there is one running back and four receivers, the "strong" side might be the side with three receivers, or if there are two on each side of the formation, the "strong" side might be the side with a tight end OR the "wide" side of the field (greatest distance between the ball and the sideline).

In a zone defense the SS might cover a deep zone in the middle of the field, or rotate to the "flats" if the quarterback rolls out.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

hedgehog | 7:53 a.m. March 16, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
Sorry Kewgs as I said before - same old song and dance.


Why are you sorry? What did you do? However, that is very thoughtful of you to feel bad for the tds. How miserable they must be. Maybe you could give the tds some "Chicken Soup for the Fans of Winning Programs"?

Fence, baracade, maybe padded, still I am excited to watch Apo play. Have been for two years.

Heaps sound like he has improved from last year. With his arm, He could be a real threat. Too bad he's not as humble as many of the great QB's have been, Mildred from Filmore???

Eagle Mountain, UT

hedgelog; The Cougars will be just fine without your approval. Every year it is the same yapping from you and your sisters. U recruits are better, U coaches are better bla bla bla. Nearly ever year the Cougars finish the season ranked ahead of the U. The Y will continue to enjoy more national exposure and prominence, more success, more money and more respect as a top school and athletic program in the country. Any way you stack it up. Big brother BYU wins.
Your jealousy fueled obsession is getting more desperate. September is going to be a real eye opener for you.

Fresno, CA

In My Humble Opinion

Thank you for both the compliment and taking time to give me a very thorough answer. I appreciate it. Most of my football knowledge comes from the TV commentators describing and explaining the action, but they generally focus on the Offensive side. I've also learned quite a bit from various comments on these boards.


Riverton, UT

Hedgehog: Those two-star recruits consistently pound on Utah at least 50% of the time...imagine that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Give it up, hhog. You're stretching it too far. Better stick to mid-PAC10 teams.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

It's always amusing to see the gyrations hedgehog has to go through when he switches from talking about "stars" to how great Utah's walkons are.

So if "stars" make a player great, hedgehog, how do you account for unrecruited walkons becoming stars?

btw, this year's NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR in college basketball, was only recruited by Sienna and BYU. ALL of the Big East teams passed on Jimmer, even though he was playing right in their back yard.

Besides, if you're so convinced that "stars" are sooooo important, the Utes should just pack it in right now, because Utah will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, be able to recruit anywere close to as many 4- and 5-star recruits as USC, UCLA, or Oregon.

Now that we've cleared that up, you really should find a USC blog to spam. I'm sure USC fans would be very interested in your insights about how the Utes are going to pound the Trojans in Utah's PAC 12 opener.

Bloomington, IN

RE: scenic view


Henderson, NV

So, basically they'll have a good season, but get blown out by a couple of teams who are just faster and more athletic. If only they had better DBs. Same old story. Hurray for mediocrity. Why can BYU not fix this problem for once?

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Independent

They are fixing it FOR ONCE. Apparently you haven't done any homework on who BYU has recruited at DB. They are much, MUCH better players than BYU has had in the past, and there is not one unwinnable game on BYU's schedule this year anyway.

Murray, UT

hedgehog | 7:53 a.m. March 16, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
Sorry Kewgs as I said before - same old song and dance.

BYU brings in a couple of two star recruits in Robbins and Johnson - both undersized and again, not quite fast enough. But don't take my word for it... look at the other programs who offered these guys.

New Hampshire

Nuff said.

Who is this Robbins you speak of wedgie? I certainly dont see a Robbins on byu's roster. I assume you mean Robbie Buckner, I would think as obsessed as you are with byu that you would have their entire roster memorized by now. Once again your ignorance towards BYU just shows your lack of credibility, not that you had any to begin with. And if you want to talk about undersized DB's let me remind you of one... Brian Logan (5'6"), who turned out to be a heckuva corner at BYU.

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