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Published: Tuesday, March 15 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, ut

Good move coach! Strange that Raja doesn't try/play his best when in utah. I dunno, it starts at the top. Is there a way to fire the owners who started the troubles? The coach seems to have the rest of the team putting in a good effort! Surprising, this new coach. It all seems wrong still, but maybe it will be ok, afterall.

Springville, UT

Raja has had a pretty good career, but he's on the downside of it. He can serve as a good mentor to guys like CJ and Hayward, but he is only a bench/clutch minutes player at best now.

the boonies, mexico

We fans are sorry you were offended Mr. Bell but quite frankly you played 36 minutes scoring an almighty 5 points with only 4 reds and that just doesn't cut it either!

Huntsville, UT

"What one claims to be the truth versus what actually is the truth are quite often two different things." (Funny how this statement also relates to religion).

Whatever happened to "for time and all eternity", "for better or worse", "in richer and poorer", etc. when you get married? Is that only if he/she happens to meet all the fantasies of the spouse considering leaving after they find out their significant other isn't "all that" and more?

To say those words and then abandon the idea immediately upon something you didn't know about, that you don't like, cropping up is hypocrisy. What, in this particular case, are her own faults for instance? Surely she isn't the perfect little goodie-goodie herself (even if she is in her own mind).

Porn addiction is a problem, but it shouldn't be a marriage killer in and of itself.

As Dr. Laura would say: "You're lying to yourself if you didn't know what kind of person he/she was before you married him/her".

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I thought Raja would be alot better than he has been. He has slowed alot on defense and FREQUENTLY passes on open shots because he is not confident. I figure 2/3rds of the season is long enough for him to try to get it figured out.

That being said I hope CJ can do something with it. CJ is even a bigger disappointment than Bell. Bell is old, at least he has an excuse. CJ is a good athlete with tons of talent and he is no longer an inexperienced player.

So why does AK have a better 3 pt % than CJ? Yet too many deluded fans think CJ is some great 3 pt shooter. CJ is a hugely inconsistent underachiever. He could be a waaaaaaaay better defender than he is but he stands and watches players roll by him on their way for a layup. He is probably still pouting since Deron left.

There is no question who has more talent for the role, the problem is that both of these players results/performance leave alot to be desired.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Yes because who starts is the most important thing in the world. Good grief Raja. Sloan had it right. It doesn't matter who starts, it matters who finishes.

With that attitude I wouldn't have Raja finishing.

Sandy, UT

Raja doesn't strike me as the dramatic type. I'm sure it's not going to be a thorn twisting in his side for the rest of the season. CJ did play very well last night and we need that from him, so this will probably help. I'm sure Ty was just trying to treat it like it wasn't a big deal because he didn't want Raja to take the change badly. They're both grown-ups. Raja is a great guy and I love seeing him on the sidelines talking to the younger players. But at this point coming off the bench is probably best for him too. He'd probably be a great coach, and is a good veteran voice this team needs.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

Oh Pa-lease!! Poor wittoh Waja got his feewings hurt. Isn't he supposed to be the veteran leader on this team? If that's the kind of "leadership" he's been providing, then no wonder the team's as messed up as they are. Wow!

Ogden, UT

If you listen to the whole interview you will see that Raja is frustrated that team ball is being benched in favor of isolation, and one on one ball. In his comments he points out that CJ is a "create your own shot" kind of player, and Raja can't do that.

You guys that are pointing out that Raja had few points and and fewer rebound are making his case for him. CJ and Harris are taking shots that are not part of the offense. No one is in position to be able to rebound and no one is getting any passes to them.

Raja is very disappointed that this is the direction that the team is taking, and I have to agree with him. I was there last night. The shots were falling so we kept the lead, but there was no team work going on.

If this is the team that Coach Corbin wants then by all means keep starting CJ. But tell us now so I can go find some other team to watch. I want to watch a team play ball, not CJ taking 35 shots a night to get his 20 points.

Houston, TX

The transition is made for now. If CJ dorks the next 2 games it may change again.

I like that approach. Play and produce or you will get replaced. That sounds like POP in SA. Play D or sit. If you don't like it you can be traded.

The guard play has to improve. Either the current guards step up or they have to be replaced by people who will produce.

Greg may have some loyalty but he is much more production oriented. It is a good cultural change. Sloan did not make a lot of changes. Corbin seems more willing to try things and find what works.

Starting is over rated. As a fan I do not think you are a better player if you start. The best players tend to produce and get the most minutes over several games and they usually close unless there is a bad match up.

Do your job and win. The team should not have to kiss up to your ego. Let your play talk for you.

We will notice and respect if you are producing. We don't care if you start unless it helps to win.

South Jordan, UT

mkSdd3: You said: "there was no team work going on" last night. How did the Jazz get 26 assists (a very respectable number).

You said CJ took 35 shots. He took 21. Harris, who you also denigrate, took 12. Jefferson, who you gave a free pass by not mentioning, took 26 shots.

If you're going to take shots away from those guys, who will you give them to? Or would you prefer these just pass the ball around until the shot clock goes off?

So were you really watching the game last night or did you spend all your time up at the snack bar?

Alpine, UT

Have to agree with Raja...can't really say the new offense is too exciting to watch. Throw the ball into AJ and have 4 guys stand around and wait for the crumbs. That is basically what it is now.

Sure AJ takes some high percentage shots and he has gotten better but it is already getting old because of the way it affects the rest of the offense. Outside of that there is lots of bad shots and little consequence for taking them. That of course leads to little defense because the shot was taken with everyone out of position...and thus the dominoes fall.

Welcome to the age of "offensive freedom". We just became like the other 20 or so perennial losing franchises in the NBA.

"Rebounds? I don't need no stinkin' rebounds"!

Murray, UT

I have defended Raja a ton but I cannot defend that. I am not down with undermining your Coach in public either. Not cool.... Not cool at all!

I guess I was wrong about him after all.

springfield, il

Jazz on the decline.
Nets on the rise.

Wonder why that is?


In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

ohplease | 4:44 p.m. March 15, 2011
Springfield, Il
Jazz on the decline.
Nets on the rise.

Wonder why that is?

Yes, and the Jazz were doing so well before williams left...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Amen to that, ohplease. I was heartbroken to see Deron go because I knew what was coming. Devin is a good individual player but he's not known to make those around him better. I'm optimistic for Derrick Favors though so no complaints there. But losing DWill is undoubtedly going to show in our results. Deron was a floor general who made those around him better. Deron is a pick-and-roll type of player, Al Jefferson is not. The two didn't mesh very well and the team steadily went to a "pass the ball to AJ and stand and watch" type of offense. What happened to the offense where we passed the ball to the low post and then sent the guards cutting through for a quick pass into the paint like Malone used to always do? Why did the offense change to more standing around? While I love Al Jefferson, I am a bit disappointed with how his style of play has affected the entire offense.

springfield, il

Jazz on the decline.
Nets on the rise.

Wonder why that is?


Roosevelt, UT

mksdds I also note that Bell who says the team has gone away from team ball has also had his shot go away from him. His percentages are deplorable so when Harris passes him the ball when he is open Bell now passes even if the person getting the pass is covered. He has no confidence in his shot..neither do I though.

I also note that Harris made lots of players better in Dallas and in fact Favors numbers have increased since Harris is in an offence that rewards the pass.

And Raja "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"

Centerville, UT

Oh Boo hoo, C'mon Raja don't be such a diva, it's not that big of a deal. Why do you need a long sit down chat. Put the team first and do your j.o.b.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

As terrible as AK and Bell both have been,both have a higher overall shooting percentage than cj miles,interesting....

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