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Published: Monday, March 14 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I posted incorrectly those who voted "YEA" to HB 116 in a earlier post....

Hopefully the DNEWS will allow me to correct myself:

The following are your House of Representatives who did infact vote YEA to HB 116:

Arent-SLC Millcreek
Briscoe-SLC Harv/Yale
Bird-West Jordan
Biskupski-SLC Sugarhouse
D. Brown-Sandy
Christensen-Santa Clara
Edwards-North Salt Lake
Fisher-West Valley City
Fisher-Fruit Heights
Galvez-West Haven
Harper-West Jordan
Hemingway-Olympus Cove SLC
Hendrickson-West Valley
Litvack-Downtown SLC
Moss-Spanish Fork
Perry-Perry, Utah
Poulson-Cottonwood Heights
Powell-Heber City
Richardson-Pleasant Grove
Seelig-Rose Park
Vickers-Cedar City
Wiley-West Valley City

In Additon: the following voted like Obama in voting Present or Not Voting:
Brown-Coalville, Dougall-American Fork, Froerer-Huntsville, Morley-Spanish Fork

Vote these people out of office!

Salt Lake City, UT

Here is a list of the Senators from Utah who voted YEA to HB 126

Adams Greiner McAdams Stowell
Bramble Hillyard Niederhauser Urquhart
Buttars Hinkins Okerlund Valentine
Christensen Jenkins Robles Van Tassell
Davis Jones Romero Waddoups
Dayton Liljenquist Stephenson, H.
Goodfellow Mayne Stevenson, J.



Knudson Madsen Morgan

Throw every encumbant out of OFFICE who runs for Utah Senate! Clean Senate on these traitors to the people of Utah!

USS Enterprise, UT

If illegal immigrants can spend $1000 to $2000 to get a waiver to ignore immigration laws, what other laws can be overlooked for a fee?

If I give the government $1000 a year, can I ignore the speed limit on the freeways?

How about $500 to ignore red lights, can I do that too?

Can I spend $15000 to set up a marijuana growing operation at my house?

In the middle ages this was called "sale of indulgences".

Bountiful, UT

The governor has now signed the immigration bills into law . What ever one thinks of the legislation, given the threats he has received, one has to admire his courage.

The Jimmer
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a Republican state delegate and I'll vote for Herbert again only if he signs HB 116.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Herbert quickly signed this bill!

I am a previous delegate and will run again this year on a promise to vote against both Herbert and Hatch.

If they are not part of the solution (enforcement!) then they are part of the problem. Any form of amnesty is not an acceptable solution.

Illegal immigration is the most serious problem facing our country today, and despite agreeing with their position on many other issues, disagreement on this one is paramount.

Anyone bu Hatch & Herbert in 2012!

Spanish Fork, UT

"Do you not realize that recent polls show 71% of Utahns are in favor of this bill? It is you guys that are in the minority."

Did you know that the poll you are citing was released before HB116 was introduced?
Did you also know that 30% of that 71% only somewhat supported the idea of a guest worker program (meaning that they had some reservations about the idea).

I find it highly unlikely now that the facts of this bill have been made known that you would find a majority of Utahns supporting it.

Salt Lake City, UT


No matter how you spin the poll results, it shows there is direction in favor of what was passed. And of course the poll was taken before the bill was passed. "duh, winning!" What good is a poll to legislators after a vote on a bill?

As for your previous post in response to mine, no, I do not advocate criminal illegal immigrants, and therefore support the parallel bill HB497 which says if they commit criminal acts they will be deported by ICE.

My problem with deportation is Mass Deportation. Deporting 12-20 Million people at once would be absolute chaos, and I will not support that kind of inhumanity. Deporting criminals and others with criminal intent is a whole different issue.

As for all of you who blame illegals for breaking the law, stealing taxes, etc. ad nauseum, how many of you don't pay sales and use taxes on the things you buy online? Illinois estimates $153 Million in lost revenue from this problem. Anyway, it doesn't matter now as the Guv just signed it into law.

Time to show the Feds that the States are the boss!

Orleans, IN

The hundreds of thousands leaving the frontier State of Arizona, will be arriving on your doorstep. This will bloat your welfare system, emergency health care, free education for their children and of course cramming into your prisons. It will not end with just Arizona as many other States are realizing the financial mess their in from economic illegal aliens,and will joining others heading quietly for the State of Utah. If you haven't seen the terrible fiscal chaos, the adjoining State of the Sanctuary State of California is in, just go and investigate about the 24 billion dollar deficit.

Magna, UT

Why so much anger and violence about a group of innocent, gentle people who were just minding their own business until some people started attacking them? This whole movement is straight from the devil and if we stub our collective toe over this, it will serve us right!

Clearfield, UT

@ Emophiliac - the argument "you're either with us or against us," is false. It ignores all the other possibilities or opportunities of decision making. It is like saying a person is either "bad" or "good," when in reality we are a composit of both.

You may not agree with Governer Herbert on that issue, but you probably agree with him on other issues but you have just chosen to overemphasize the one and forget the others. As humans we have all sorts of reasons to emphasis our differences, but we also need to remember our similarities - for it is there that we can relate to one another.

Making absolute black and white statements about others, is a dangerous position to take, especially considering that by doing so we are exposing ourselves to the same scrutiny.

Ogden, UT

send the illegals home,send the govener home to.hes suppose to represent us not the illegals

Ogden, UT

the deseret news is a morman owened bissnes that supports illegal mexicans that work for the lds comunist party that i left because its false corrupt

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