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Published: Monday, March 14 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Desert Coug
Las Vegas, NV

The offense seems ready to move forward, hopefully the D will come along.

I always wonder about the secondary. The good years have always included a better than average secondary, (But also at least one excellent tight end on O).

Hoping for the best.

Orange County, CA

Why was Hawkins at practice?

Ann Arbor, MI

Wow, by reading this article you would have thought Dick wrote a dark and gloomy forcast last year at this time. Nope.

Every year it's the same song and dance. How the tds will be even more perfect than year before and how BCS Championships are only days away.

Running around traffic cones and clapping your hands might make you feel good about yourself now but reality will hit very early at O'l Miss.

Glendora, CA

I won't be surprised if BYU makes its mark this coming season, as an Independent.
Their talent base is getting deeper. I saw Joshua Quezada play here in So.Cal. and he is going to turn a few heads this year. Trust me.
Along with a fine QB and promising receivers, this will be an interesting season.

Ogden, UT

Hawkins was there?

Salt Lake City, UT

There's old hedgie. Sitting by his computer just waiting for the BYU article. Not much else going on there, eh hedgie?

BYU faces a tough challenge out of the gate with a tough SEC team in Ole Miss, followed by Texas. I think they go 1-1 out of those two games, but come home and handle utah easily.

Rest of the season should be wins with a tough roadie at Oregon St. I see this as a 2 loss team probably. Either to Ole Miss and Texas or one of the two and at Oregon St.

Sorry hedgie, but utah won't be a problem.

Ann Arbor, MI


As I said, same old song and dance. I'm sure last year at this time you earmarked a 10 or 11 win season. Only trip-up at TCU and Fl. St.....some how your delusion didn't account for the likes of Utah St. Airforce ect...

I'm hoping your not a gambler because going 1-1 with opening road dates at TX and Ole Miss is a suckers bet.

Boise, ID

The offense should see huge gains this year. Starting all of those freshman last year will pay dividends for the next 3. I am excited to see how the receivers do with Apo back. I believe Quezada is going to be great.

BYU needs some DBs and safteys to step up, otherwise the defense should be very good.

Salt Lake City, UT


It's hillarious how obsessed you are with BYU. Except for their September meeting in LES, Utah and BYU are on completely separate paths this year, so what BYU does this year will have almost no impact on Utah, and yet, here you are.

Further proof, that BYU is far more interesting team than Utah.

What amateur fans see as running around cones, clapping hands, knowledgeable fans see as coaches teaching players valuable football basics that will form the foundation of a well-coached football team.

btw, I checked with Notre Dame. There's no record of a hedgehog ever owning season tickets for Fighting Irish football. Not surprising, considering the source.

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

BYU will be a dominant team this year. Hilariously, the U will have a very mediocre season and will be destroyed in Provo.

Frisco, TX

@ jazz, I'm with you. This will be a very good team. I think it's a two loss team, at most - likely in the great state of Texas to UT and TCU. I think they'll handle Ole' Miss and Oregon St. They'll blowout Utah this year. However, Texas is still rebuilding after last year and TCU lost a lot of talent. Both of those games are more winable than tradition would suggest.

Is Munns still in the program? I haven't seen his name in any of the pre-season write ups.

Heaps to Hoffman, Jacobsen and Apo is a dream team.

Slash, dash and smash out of the back field will be exciting and keep the defense guessing.

The front seven on defense may be the best front seven BYU has ever had.

And a few trick plays designed for Riley Nelson thrown in for good measure.

If we get solid play from our DBacks and improved play from our TE's, this could be a season to remember! And if it is, the rush to independence will begin for Texas, USC, Oklahoma and a few others - trying to mimic BYU.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This all means exciting football coming this fall. More winning for the Y and more Yning from the hedgehog and the other members of jealous and BYU obsessed chorus line.
I can't wait for September. Go Cougars!

Idaho Dad
Pocatello, ID

What fun! First Spring news of a team with coaching staff and a program like none other in the world. Of course the tone is positive--the season is full of large potential.

The characteristics that make this team and program unique are the very reasons I am a big fan. Hooray for Coach Mendenhall. Go Cougars!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

What does it all mean?

Better get your season tickets!

Ann Arbor, MI

"I think it's a two loss team, at most"


Your not very accurate - as you said the same thing last year. I know this because I've yet to find a tds fan who ever rationally projects anything more than two loses.

This is a team that's good enough to put of big scores against the WAC/SWAC teams but top to bottom, not even close to the BCS teams on the schedule.

Thoough in the fact all real games are on the road? Forgett it.

Eagle Mountain, UT

How can you expect the real football fans to forget anything when the Yners are constantly barking at the big blue bus.
You will be proven wrong again and again and again...

Olympia, WA

I'm not sure what the team will do this year, it should at least be better than last year. Like in the movie "Any Given Sunday" our team could win on any Saturday. But I do like the new coaching staff. They seem to have an excitement we have been missing. The fact that Hawkins was visiting should tell everyone something, not sure what it is, but something! Do you think Bronco is picking his brain about how to win some of the "big ones" as he did at Colo and BS?

Other than the September game with Utah, I think it's time we Y fans lay them to rest. Why should we care what they do, it will not affect us but one week a year and hopefully that will be only good for us. They will have a tough enough road to hold on their on. So, hedgehog, go find some Pac 12 people to tell them how good you are and what your going to do to them. We Cougar fans really don't care much about the U any more.

Orem, UT


"Your not very accurate... I know this because I've yet to find a tds fan who ever rationally projects anything more than two loses."

chuckling that you of all bloggers should be whining about "accuracy"

BYU 2006 11-2
BYU 2007 11-2
BYU 2008 11-2

It would appear that predicting 2 losses for BYU has a very high degree of accuracy.

Unlike your 4-30 accuracy during the BYU basketball season, including your famous prediction of a BYU loss at SDSU.

Which begs the question, why are you still spamming BYU articles?

btw, the word is "you're" as in "you are" not very accurate.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Do you think Bronco is picking his brain about how to win some of the "big ones" as he did at Colo"

Sounds like a bronco idea.... go ask a coach for ideas who was fired for not winning the big ones.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

"go ask a coach for ideas who was fired for not winning the big ones"

Sounds like you're just jealous hedgehog because your guy Kyle got smoked in all of his big ones last season. Maybe Kyle should be calling Hawkins for advice.

I marked it down, but apparently you didn't, so here's a reminder:

BYU Jimmered SDSU on February 26th!

And you promised to do what if that happened?

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