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Published: Monday, March 14 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Hey Rock,thanks for the positive vibes . . .

Perhaps if some of the Salt Lake media would fawn over the Aggies half as much as they do the other team in the big dance, then the Aggies would get a little respect.

If you truly believe that USU is that far below the Y then you haven't been paying attention. If the Y is worthy of a 3 seed then the Aggies are certainly worthy of a 6 seed. A 12 seed is ridiculas. It is worse than the BCS system you often cry about. Ignoring the polls the committee continues to throw the Aggies under the bus.

On the bright side the Aggies are capable of winning their first game. Doing so will make a statement, but it wont negate the fact that committee continues to disrespect Utah State.

Go Big Blue!!!

Logan, UT

RE: Go Big Blue!!!

I disagree with the comparison to the BCS. At least we will be in the tournament with a chance, however large or small, to win the national championship. Even if we did win out in football, it has been shown time and again that we wouldn't be able to play for all the marbles.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Hey Rock, the WAC is irrelevant. How the Aggies were ever ranked in the top 50 is beyond me. The NCAA Tournament is crazy. All of these mickey mouse conferences that are automatically qualified to be in the 64 team field is just bizarre. That is what irks everybody with half a brain about this so-called division. What we need is a reevaluation of the entire division system of collegiate sports and get it down to approximately 100-150 truly division 1 teams. This tournament is nuts. What is Wooford and all the rest of these cockamamie teams in the tournament Rock, clogging up particularly the 13-16 seeded teams. Come on. Why don't we get some people talking and commenting about this travasty?

Mr.M Jaack
Bountiful, UT

Anonymous Infinity ... USU is a good team that barely lost to BYU (a 3 seed) in Provo. Take off your Jimmer glasses. I also place most of the blame on the media in the State of Utah. They focus on one team (sorry) one player in the State of Utah all season long. Why should the national media types take notice of the great team and program in Logan when the local media does not? It is the sports and news media in Utah that we have to blame. National media pick up on other news items and chatter about the "hot" teams in the country. They look to what others are saying, they cant possibly watch every game themselves. Not enough time. I agree that they just need to win and not whine about the seed, but hopefully EVERY news agency in the State of Utah takes notice. If you dont care, niether will anyone else. BTW, Jimmer and team will probably go down early in the dance. The teams that go far are much deeper off the bench and in the middle. I wish it were different, but that is the reality of it all.

Big Daddy Ute
Logan, UT

As much as I like USU even as a Ute, USU did not beat a team in the 68 team field. If USU can knock off K-State, great, I will eat my words. If not, try upgrading your non-conference schedule even if you have to play on the road or a 2-1. Utah State is going to win the WAC every year with rare exception. Play a tougher out of league schedule to increase the RPI. They will still make the tourney, maybe not 30-3, maybe 23-10.

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT

Anonymous Infinity

"All of these mickey mouse conferences that are automatically qualified to be in the 64 team..."

are what make March Madness the most exciting tournament in sports!

Only those with half-a-brain would even question it.

I'll call it
Ogden, UT

If the Aggies would just stop talking and win a game in the big dance perhaps they would get some respect. Save your energy for the game.

Tropic, UT

Power Rankings from Prediction Machine dot com. They play every team against every team 50,000 times (top 50)

1 Ohio State Buckeyes
2 Kansas Jayhawks
3 Duke Blue Devils
4 Pittsburgh Panthers
5 Texas Longhorns
6 Kentucky Wildcats
7 North Carolina Tar Heels
8 Purdue Boilermakers
9 San Diego State Aztecs
10 Wisconsin Badgers
11 Connecticut Huskies
12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
13 Louisville Cardinals
14 Syracuse Orange
15 Cincinnati Bearcats
16 Washington Huskies
17 Florida Gators
18 Kansas State Wildcats
19 West Virginia Mountaineers
20 Marquette Golden Eagles
21 Brigham Young Cougars
22 Georgetown Hoyas
23 Illinois Fighting Illini
24 Missouri Tigers
25 UNLV Rebels
26 Belmont Bruins
27 Utah State Aggies
28 Texas A&M Aggies
29 Michigan State Spartans
30 Gonzaga Bulldogs
31 Maryland Terrapins
32 Virginia Tech Hokies
33 Saint Mary's Gaels
34 Vanderbilt Commodores
35 George Mason Patriots
36 Old Dominion Monarchs
37 Clemson Tigers
38 Michigan Wolverines
39 Arizona Wildcats
40 Colorado Buffaloes
41 Butler Bulldogs
42 Villanova Wildcats
43 Xavier Musketeers
44 Tennessee Volunteers
45 Northwestern Wildcats
46 St. John's Red Storm
47 Seton Hall Pirates
48 Southern Miss Golden Eagles
49 Nebraska Cornhuskers
50 Duquesne Dukes

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